Authors Note: So...this is probably the longest first chapter of anything I've ever written. xD I'm new to the Rizzoli & Isles fandom so I've never written anything for them except that little drabble about Jo Friday and Bass. That being said, bare with me with this story while I get into the mindset of these guys. Especially Maura. I should really finish my other fics before I start new ones but this popped into my head...Reviews are like crack for me, they also make me write a lot faster. xD I'm sure it's like that for most of the writers on here. ANYWAY. I hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you think and feel free to make suggestions and or corrections.

WARNING: This story mentions rape and assault and it will most likely get deeper eventually, but not too into detail...You've been warned.

Summery: Something horrible has happened to Maura, can Jane help her remember what it is? Can she get through the trauma? Eventual Rizzles.

Disclaimer: Obviously I don't one them. |: Just the story itself. xD

Hear Me

Lighting pierced the dark sky, the flash bright and blinding. Almost as if the lightning signaled it, a crackle of thunder broke the silence of the night, seemingly vibrating the earth. Fat tear drops fell from the sky and pelted the ground. A guttural moan could be heard amongst the cackling thunder as a one Dr. Maura Isles slowly fought between consciousness and awake. The thunder seemed to reverberate through her aching skull and the rain felt like needles as it pelted her on the ground, effectively dragging her back from the darkness that previously claimed her.

She slowly and painfully rolled onto her side, the effort making her already aching body throb with pain. Her mind was hazy as she moved to sit up, blinking furiously as she tried to ascertain where she was. As she fought the fog in her mind, she began to mentally attempt to calculate and distinguish what hurt and why. Her chest felt like someone was sitting on it and every time she attempted to take a deep breath it felt like someone was stabbing her in the ribs and chest. Probably a cracked rib or two, possibly broken...She thought, trying hard to think rationally and not give into the fear that was fighting to plague her mind. When she tried to move to sit up, pain rippled throughout her body and she wasn't sure if it was because of her cracked ribs or because she was just that sore.

The effort it took to sit up was ridiculous. Tears sprang into her eyes at the pain and she tried not to breathe too hard. Her eyes had clamped shut during the process and when she could finally open them, she gasped at the sight of her barely clothed body and the blood between her legs. Suddenly the panic she had been fighting began to take over and everything began to spin out of control. Her breathing became rushed and every intake of air was like a stab to the chest. Calm down, Maura. You need to keep a rational mind. If you allow the panic to set in, you wont be able to determine where you are and therefore wont be able to find the nearest phone to call Jane and...and an...ambulance...Y-You need to get up a-and-. Her eyes glazed over once more as she stared down at her bloodied thighs and the bruises that had already began to form.

N-Need to g-get up. She thought, slowly moving to do just that. The pain she felt as she got up was unbearable and she wasn't able to keep in the cry of anguish that left her lips. She staggered to her feet, only now realizing she was barefoot. "Oh God..." She gasped, trying to get her breath under control as pain engulfed her body. W-what happened to me? As much as she tried, she couldn't remember anything past waking up and going into work. I must be in shock and it's caused my mind to block out the trauma...I-I wonder what day it is. After she felt generally composed...As composed as one could be in this situation, or as composed as Maura Isles could be in this situation, she began to assess her surroundings.

She was somewhere near a highway, it looked like the middle of nowhere. She tried hard to recognize her surroundings but nothing came to. Maura whipped her head from right to left, unable to decide which way to go. Normally she probably would have been able to calmly make a decision based on the facts and statistics of her surroundings and make a calculated guess on how far away the nearest gas station or perhaps house was, but right now she couldn't bring herself to do just that. Her thoughts were jumbled and unorganized and she couldn't fight the blinding panic and fear she felt. The only thing that she was certain of was that she needed to get to a phone before...before something...she wasn't sure what, but something was going to happen. Perhaps she had escaped wherever she was, and aside from her injuries she wasn't safe.

Maura swallowed the bile that was beginning to rise in her throat and began walking south, ignoring the pain that pulsated her body. Her mind began to fog over again, as she moved almost mechanically, suddenly feeling numb. She wasn't sure how long she had been walking, but as her dull eyes caught site of a payphone outside of a deserted looking gas station, her heart practically leapt into her throat. She was suddenly filled with a small sense of relief as she tried to pick up her pace, ignoring the pain in her chest and ribs and the aching from her lower half.

As she entered the payphone booth, she immediately shivered and realized she was soaked and had been walking in the pouring rain. She had been so numb and focused that she had completely forgotten and didn't realize that rain had been soaking her to the bone. Her body trembled as she searched for any loose change. Her heart sank as the slot on the phone came up empty. Her eyes drifted to the gas station and she slowly moved back out into the pouring rain and made her way to the entrance.

As Maura entered, a bell above her head went off and she jumped, her heart pounding against her chest. She was briefly aware that her breathing had become heavy and labored with all of the long walking she had done. She needed to stop and rest. Her skin covered in goose-bumps as the cold air of the store hit her soaked to body. After standing there for a moment, she forced her aching body to move to the counter where a young man sat reading a magazine.

Maura gripped the counter, and tried to get a handle on her breathing so she could speak. "How can I-" He had started speaking monotonously, but when he brought his eyes up from the magazine, they bugged out and he gasped at her physical appearance. "-Jesus! Lady, are you alright?" He was now standing up straight, magazine forgotten.

"I-I...C-can I borrow your phone?" Maura croaked, her voice weak and breathless as she tried to get a handle on her breathing and calm her aching chest. The young man immediately complied, fumbling to get the phone. He looked down at her hands as they gripped the counter so hard that she was white knuckled. Maura grabbed the black cordless phone with a shaking hand and squinted her eyes to clear her blurry vision long enough to dial Jane's number. She knew it by heart.

After 2 rings, the familiar voice of her friend answered the phone, though it sounded strained and panicked. "Rizzoli." Came Jane's voice.

The relief Maura felt just at the sound of her best friend's voice was palpable. "J-Jane..." she whimpered, her previous composure (If you could call it that...) suddenly faltering.

"Maura! Oh God, Maura, where are you? Are you alright?" Jane's voice seemed to waver slightly as questions flowed out of her mouth like a waterfall.

Maura leaned tiredly against the counter, her body shivering. She wasn't sure if her quaking body was from the fact that she was cold or that she was in shock, or perhaps both. "Jane..." She swallowed thickly and grimaced at each intake of breath. "I-I'm at a gas station...I don't know w-where I-I am. I'm s-so c-cold, Jane...A-and I-I hurt." Tears filled her eyes as her logical mind slowly faded and the reality of the situation started to sink in. "I-I think t-that...I w-was..." She couldn't bring herself to say it. Her mind kept repeating it like a mantra though, the whole way here it repeated over and over. I was raped. I was raped. I was raped.

"Shhh, Maura calm down. I'm gonna be there as soon as I can. Is there someone I can talk to so I can figure out where you are, sweetie?" Jane's voice was soft and rough at the same time. If Jane hadn't of mentioned it, Maura would have completely forgotten about the guy behind the counter. Her head lifted and she looked to see him standing there with an unsure look on his face. Numbly, she handed the phone over.

"S-She wants to talk to you..." Maura mumbled through tears.

Bewildered, the young man took the phone, unsure. "Uhm...H-hello?" He stammered, completely confused about the whole situation. The voice on the phone was firm and determined. As he listened to her, he gave her the location and nodded as he spoke. "Uh...W-well she...I'm going to be honest Detective, she looks bad." He said quietly, his eyes wandering to Maura as she stared mutely past him, almost as if she wasn't fully there. "Right, okay. I understand. Of course, Detective Rizzoli." He hung up the phone and took a breath. "Hey...Your friend said she was on her way and that, I should make you sit down. My name is Alex by the way." The young man said calmly.

Maura snapped out of her stare, her body still quaking as she nodded mutely. Alex moved slowly from behind the counter, removing his thick cameo jacket from his shoulders. "I'm just gonna put this on your shoulders, okay?" He said softly, trying to keep from startling her. As he came up beside her, he gently placed the thick jacket over her shoulders. "Why don't you go sit down behind the counter, okay? I'm gonna stand by the door and make sure your friend and the cops don't miss us." Alex suggested calmly, afraid to touch her and lead her for fear he might scare her.

Nodding softly, Maura moved slowly behind the counter and took a seat in the small chair. The numb feeling was back, she knew she should be feeling something but she couldn't feel anything aside from the small doses of panic and fear that seemed to creep out of the small box she was keeping them hostage in, as well as the physical pain she felt. Was this shock? She was in shock. She just wanted to go curl up and sleep. She was so tired, her whole body hurt. Her head felt like someone had taken a jack hammer to it. At least her labored breathing had calmed a little, but the pain hadn't lessened.

Maura swallowed hard and tried to sit up straight, knowing it would make the pain in her chest more bearable. Her eyes drifted to Alex who had taken up post by the door, his hands shoved in his jean pockets as he stared out of the window and fidgeted nervously. Maura felt bad for interrupting his life like this. Sighing, she closed her eyes and tried to will Jane here faster and hold back tears at the same time.