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Pairings: Kogan

Warnings: boy x boy.

Note: One-Shots after The Nightmare Before Love. Titles and quotes based upon soundtrack from Nightmare Before Christmas. I will state what 'verse each story resides in.


Halloween Town

Boys and girls of every age

Wouldn't you like to see something strange?

Come with us and you will see

This, our town of Halloween

Logan still wasn't used to feeling cold.

Logan frowned and shoved his hands into his jean pockets while scrunching up his shoulders. The frigid night air was fierce around him, and he hadn't worn a warm enough coat to protect him against the wind.

He still wasn't used to knowing how to pick the right kind of coat to protect him against the wind.

Leaves of gold, yellow and red crunched beneath his sneakers as he walked along the cemetery, his nerves shown in his breathing coming out in quick puffs of smoke from the frost in the air .

He still wasn't used to breathing either.

"You sure this is where he said for us to meet him?" A voice asked beside Logan. The former zombie turned to regard the former Frankenstein monster, Carlos. As now normals, Logan and Carlos had both been trying to live their new lives as best they could.

Which was difficult when there were creatures out there that ate normals.

Logan reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a piece of paper.

"Logan, meet me in cemetery, tonight. I have a super awesome surprise for you. Love, your boyfriend Kendall. P.S bring Carlos." Logan read out to Carlos.

Carlos scratched his head and said, "I know I'm still new at this whole using my brain thing, but lately when I think things, I'm normally right. And I think that this is really...wrong?"

Shoving the note back in his pocket, Logan frowned and replied, "Yeah...but how do we know if its wrong or right? Before, when we were monsters, none of the other monsters would bother us. Now...it's so hard to tell."

Just then an evil cackle echoed through the air, loud and frightening. Both Logan and Carlos regarded each other for a moment until Carlos said, "Well...that clears things up."

In a puff of smoke the cackle echoed again, causing both boys to take a few nervous steps back. The smoke cleared, revealing a towering woman in a long white flowing dress with long black hair that came down to her knees. Her claws stretching out from her fingers were as sharp as her dark eyes.

Carlos yelped and jumped behind Logan, who held his hands up in defense against the sudden appearance of the monster. "Is...is she going to eat us?" Carlos exclaimed, grasping onto his friends jacket.

The evil woman tilted her head to the side, hissing at the boys, revealing a row of sharp jagged teeth.

"I...I think so Carlos." Logan stuttered, before continuing, regarding the woman and her evil smile, "You know, eating normals is just so last century. Especially teenagers! We're all full of junk food and...and angst! No nutritional value whatsoever."

The witch waved her hand and another puff of smoke appeared, eventually fading way to reveal a large boiling cauldron over an open fire.

Logan nervously regarded the pot and turned his head a bit to Carlos to say, "Okay. So, I'm pretty sure we suck at being normals."

The woman threw her head back and let out a loud screech, piercing the air so sharply that both Logan and Carlos fell to their knees grabbing their ears in pain. After a minute, it receded, and dead silence stretched though the air.

Until the woman pointed at Carlos and let out a growl.

Both Logan and Carlos began to fight and push each other forward, arguing about who was going first, when a loud howl echoed through out the cemetery.

The old witch hissed and looked around, crouching low as she grabbed her broom and held it out like a bat.

She growled and howled something, almost sounding like she was speaking, before a sudden thump from behind the boys drew her attention.

In a whoosh Kendall suddenly appeared behind her in half wolf mode, tufts of dark coarse hair sicking out of his shirt and jeans. His face still human as he stood behind her with a smirk. "Okay. I was just going to take my friends and leave...but since you asked."

And with a shove, he pushed the stunned woman into the pot of water.

Carlos and Logan walked over to the cauldron, standing beside Kendall to watch the scream and thrash as she slowly faded away into the water, turning it to a murky green and black.

"Water melts evil witches?" Carlos said with a surprised look on his face. "Who knew?"

Kendall and Logan shrugged, shaking their heads in surprise as well. "I just thought it would just annoy her to get her wet." Kendall explained.

Letting out a sigh, Logan exclaimed, "I can't believe we got tricked by an evil witch!"

Nodding in agreement, Carlos said, "We should have known that note was fake!"

Kendall laughed at his friends and said, "It's all right guys. You'll get the hang of it eventually." He slung an arm around Logan and turned to Carlos, "Hey Carlos. You think you'll be okay making it back to the Palm Woodsylvania by yourself?"

Carlos rolled his eyes and said, "Yes. I can tell when you want to be alone." As he turned to leave the cemetery Carlos made loud, obnoxious kissing noises until he was out of sight.

Kendall pulled Logan close and nuzzled his head a bit, de-wolfing mostly now. "You okay?"

Logan nodded but heaved a sigh. "I just...It's harder being a normal than I thought it would be." Kendall frowned at the sadness in his loves voice. He grabbed Logan's hand and began pulling him further into the forest.

"C'mon. I want to show you something."

They walked in silence for a while, the headstones fading until their surroundings eventually became trees and a forest. After a little while, and some stumbling on Logan's part because it was so dark, they came to a large clearing.

"Where are we?" Logan asked as Kendall pulled him to the center of the field. When they stopped Kendall pulled him until they were laying down in the grass, looking up at the sky.

"I come here sometimes when its a full moon. It's...quieter here. Things are so loud when I change. Here I can hear my own thoughts." Kendall explained, pulling Logan closer to him.

Logan curled around Kendall, laying his head on his chest and breathing in Kendall's strong, musty, hair scent.

They were silent for a while. So long that Logan actually wondered if Kendall had fallen asleep, until he heard Kendall whisper quietly, "You...you don't regret it...do you?"

Frowning, Logan pulled himself up so we was staring straight into Kendall sharp green eyes. He could see them clearly in the light from the moon; bright enough though in it's crescent phase.

"Regret what?" Logan asked.

Logan felt Kendall grab his hand as he whispered, almost nervously, "Changing. For...me."

The former Zombie gave a little snort and said, "I hardly changed just for you. I changed for a lot of reasons." He laid his head back on Kendall chest and continued, "Keeping my limbs. Not being chased by hungry dogs everyday." He paused, glad that the night's darkness could hide his blush. "Sex."

The gentle rumbling of Kendall's chest told Logan that he understood what he was trying to say. Logan traced shapeless patters into Kendall's chest and said, "No. I'd never regret it."

Suddenly in a flash Logan was on his back, Kendall's green eyes boring straight into his from above as he draped his body above him.

"I love you." Kendall said, simply. A fact.

Logan could feel his stomach twist into knots, his face flush red and his heart beat even faster. And then he realized something.

Logan wasn't used to feeling cold...but he sure as hell was now used to feeling heat.

As Kendall leaned forward and kissed him, running his dangerous hands all along his body in rhythm with his dangerous tongue dancing in his mouth, Logan knew that he still had a lot to learn about being a normal.

But learning about heat from Kendall was the best lesson yet.

Hope you enjoyed it! More to come.

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