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As many of you have suggested… The story's gonna continue in another fanfiction.

It's about Bonnie sending back Elena to 1864 to have Damon's child. Obviously an impetuous road.

What will the Damon of the past think about it? How will this work?

How about the Stefan and Katherine of the past? Speaking about them… Will the actual Katherine Pierce be able to bring Stefan back to the world of the humanity? Will his ripper side be eclipsed by his old-self? What will the consequences be of all this choices?

Cause we all know, there will be many. There always are.

P.s. I inspired from the deleted scene of Katherine and Stefan in the tomb. If you haven't seen it, go check it out like.. NOW! Here's the link .com/watch?v=iKvX61GlF6U


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Deep inside, everyone needs to feel loved.

Elena's POV

Days passed by with no way for me to feel alone.

Because whenever the edges of my mind would try to do that, my love for Damon was there to hold back the pieces of me, taming the guilt that threatened to come to the surface.

I was healing. Little by little.

After that special night, I had given in to him completely, with no fear of showing or admitting it openly.

What somehow had surprised me was how our relationship hadn't changed an inch.

He was still the Damon of all the months and the moments spent together. The one I would smile thinking about, with his cocky and sarcastic statements; the one that would have made my heart pound fast at the thought of his fingers touching my face. The Damon back to the time when he couldn't have me, but still craved for me more than his undead and permanent desire for blood.

There was no parent-daughter relationship. We were at the same level.

Most of the times I resulted to be the mature one, and he, in his ways, the kid, no matter his century and a half of years. And when I needed, he was there to support me with words that nobody would have never expected him to pronounce.

I knew who I was comparing him to.

Stefan had always been like that. Always fearing for what could have happened to me.

I felt a piece shit at the comparison, and like if I was betraying him.

But, after all, wasn't it what he had just done?

He had left, with Katherine.

I wasn't jealous. I owned her something, instead. Now that I got her, I wouldn't have ruin that fine bond that we had created. But I was just bringing the burning scars of my recently lost relationship on my own skin.

I had lost him, but I still hoped he didn't lose himself along the way.

Damon's POV

And even in the undead eternity, happiness could be found.

I knew it was so fragile to be broken and lost, but still, I didn't care.

Not now that Elena was mine. And I was his.

This time, I had the proofs. Because it was real, as more as ever.

I remember the moment I had told her I had heard her conversation with Bonnie, the day before.

"When I came in, and you and Bonnie were talking, I heard her last sentence." She had froze, her heart had frantically started to race.

"Is that what you want?" the unbelief in my unsteady voice was enough to be heard from her human ears.

My heart filled with joy, and hope.

A baby.

The most expressed act of love, its pure climax.

Elena hadn't answered.

She had simply thrown herself in an eager kiss, that masqueraded the answer I had tried to make her speak aloud.

I knew, then, my love hadn't been wasted. And all my efforts had been paid back.

The night was spent in an obvious way. And for the second time, in less than 24 hours, our body had connected and lived together.

"Elena" I called her, while she was in the huge kitchen, trying to make some breakfast.

She turned, and smiled. What was the thing that crumbled into my chest? My heart, maybe?

"'Morning, I guess." She approached. "What's wrong?" she stroked my cheek, soft. I closed my eyes to enjoy the touch.

"I need to hear… " I met her brown and dark depth. "Do you really want to risk it all to get what you want?"

She beckoned a smile, again, shaking slightly her head. "Would that be the first time?"

She went silent, removing her glance from mine.

"This is different. " I tried to warn her "It's no life or death matter. As much as I'd love it, as much as it would be the second thing I did right in my whole existence, I don't want you to.." but she interrupted that, something lit in her eyes, making them grow wet, all of a sudden.

"What?" I asked, getting tense. "What did I say?"

"Something beautiful" her stunning and breath-taking smile appeared on her perfect lips, catching my attention to an eager kiss. I needed to figure her out, first.

I retraced the conversation in half a second.

I shook my head. "How could you think I wouldn't want your baby?" my voice went unsteady, again.

It was so weird to refer those words to her.

How could she make me feel all of this?

Elena simply shook her head, unable to speak. A sob rushed in her body.

"Hey" I cupped her face, pulling it close to mine. "You need to tell me something."

She nodded.

"Why do you want it?" silence froze the air surrounding us.

She thought about it for a second, staring at her hands on my chest, then back in my eyes.

"Because…" a deep breath. "Now that I've realized who I belong with, where I'm meant to be… I want to live everything that has been given to me with all the power that I have. I don't want to miss anything. I want to love you… In every single way. "

It was enough.

Enough for my brain to stop working. And to stop asking any more questions.

I nullified the distance between our bodies, and I kissed Elena, tearing out all the love in my soul to share it with her, to make her feel what she meant to me.

That was something so unbelievable and never felt before, to be impossible to be described in words.

No human, no supernatural creature in the universe could have ever felt what me, Damon Salvatore, had for the messed up and beautiful girl in my embrace, Elena Gilbert.

Author's POV

"History repeats" Katherine grinned, her hands on the steering wheel, and her perfect curled dark hair falling on her arms and chest.

Stefan shook her head. "Happily together, uh?" his voice was sarcastic. The vampire girl, sat next to him, glared.

"This is so not gonna be an easy matter " she muttered, in a low voice, well aware he'd have heard.

Stefan limited himself to smirk bitterly and to shake his head.

"Why would you do this, Katherine?" his green eyes sought for some mischievous thought reflecting in hers.

She locked the glances together.

"Would you care?" She questioned, leaning in, her voice soft with a thread of tenderness.

"Something inside of me wishes I could" Stefan was honest. "But I can't."

"Does that thing inside of you called conscious want you to care about me?" that pretty little woman, so able to turn someone's words.

Would her manipulative skills be enough to get the ripper back to his humanity?

"I will never love you, Katherine." He was convinced of his statement. "So, stop hoping. It could break that almost invisible heart that you have, so well hidden".

Katherine jumped off, a bit. Her eyes went on the road to hide it.

Couldn't she actually feel anything?

Or… had he hit the right spot?

"Well.." her voice went unsteady. Stefan didn't miss that. He eyed her. " It's a pity. You know why? " she asked, rhetorical, as she stared back at him. "Because I love you, Stefan."

She didn't look away. Instead, she wanted to prove how true her words were.

How much, in so many years, the only man that had changed all of her plans, the only one she'd been thinking of for 147 years, was the one standing right in front of her.

She parted her lips to lean in and kiss him, but she stopped.

It was so not Katherine.

So not herself.

But that's what loving someone did.

The only thing that could explain the act was the fear of being pushed back.

"What is love to you?" Stefan spelled every single word carefully.

A brief pause, then the answer came out sharply and…hoping. For some change. "Never giving up. It means waiting. And I will, Stefan. I will wait forever" Katherine stated, firmly and solemn.

"All I need is a little bit of hope…" was her whisper, in order not to make her voice, tired from the previous revelation, unsteady.

"Hope for what?" he asked, cocky. It was as if he was amusing himself watching the manipulative bitch getting hurt.

Katherine saw that. "Hope that maybe" she looked away, shaking her head casually. " If I change…" she narrowed her eyebrows, finding it difficult to continue. Then again, their eyes met. He was almost making fun of her, but she needed to push him to the edge. To make him feel even the furthest feeling. "If I can prove to you that I'm worth loving…"

Her hopes were up when Stefan's narrowed expression crossed his face, all of a sudden. "Maybe someday, I'll be that girl for you again."

That was it.

Katherine needed to be loved.

More than anybody else around.

And Stefan was the one she was putting all her expectations into. He, on the other hand, didn't push her away, because she was the only glimpse of hope left to his way back to his humanity.


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