Toua stalked into the apartment and walked straight into the bedroom. His eyes quickly scanned a large room stopping on the bed. She sat on the bed slowly brushing her long hair not looking up. She could hear him sigh and slowly take off his clothes. Toua quickly stripped to his underwear and hopped on the bed. Without a single word his head found its place on her lap. The girl looked down at the blonde and smiled lightly. Toua closed his eyes allowing her slender fingers gently run through his hair and stroke his cold cheek.

"I'm exhausted." He said passionlessly burying his face in her clothes. The girl didn't move. His arms snaked around her waist pulling her closer. His hands travelled under her top, rubbing her back. She moaned quietly as his long fingers pressed a certain spot on her sensitive back. Toua smirked as he continued rubbing the pleasure spot. The girl shifted on her sit and stood up, letting his head and hands drop on the bed. He looked at her slightly furrowing his thin eyebrows. His eyes watched her intently as she started quickly taking off her clothes, but there was something different in her action. He could see it.

"Ace." He called her name causing her to look up.

She turned away and pulled on a t-shirt followed by a pair of jeans which were slightly big for her. She pushed her hair back and picked up her back.

Toua stood up and approached her; he grabbed her arm and turned her around making Ace face him. He pushed her into the wall, gently, not to hurt her. His eyes found hers. Ace stared back, not trying to hide her feelings.

"Where are you going?" he asked. His voice was no longer calm. Ace caught a note of threat in his tone but she ignored it.

"I'm leaving." She replied calmly crossing her arms on her chest. She looked away not wanting to look at him any longer. Toua frowned. His whole body tensed. He perfectly realised what she meant, but nevertheless he asked. "Where are you going so late at night?" he questioned already knowing the answer.

"Away." Ace pushed past him and once again picked up her bag. Toua grabbed her from behind, pulling her closer to his chest. She could feel his warmth transferring to her body. It was calming and so comforting; she almost forgot what she was doing. Toua pressed his cheek to her own. His tongue traced her cheek, moving to her ear.

"Stay." His hot breath made her shiver, yet this time Ace was determined. She slapped his hands and walked to the door. "Why?" he asked; his voice was low and angry.

"Because I'm tired."

"Of what?"

"Of you."

The door quietly closed behind her, leaving him alone in the silence on his room.

"Shit." Toua ran his fingers through his hair clenching it in his hand. "F-ck!"

The blonde closed his eyes and covered his face with his hands. "How the hell did it come to this?" he asked himself, but there was no point. Toua already knew the answer. He knew, but didn't want to admit it. Not ever. He turned to the side and sniffed the bed sheets. They still smelt of her. He closed his eyes and buried his face in the cloth as if trying to catch the scent in fear of it fading away. Toua felt his eyelids getting heavier. He was tired. Maybe too tired to do anything else. He wrapped the sheets around his body closing his eyes. He took a deep breath trying to relax, but his body was still tense. He rolled around on the bed trying to get comfortable. Toua sat up glaring at the wall. He quickly lit a cigarette and sucked in the smoke. Sleeping without her...

It was impossible.