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Real World Verse

Kidnap The Sandy Claws

Kidnap the Sandy Claws

Lock him up real tight

Throw away the key

and then,

Turn off all the lights!

The first thing Logan noticed was the hot wetness twisting and delving into his behind. Pleasure slowly made it's way up his back, causing him to shiver and moan a bit. Darkness tried to lift, but his senses were still to dull as sleep clogged his mind.

"Mm. Kendall." He muttered groggily, still not sure what exactly was going on, but was positive Kendall was behind it...er him. The wetness disappeared for a moment, and he whimpered in protest at unexpected loss.

"Shh baby. Just relax." He distantly heard Kendall whisper, and that wetness then returned, pushing and teasing him in just the way he loved.

Eventually sleep lifted enough where Logan realized he was on his stomach, and Kendall was indeed using his skillful tongue to pry open Logan's tight, and now very wet, hole. Moaning and shifting a bit in pleasure, Logan opened his legs a bit more, allowing more access for his boyfriend.

"A bit eager are we?" Kendall said, his voice husky and quiet but alive with lust.

Nodding, with his eyes still closed, Logan hummed in agreement, his features quickly turning from pleasure to surprise as Kendall repeatedly replaced his tongue with his fingers, alternating between the two to slowly work Logan open even more.

Finally Logan opened his eyes enough where, when they rested on the clock on their bedside table, he realized that it was just after midnight. He went to push himself up a bit so he could roll onto his back, wanting to initiate a make out session with his blond lover who was currently, and vigorously, tonguing him. But when he went to move his arms, he found that he couldn't budge them an inch.

"Wha-?" He muttered, tugging at his arms, feeling his wrists rub together. "Kendall...what did you do?" Logan asked, his own voice still heavy with sleep but surprise evident in his words.

The tongue was gone, and he heard Kendall sit up and place a hand on his lower back, "I wrapped you up as my Christmas gift." Kendall said, amusement in his voice as he leaned over Logan's back, his lips right next to the bound boy, "And I'm going to open you up so I can play with you."

Shivers wracked Logan's body as he stuttered out, "K-Kendall." His boyfriend never failed to turn him on.

Chuckling, Kendall reached forward to pull on Logan's chin making them see face to face, "Merry Christmas baby." Kendall whispered, then pressed his lips onto Logan's.

The kiss was intense and hot, a clashing of tongues and wet heat that had Logan trying to turn onto his side so he could press his body onto Kendall's.

But the blond was having none of that... not yet. Pulling back from the kiss with a taunting, "Ah ah!" Kendall pressed Logan back down onto the bed chest first. "No moving Logie. You're the present remember? Presents sit still until they're opened."

With a frustrated grunt, Logan tried to turn again, but Kendall pushed him back down, this time lowering his mouth so that it would become attached to the spot where Logan's neck and collarbone met.

"F-fuck..." Logan moaned out, knowing that was his weak spot. Waves of torturous pleasure surged through him, and he whimpered out, "P-please. Kendall please I need you."

Chuckling darkly, Kendall sat back up so he could maneuver on the bed back to his spot where he was before. "You need some patience Logie. Don't you know good things come to those who wait?" At that he knelt back down, driving his tongue back into Logan.

Logan scrunched his eyes close in pleasure as he mewed and bucked against Kendall, but the blonds long, strong hands and arms kept his bound boyfriend in place. When he opened his eyes again, he saw rows of leftover garland on their floor, the same kind they used to decorate the tree in the living room.

Suddenly, Logan realized what he was being bound with.

"You-you tied me up with garland?" He chocked out, trying again to rub himself against the mattress, his hard on pulsing with need.

He could hear Kendall stand, and replace his tongue with two fingers sliding inside his slick hole. Choking out a grunt then a pleasure filled moan, Logan shook his head to keep his breath even. This boy was going to torture him until he exploded.

"Told you baby. You're my present. Gotta make you look all pretty tied up for me." With a sharp twist of his long fingers brushing up against his prostate, Logan shuddered as Kendall continued, "I even used a bow."

And with that, Kendall began shoving his fingers in and out of Logan at a rapid pace, hitting Logan's sweet spot dead on with each movement.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck." Logan repeated in a rushed mantra, his mind clogged with pleasure but he was still sane enough not to scream (as much as he wanted to) and to keep himself from being smothered while laying face down.

"You like it when I play with you Logie? Like it when I touch you and open you up and make you mine?" Kendall's voice had lust in it, but also a taunting edge that drove Logan with a crazy need to obey and hate it at the same time.

"Say it Logan. Say you want me to play with you." Kendall continued, this time using his free hand to smack Logan's bottom hard. The blond had been going on a spanking kink for the last couple of times they had sex, and as much as Logan loved it, he felt it push his rebellious side even more when they were together.

Another smack and Logan let out a sharp squeal, helpless to say no.

But that didn't mean he had to say yes yet.

"What-ugh fuck-what if I-I don't want to be played with?" Logan whimpered out to Kendall, unable to stop his voice from trembling as he spoke.

"Oh?" Kendall said, laughing a bit as he smacked Logan's bottom again before taking his fingers away, "Oh baby. You want to know what I'm going to do to you then?" His answer was a throaty moan of need from Logan who desperately needed to be filled again.

Suddenly Logan felt Kendall wrap his arm around him, pulling him up so he was kneeling in front of Kendall, his back to the blonds chest. The blonds lips were against his ear again, breathing hard and heavy. Between his red and tender cheeks, Logan could feel Kendall's hard on, pulsing and ready.

"You don't want to be played with Logie?" Kendall taunted, with one arm wrapped around Logan's chest and the other across his abdomen. "Then I'll just leave you here. Tied up and alone...while I go play with myself while you watch."

Logan moaned in fear and pleasure at the mental image of Kendall jacking himself off. It would be beautiful, amazing and sexy...but to be unable to get off himself would be the last thing Logan would want to suffer through.

"Is that what you want? For me to leave you alone," the hand holding onto Logan's abdomen curled up, and Kendall lightly dragged his fingers across the skin, causing shivers of pleasure to shoot up through Logan's body. "and leave you here...untouched? Unplayed with...?" Then Kendall opened his mouth and licked a line up along Logan's ear...his most sensitive spot.

Unable to hold back any longer, Logan shook his head and begged, "No. Kendall please play with me. Please I need you. Don't stop. Please."

Chuckling darkly, knowing he had won, Kendall lifted his hand from Logan's abdomen and placed it behind Logan's neck. Then slowly, with both the arm around his chest and the other hand guiding him, Kendall lowered Logan back down, so that he was still kneeling but with his face back onto the bed and his butt high in the air.

"Say it again." Kendall commanded, taking his member and teasing Logan's stretched out entrance with it.

"Kendall...please play with me."

Unable to deny himself and Logan any longer, Kendall slid inside the boy, moaning at the tight heat that surrounded him. He stilled himself after he was fully inside, waiting to let Logan adjust.

"P-please. Ken...please move." Logan begged, and nearly wept when Kendall answered, "No."


"Shh baby. Give it a second...just relax." Kendall wanted nothing more than to move, but he had been with Logan long enough that he knew he needed to wait a minute before they began. Logan was over eager in their love making, and he would be damned if he hurt the boy.

"Please-" Logan nearly shouted, and this time Kendall gave him the answer he had been hoping for. Drawing his hips back, he thrust forward, hard, causing Logan to moan out loudly in pleasure. He continued his thrusting, keeping up a steady rhythm as he pounded into Logan's tight hole.

"Fuck Logan...you always feel so fucking good." Kendall panted out, looking down at Logan all tied up and his to do with. It drove Kendall nearly to the edge right there, seeing Logan like this.

But he didn't want to finish, not yet. He slowed his pace, smirking at Logan's whimper to keep going, and reached for their bedside table to grab a pair of scissors he left there.

"Why are you stopping don't stop Kendall please!" Logan begged, but Kendall ran a hand up and down Logan's back, shushing him.

"Easy baby. Were not done playing yet don't worry." He whispered, using the scissors to cut the garland holding Logan's wrists together.

Despite his eagerness to get back to their fun, Logan moaned quietly in pleasure at having his hands free again. But he barely had a chance to enjoy it before he felt himself being flipped onto his back.

"Ken-" Logan began, but stopped when the blond quickly draped his long body over him, sliding back inside Logan with one quick thrust.

"Ah yes!" Logan moaned out as Kendall picked up his pace of thrusting inside him again. Curling his toes and closing his eyes in pleasure, Logan could barely contain the moans and whimpers falling out of his mouth. He loved having Kendall inside him, and by the way Kendall was breathing hard and whispering dirty things in his ear, he enjoyed it as well.

Just as Logan was about to snake his hand down to his own member, he felt Kendall smack it away. "Mine." Kendall grunted, shifting in his position so he could take Logan and keep up his pace at the same time.

"Greedy are we?" Logan joked in between pants, pleasure surging through him hard, his walls stretched to their limits as Kendall continued to pump his hard member inside of Logan.

"Yes." Kendall hissed, feeling himself get close, "Mine. No one else. Never share, never giving you away. Never going to let anyone else ever have you." Kendall continued in between pants and kisses to the boys face and lips. "Mine forever." He stilled his hips so he could jack off Logan, wanting the boy to tumble over first.

"Mm yes Kendall yours!" Logan cried out, finally feeling himself unable to hold on any longer. He came in bursts, which continued as Kendall steadied himself over Logan, thrusting hard again until he came moments later, elongating Logan's orgasm.

Collapsing on top of his spent lover, Kendall rolled over to his side, pulling Logan close so he could run his shaking hands through the dark locks he loved. He kissed every inch of skin he could reach, and kept whispering over and over, "Mine, I love you so much. Your all mine."

Swallowing back some emotion, Logan chanced a sleepy look up into the green eyes he loved, "Not that I'm complaining...but what brought that on?"

Kissing him fully on the lips for a short minute, Kendall pulled back with a small shrug, "Nothing in particular...just was horny."

He felt bad for lying, but didn't want Logan to know the real reason for this impromptu love making session.

Earlier, Kendall had been awake for a while, unable to sleep. Be it the excitement for Christmas Eve morning, or the fact he was still wired from his fifth hot chocolate, he was wide awake with no intention of nodding off anytime soon. While he was in the middle of an Angry Birds marathon game on his phone, he began to notice that his lover was starting to show signs of having one of his nightmares. Knowing that in less than an hour it would be Christmas, he didn't want Logan to start his day with a bad dream (or ever really)...so he decided to deter it into something more fun.

He liked to consider the garland a stroke of pure genius.

But mostly he was a jealous lover. He hated that Logan's nightmares tried to take the little genius from him, and Kendall would be damned if he just let that happen. Nope, not on his watch.

"And I wanted our Christmas together to start out special." Kendall continued, pulling Logan tightly against his chest in a big bear hug.

Chuckling, Logan shook his head before laying it against Kendall's chest, "You are way to good to me Kendall."

"I'd do anything for you." Kendall said, kissing the top of Logan's head, "I love you."

"Mm." Logan hummed, already falling back asleep, "Love you to."

Later that Day...

"Logie...c'mon! We're going to be late." Kendall pouted from his bed, flashing his dark haired boyfriend a slightly annoyed look. Only slightly.

Answering with a chuckle from his desk, pen in hand and books open, Logan said, "Babe. I just need to finish this and then I'll be done and we can go party okay?"

The pout didn't waver, and neither did the whine in Kendall's voice. "But Logie...What if all the good Christmas cookies are gone?" The Palm Woods Christmas Eve party had started ten minutes ago, and Kendall was positive Carlos was already hoarding his mothers holiday snickerdoodles.

Another chuckle, then Logan turned in his chair to face his blond love, "Why don't you head down now? I'll meet you down there."

"But...I don't want to go to the party without you." Kendall answered, standing from his bed to walk over to Logan, placing a hand on his boyfriends shoulder, "Can't you just...finish this stuff later? It's Christmas break!"

"I'm sorry but if you want to have me all to yourself on Christmas day tomorrow, then I need to finish it now. Applications are due on the 26th."

Wavering, Kendall sent his love another frown, "That's the most stupidest thing I've ever heard... college applications due the day after Christmas."

"Normally they're not due then Kendall. Remember how I asked for an extension because we had a Christmas concert with MTV in New York a couple of weeks ago?" Logan looked up at Kendall, prompting his boyfriend to remember...and to understand.

Kendall remembered all right. He remembered running around New York with Logan, ice skating and shopping and...breaking in their hotel room bed.

"Okay...by that ridiculous grin on your face I'll say you remember." Chuckling, Logan swatted his boyfriend gently, smirking at that ridiculous grin.

"I love squeaky beds. They always make the neighbors wonder." Kendall answered, crouching down so he was face to face with Logan.

"Considering our neighbors were Carlos and James...I'd say they wouldn't have to wonder to much." Logan said sardonically, wincing when he remembered the angered and tired looks on his friends faces as they ate breakfast in the hotel the next morning. He didn't need to ask why they kept throwing croissants at Kendall's proud smirk that he wore for the rest of the day.

"Anyways. This will only take me about twenty more minutes, then I'll rush down to meet you. Okay?"

Holding out his hand, Logan quirked an eyebrow at Kendall, indicating that they should agree and shake on his proposition.

Resigning, Kendall took his hand, but instead of shaking it he brought it to his lips, though a frown remained, "I'll meet you downstairs?"

"Twenty minutes."


"Twenty minutes Kendall!" Logan laughed as Kendall chewed his lip. The boy was reluctant to let his little genius boyfriend out of his sight.

"Twenty minutes now...or twenty minutes tomorrow Kendall."

A sigh of defeat, Kendall let go of Logan's hand to stand, pulling the boy's forehead in for a kiss. "Not a minute more." He warned.

"Well I'll need some time to get downstairs." Logan countered, unable to stop his challenging smirk from growing.

"Take the elevator. It's faster." Kendall said, pointing to his boyfriend as he walked back to his bed to grab his gift for the Yankee Swap. "Twenty minutes."

"Roger Doger." Logan answered, giving Kendall a little salute.

"You're such a weirdo." Kendall said, walking back over to the boy to give him another kiss, this time on the lips, "But I love you anyways." He continued as he pulled away, flashing Logan a grin.

"Lucky me. Now go. And save me some cookies!"

Punching the down button on the elevator panel, Logan had taken his boyfriends advice and was waiting patiently for the cab to come retrieve him. He had lately taken to going up and down the side stairs because it was more environmentally friendly, but he wanted to get down to the party as quick as possible. Five minutes had already passed his deadline, and he was just waiting for his phone to start buzzing from Kendall's insistent texts.

Ever since the incident from the Glee music video, things between Kendall and him had been a lot better. Granted, their relationship hadn't been very strained to begin with, but since Logan unloaded his confusing, difficult secret to Kendall, the two had grown immensely stronger and closer.

Kendall reveled in the fact that Logan trusted him enough to explain the darkness that hid in his memories. Though neither boy wanted to further explore the confusing nightmare Logan endured during his coma, it at least gave explanation to the occasional nightmare or panic attack Logan sometimes suffered through.

Now, when Logan woke in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat, trembling and fighting off invisible evils, Kendall knew better how to comfort his love and what to say to make the fear and pain fade even quicker. Or when Logan began to fall into a memory, and that memory brought panic to his heart and eyes, Kendall was quick to take Logan away from the situation, bringing the boy back to reality safely.

Yes, their relationship had only gotten better since Logan's confession. It wasn't easy, but the two always came out of their troubles stronger. And more in love.

The sound of the elevator announcing it's arrival with a ding brought Logan out of his thoughts. He jumped a bit in surprise, then shook his head and smiled at his nerves.

As the door opened, he skipped inside, excited for the holiday party awaiting him in the lobby below. Leaning against the side of the elevator, he let his thoughts roam back to earlier this morning and Kendall's version of an alarm clock.

Best alarm ever.

Just as the door began to close, he heard a voice call out, "Wait! Hold the door!"

Quickly Logan pressed the button to hold the doors open, then began to flash a smile at whoever it was he was helping out.

That smile quickly faded when a flash of blond and blue glided into the cab.


"Thanks so much I-" Her voice stopped short when her blue eyes settled upon brown ones.

Silence for a beat, then Logan couldn't stand it and had to break it.

"Sorry. I'll just take the stairs." Logan stuttered, stepping away from the wall to exit the elevator.

"No! No need. It's a quick ride." Jo said quickly, blocking Logan's path with a forced smile. She shifted the large Yankee Swap gift in her hand, a box covered in red and gold wrapping with a matching gold bow.

"Um..." Logan began, unsure. It had been awhile since he last saw her. The two had barely spoke two words to each other since the heated exchange between her and Kendall ages ago. Camille had attested she had moved, and the last he heard she was now living in an apartment closer to her shows studio with her father.

"I guess." Logan conceded as the doors closed.

The silence stretched awkwardly between the two, and Logan began wishing he had left with Kendall when he had the chance.

"So...you've been good?" Jo asked Logan. The boy nodded, not trusting his voice. Her soft and sweet voice still, even after all this time, made his skin crawl with painful memories under the surface.

"You?" He chocked out, pleading with the elevator to finish is journey.

"Yeah me to. I-" But her words were cut off as the lights began to flicker.

"What-?" Logan began, but stopped when the elevator jerked, sending the two falling to the floor. The lights flickered some more, then went out...leaving the two in total darkness.

Breathing hard, Jo exclaimed, "What just happened?"

How the hell am I supposed to know that? Logan thought annoyed, but instead answered, "I don't know."

Blindly, he felt his way around, trying to find the side of the elevator so he could pull himself up by the railing.

He missed his mark by a bit. "Ow! Logan!" Jo exclaimed when he instead connected with soft flesh.

"Sorry! Sorry. I'm trying to reach the emergency button." He explained, turning opposite and crawling a bit more, until he hit the side of the cab...with his head

"Ow! Damn it..." He muttered, rubbing his throbbing noggin with one hand while the other felt the side wall until it reached the railing.

"You found it yet?" Jo asked. From what it sounded like, she was still on the floor, shuffling to find her way up.

"Almost." Logan answered, slowly walking forward with his hand out so he didn't run into the wall. Again.

Eventually he felt cool metal under his hand, and gently lowered his hands until they touched the familiar indents of the elevator buttons. Taking his hand off his still sore head, he reached into his pocket to pull out his phone.

Low Battery. His phone warned as he turned it on.

All I need is a moment, he mused, flashing the phone onto the panel of buttons. He squinted his eyes in the light, trying desperately to find the red emergency button. After a moment...

"Got it!" He said, and with his thumb pressed it.


"Damn it!" He exclaimed again.

"What's wrong?" Jo asked, standing now that she had found the back of the elevator. Her knuckles were near white as they gripped the metal under her hand.

"I-I'm not sure if it's working. It's supposed to make an alarm noise...like a ringing or something when its pushed." Logan explained with a frown as he pushed the buttons a few more times. Suddenly he had a thought.

"Bitters...no..." He whispered, lifting up the phone higher until it reached a certificate above the panel of buttons.

Although it indicated the elevator had been inspected a month ago, there was something wrong with the writing. It didn't seem to match.

His frown deepened when he lifted his free hand...and pulled away the fake label Bitters had put over the certificate.

This elevator last inspected...

"Damn it Bitters!" Logan nearly screamed.

"What? What?" Jo exclaimed, panic evident in her voice.

Turning back to the girl, Logan growled out, "The last time Bitters had this elevator inspected was like three years ago! No wonder nothing works!"

"What? Oh my God...oh my God." Jo began, breathing in deep to calm her nerves which were spiraling out of control.

Ignoring her, Logan went to work on his phone, quickly going to his contacts and making a call he really didn't want to make.

"Babe! Where are you? You promised twenty minutes!" Logan could hear the party he should have been at in full swing in the background as Kendall's voice echoed in the elevator. It tore at him when he heard Jo suck in a painful, shuddering breath.

Unable to look at Jo, Logan turned back towards the panel, exclaiming, "Kendall! Listen. We're stuck in the elevator! It's not working! You-"

"What?" Kendall yelled out, the noise from the party nearly drowning out his voice.

Growling in frustration, Logan nearly screamed, "Kendall! We are stuck in the elevator!"

"You're in the elevator? Okay see you soon!"

"No! Kendall! We're stuck! Stuck!"

"Stuck? Where?"

Just as he was about to answer for the fourth time, his phone died.

"Damn it." Logan muttered, once again the darkness. He turned back to Jo, feeling better that he didn't need to see the look on her face, he said, "We need to call someone. Can we use your phone? Mine's dead."




"Jo!" Logan exclaimed, his heart beginning to beat fast again. He couldn't believe he was stuck in the situation...with the last person in the world he wanted it to be with.

"I didn't bring it. I left it at Camille." Her voice was quiet...but the tone different than the forced casualness she had used earlier. It was also devoid of the fear lacing her words after the lights went out.

He brought his hands up to his face to rub his eyes in frustration, not that it would do much good since he couldn't see anything anyways.

"I guess we just need to wait for someone to find us." Logan began, but Jo didn't answer. The silence stretched before them, and Logan had to wonder why the universe had played such a cruel joke on him.

After a minute or two more of silence, Jo finally spoke.

"It's all your fault you know."

Her voice was quiet...but not filled with sadness so much as the kind of accusation those words often held.

"How is it my fault that Bitters is a lousy cheapskate?" Logan countered, his own anger and frustration evident in his words. But he didn't need to be told what she meant.

"You know what I mean Logan."

Shaking his head, Logan stepped back so he could lean against the wall. He really wished he could see Jo, for once. Her voice was now to close to that tone...that evil melody that haunted his worst dreams. The only way to counteract that was to focus on the bright, blond beauty that held no resemblance to the terror of darkness he feared.

"Jo...please. Now is really not the time to rehash old arguments."

"Why...because you don't have Kendall here to protect you?" She whispered harshly, and Logan didn't bother to fight back a shiver she couldn't see.

"I don't need him to protect me. It's just useless to fight about this anymore. You had your say. I know how you feel about me. So can we please just sit here quietly in our own misery until someone comes?" Logan slid to the floor, hoping the girl would just let it go.

"I guess-" Jo continued on as if Logan hadn't said a word, "I guess I just could never understand what Kendall saw in you."

Wrapping his arms around his knees, Logan shook his head, unwilling to let Jo tear apart what he and Kendall had. They were happy, and in love. And nothing she says can change that.

She's just jealous. Bitter. Kendall's yours and she just can't handle that she lost him...

"Does it feel good? Knowing you stole him? Like some tramp?" Jo hissed from her corner.

Her words were like a smack in the face. Logan always felt guilty that he had taken Jo from Kendall only a couple of hours after the two broke up. At times, in his most secret moments, he wonders if they ever would have worked things out if it weren't for him.

But he couldn't think like that. Jo was scared right now, and so was he. She was just taking out her fear and aggression on him, and he would just have to deal.

"Jo all we can do is just wait for help to arrive. How about we just sit here in silence until then okay?"

"No!" Jo exclaimed, making Logan jump at the sudden anger and fierceness in her voice. "No. You listen to me Logan. It's my turn to have my say and there's nothing you can do about it. It should be me with Kendall, not you. I don't know how or what you did but Kendall belonged to me."

"Why?" Logan shot back into the darkness, trying to gather up some courage even though he felt sick to his stomach. He stood his ground in this dark cage, though what good it would do he didn't know. "Why Jo? What's so wrong with me that you can't even consider Kendall and I being together?"

"Because no one will ever love him the way I do." Jo shot back, her voice dangerous in the darkness.

Logan desperately wanted to see Jo, to defend against her words as they cut him deep."That's not true Jo. I love Kendall. More than you could possibly understand."

Scoffing at his words, her tone finally changed, transforming her into the creature of his nightmares, "You'll loose him one day Logan."

The air in the elevator grew hot, and Logan found he couldn't breathe.

"You think your love is strong enough to stay together? Please...you and I can both agree on one thing

and that Kendall is special. And while I know it was a mistake for him to leave me...we both know he won't stay with you forever."

The words to fight back were stuck in Logan's throat because honestly...she was right. It was almost as if she reached far into his mind and simply plucked out the one thing he feared more than the horror of his past.

Kendall leaving.

No one would argue that the bright, fun loving blond had an amazing future ahead of him, and Logan was sure that his fears and inability to let the past go would only keep Kendall trapped. He felt like he had been punched in the stomach, and could barely breath as the truth weighed him down hard.

He shook his head, sliding back to the floor.

She laughed at his silence, "You know its true. Don't you."

"No..." He fought back...but it was weak.

"Yes Logan. It's only a matter of time. It's okay. You can be honest with me." Jo's voice had now turned sickly sweet, crooning him in with that tone that made Logan want to crawl into himself and die. He forced himself not to remember, not to picture the Jo who once brought him death...but her voice was building the figure in front of eyes...leaving him powerless to fight against it.

"You don't want to hold Kendall back...do you?" She continued, and he heard her shuffling closer. He could feel his face become wet...tears? When had he started crying? He guessed it was hard to tell when you can't see an inch in front of you.

"Shh Logan. It's for the best. We both know it. Kendall will do so much in his life...you can't keep him forever. You'll just destroy his dreams...you don't want that...do you?" She was beside him now, and though he was pushing himself into the space between the wall and button panel, she placed a soft hand on his arm, then raised it to his face, feeling the tears.

He had to swallow hard not to throw up.

"No...I-I'm not...I don't want..." Logan began, but his tongue was tied. Anyone...anyone else and he would defend his and Kendall's love to the death. But this was Jo...and her voice was like a poison elixir that was draining his life away.

"You are just to weak for him Logan. Kendall's strong...and you'll only pull him down with you if you stay." Her lips were against his ear, the words settling into dark pools in his heart.

He shook his head, but couldn't remember why he was fighting anymore. She was right...his misery had sucked Kendall in. Who does that? Who puts someone they love through that kind of pain? Kendall was to good for him...and it would be a mercy to let him go so he could be with someone that deserved him.

All he had done had been to just run away. Fight against being honest with Kendall. His fears had nearly driven them apart before...what was to stop him from letting it happen again?

"He...he deserves better." Logan whispered, his voice grated and slow. He couldn't fight her anymore. The dark queen was plastered to his side, and this time, instead of sharp talons and jagged knives, she used her words as deadly weapons to tear Logan apart.

He didn't need light to know she was smiling.

"If you truly love Kendall...you'll let him go. It's for the best Logan." Her voice grew low, but her grasp on his face was iron strong, "Let him go-"

Suddenly the elevator door opened a bit, allowing a smidgen of light to shine through.

Jo held up an arm over her face to cover the offensive light, but Logan remained motionless, his face turned to her. The Jo seated next to him wasn't the blond Jo of his world...no...it was the Dark Queen.


He would never be free of her.


He would never get away from her dark misery.


And if he couldn't get away...then neither would Kendall.


Sharp pressure suddenly assaulted his arms, and Logan tore his gaze away from Jo, letting his eyes settle onto worried green ones.

"Kendall?" Logan croaked out, his voice hoarse and far away. He was falling fast, hiding back into the safe recesses of his mind.

"Logan...talk to me." The blond was breathing fast as he took in Logan's hazy look and tear stained face. "What did you do to him?" Kendall shot to Jo, who was now standing above them, looking down with confusion.

"I-I didn't do anything. The lights went out and then he just started to freak out! It's not my fault he's scared of the dark." Jo shot back, aggravated that Kendall's immediate focus went to Logan.

"C'mon. Talk to me Logan." Kendall begged as he turned back to the brunette, who wasn't even looking at him. If he knew Jo was here...but he had tried to reach them as fast as he could. It took him a few moments to realize what Logan had been trying to say, and he didn't even waste time in trying to get some help. Instead he rushed to the elevator, prying it open with a hockey stick he knew Bitters had confiscated from Carlos the day before.

"Have..." Logan began...his voice a soft whisper.

"What? Logan what's wrong?"

"Have to let you go." Logan said still unable to look into Kendall's fearful eyes.

Kendall literally felt like his heart had been torn from him. He abruptly stood and turned to Jo, who was frowning at him. Even though she held a bit of fear in her eyes, she didn't back down as the taller blond stalked over to her.

"What did you do." He seethed.

"I-" She began, stopping to catch her breath before she started again "I didn't-didn't do anything-" she jumped when Kendall smacked both of his hands onto the wall beside her, trapping her in the path of his fury with his long, tense arms as her cage.

"Jo." He said, one word but with so many demands behind it.

"We were just talking-"

"About?" His voice was still low, dark...dangerous.

"N-nothing..." She said, trembling, but her eyes darted to Logan, and Kendall got all the answers he needed. When she turned back to Kendall, he lowered his arms, and with a look of almost disgust he turned away from her to crouch down to Logan.

"Let's go home baby." Kendall whispered, his face relaxing back into worry as he slid his arms under Logan. Quietly he shushed Logan when the boy whimpered and tried to push Kendall away, but the blond would have none of it. He gathered him up into his arms, and walked away.

It came as a shock to realize that he had never seen Logan in this state before. He had always seen the before, when the terror and haze set in, and the afterwards, when Logan was coming out of his trance alone to deal with the aftermath.

Never the in between.

God he hated the in between.

Logan had always run when the in between was setting in, desperate to deal with his memories and pain alone.

But not this time. This time, Kendall was here...and wasn't going anywhere.

"We're home baby just relax don't worry I've got you." Kendall kept saying, over and over to try to relax the trembling boy in his arms. He didn't get a response, but Kendall wasn't expecting one. Logan was long gone, back into his sadness to hide.

Using his foot to close the door to their bedroom, Kendall gently laid Logan down, then made quick work undressing him. The silence in the room was a sharp reminder to how different the atmosphere was as opposed to barely an hour ago when the two were just laughing and joking together.

As soon as he was finished, he drew the covers over Logan, then began to work on undressing himself. His eyes never left Logan, scared that if he looked away for a moment he could loose the boy forever.

As soon as he got his pants off he quickly dove into the bed, wrapping Logan up tight in his arms.

"Talk to me Logan. Please. Come back to me I need you." Kendall whispered against Logan's skin, kissing and caressing the boy. Had Logan always been like this when he had his breakdowns? Lost inside his mind? How did this broken boy ever make it back on his own?

Thinking hard, Kendall wondered what he could possibly do to draw the quiet trembling boy out. He tried asking questions, but no answer. Begging...still nothing.

Outside their window, the grounds of the Palm Woods were loud with festivities. Kendall could hear his family, friends and neighbors celebrating the holiday together. Happy...and safe.

It wasn't fair. Logan should be down there to...having fun and being with everyone. It wasn't right that he kept having to be held back by some fear that kept haunting him.

Kendall looked down at Logan who was barely awake with half lidded eyes. He needed to get inside and pull his love back out. Running his hand through Logan's hair, he whispered quietly, "Where are you Logan? How can I get you back?"

This was not how he wanted Logan's Christmas Eve to go. There was nothing he hated more than to see someone he loved hurt, and especially when it was Logan. The boy tried so hard to have a good, happy life...but whatever this past misery was, it had it's claws deep in Logan...and didn't want to let go.

Out of ideas, Kendall rolled onto his back, staring at the ceiling hoping for an sign. He kept Logan wrapped up tight in his arms, with Logan's head nestled in his chest. Not knowing what else to do, he just began talking out loud, trying to keep his panic at bay. Logan had always come back before, this time would be no different...right?

"You mean so much to me Logan...so much." He chanced a look down at the boy, "You're my best friend. I can never let you go. No matter what...its going to be me and you Logie. Forever." His eyes began to well up a bit, the fear tearing hard at his heart, "I can't do this without you baby. I can't loose you. You're all I want...nothing else. Please Logan...please..." he whispered, burying his face into Logan's hair. He didn't know what else to do. The silence stretched on and on...

Quietly, slowly, with nothing else left to loose...he began to sing.

"I...don't want a lot for Christmas...there is just one thing I need... don't care about the presents... underneath the Christmas tree..."

He paused, hoping to get some sort of response from Logan.


Taking Logan's limp hand, he curled their fingers together against his chest, keeping as much contact as possible. Kissing the cold fingers in his hand, he said a silent pray that this would work. He wanted to hold onto the boy forever, never to let him go in anyway.

"I just want you for my own, more than you could ever know..." Taking a deep breath, he continued, "Make my wish come true... all I want for Christmas is... you."

Though Logan didn't move an inch, Kendall kept singing. Slowly he made his way through the song, a soothing melody that echoed in softly in their quiet bedroom. He was barely keeping it together as he desperately tried to reach Logan.

"Make my wish come true. All I want for Christmas is..." He stopped short...was that...?

It was. The gentlest of pressure against their joined hands.

"Logan?" Kendall breathed, fearful if he was to loud it would scare Logan away.

"...Ken..." Logan whispered, blinking slowly as the haze left his tired eyes.

"Logan stay with me. Listen to my voice...focus baby. Focus on me." Kendall breathed out quickly, taking his hand to hold it against Logan's face, pushing the boy up so they were eye to eye. There was no way he was going to let this chance slip by.

"Kendall...I-I...you shouldn't be...here." He began, trying to find the words through his confusion to say what he wanted.

"Shh Logan. Don't speak. Just listen. Whatever Jo said to you was lies, all right? I don't know what happened, but you've got to just say here and don't go away again." Kendall rolled himself so he was on top of Logan, physically pinning down the boy below him as if he hadn't just been mentally gone, but physically missing as well.

But Logan was shaking his head, tears filling his eyes as he tried to struggle out of Kendall's hold, "No Kendall. You shouldn't be with me. I'm just going to drag you down." He was breathing hard from confusion and fear. Kendall began to worry that he was on the verge of a panic attack.

"Okay..okay shh deep breaths baby. Relax. It's okay. Just take deep breathes with me and we'll figure this out." Knowing it was Jo who put these ridiculous ideas in Logan's head made Kendall want to throttle the girl, he kept his anger in check so he could take care of his lover first. He knew he would get nowhere with Logan in a panicked mess, and calming him down was first priority. Kendall took deep breaths in and out with Logan, who was still trembling beneath him.

When Logan seemed more calm, and aware enough, Kendall slid off him, giving the boy some space...but not to much.

"Tell me what happened." Kendall commanded.

Shaking his head, Logan began, "It doesn't matter-" But Kendall cut him off, grabbing the boy and pulling him to his chest.

"It does. Now start from the beginning." He needed to know what Jo said. There was no way he was going to let Logan carry around another hurt on his own. Not when he could actually do something about this one.

So Logan tentatively told Kendall about how Jo and he ended up in the elevator and it breaking down. Though he tried to cut out the part about the fight, Kendall forced it out of him.

"You believed her when she said that stuff?" Kendall asked when Logan finished, almost hurt that Logan could be persuaded to side with Jo's way of thinking.

Burying his face into Kendall's chest, Logan tried to explain, "You don't understand...when she was in there...talking to me the way she did...she wasn't Jo...she was...the other Jo."

Realization hit Kendall hard, and he felt like an idiot for not thinking of this sooner. Of course this was different for Logan...it made perfect sense why Logan fell back into his haze.

Jo would always be one way for everyone else...but for Logan...she was the embodiment of his deepest fear.

Gently pushing Logan's face back so they could look at each other, Kendall wiped away Logan's tears with his thumb, "Listen to me Logan, and listen good. You and I are a team okay? Yeah...with everyone else we're a family...but you and I are something that no one else can touch...got it? Where you go..I go. And vice versa. I'm sticking with you whether you like it or not."

Squeezing his eyes shut, Logan stuttered out, "W-what a-a-about-t my n-nightmares?" More tears fell, and he was helpless now to get them to stop. "I-I don't know if...if I-I can get this t-to s-stop."

"You will." Kendall said firmly, now kissing the tears away, "You are so strong Logan...and I promise we will get through this together."

"You don't have to do this." Logan shot back, trying to be firm. But the way his eyes watered again and how he bit his lip Kendall knew it was a front, "You don't have to stay. I'll understand if you want to leave and find someone bet-" But his words were quickly cut off with a passionate kiss from Kendall. The blond snaked his hand around Logan;'s head and pulled him in closer as he pressed his tongue against Logan's lips, begging for entrance.

Logan was hardly able to say no, and allowed Kendall to lay him back onto the bed, loving it when Kendall draped himself over his body once again.

Finally pulling away for air, Kendall spoke in between gasps, "How about I remind you what you'll be missing if I quote unquote "leave for someone better"?" To prove his point, Kendall rolled his hips against Logan's, his hard on evident against the brunettes hip.

Gasping in lust, Logan blinked at Kendall, and knew without a doubt he could never truly survive without this boy in his life, "Well...I don't think you can hold someone's testimony accountable when they're under duress." His small smirk gave Kendall hope that Logan would be okay...for now.

Laughing, Kendall leaned forward against Logan's ear and whispered hotly, "How about I get you undressed and under me? Then I think I can hold you accountable for my actions."

Shivering, Logan nodded, "Okay..." He trusted Kendall, and had to believe that, at least for now, things would be all right.

The door to Camille's apartment slammed shut with enough force to cause a framed photograph of Camille's grandmother to fall to the floor, shattering into pieces.

Normally, Jo would have felt bad and picked up the mess, but anger seethed through her strong and she couldn't give a damn about anything at the moment.

Logan fucking Mitchell.

She had been so close to getting payback to that jerkface who stole her boyfriend from her. It had all been falling together perfectly, and Logan's weak mind was like puddy in her hands.

Flopping onto Camille's bed, she buried her face in a pillow and screamed, grateful that the tiny home was empty.

So close...

Initially, when she came to visit Camille, she had no intention of seeing Logan or Kendall. Because of all the drama that followed their breakup, she needed new home...a fresh start, and moved away. She gave up everything so that Kendall and Logan could have it all.

And when she saw Logan in the elevator...her heart held no bitterness for him. She had moved on, met new friends, worked on her career...loving her fresh start and everything that came with it.

Until the darkness came.

When that shadow and fear fell over the two of them, the dam in her heart broke and every inch of resolve faded. She didn't know where it came from, but suddenly, she wanted Logan hurt. She wanted him on his knees...begging and bleeding.

And she almost had it. The words that tumbled from her mouth...they were familiar. They lived in the recess of her hurt from the break up. But she had never voiced them like that before. Granted, there had been that time she had gotten into Logan's face not long after Kendall left her, but that was when the pain was fresh and her actions came from places that didn't exist anymore.

Or so she thought.

Letting out a frustrated breath, she stood and walked into the bathroom. For a moment she considered calling Camille, but decided against it. Though she was grateful for for friend inviting her to stay overnight and catch up during Christmas, she just wanted to go home. Seeing Kendall...Logan...this wasn't what she wanted anymore.

Padding into the bathroom she turned on the faucet, letting the cool water warm up a bit. Cupping her hands together, she let the water run over her skin, bringing her back to reality for a moment before she brought the water to her face, not caring if it smeared her makeup. She needed to cool down, and get her head back on straight.

Blindly, she reached for the hanging towel, and dried her face off. When she opened her eyes, she regarded her reflection.

"Seriously Jo. You're eighteen. Chill out and get over yourself." She muttered before smiling. Tossing the soiled towel into the hamper she leaned down and turned off the faucet. When she leaned back up, she began to turn to walk out of the bathroom...but stopped.

Because her reflection wasn't following her.

Jo froze, staring back at her own image, who was regarding her with a calm, even look.

"What the-"

"Don't swear Jo. It's not a good look for you." The reflection said back to her, crossing her arms and smirking at the girl.

Fear made Jo a statue, unable to move. "H-How-"

"Not the point. What you and I need to focus on are two very important things. Kendall...and Logan." When the reflection said Logan, Jo could swear her...well...the reflections eyes grew dark with anger.

"I don't understand." Jo whispered, walking back to the mirror.

"I can help you Jo. I can make things right for you again." The reflection said, holding her hands up the mirror, her voice eager and welcoming.

Tentatively, Jo asked, "What do you mean?" then lifted a hand up to touch the mirror...but not yet.

"I can get Kendall back for you." The reflection whispered. Jo froze again. Kendall? Did she want Kendall back? If you had asked her this morning she would have said no...but now? After seeing him with Logan...

"I-think-" Jo began, but was cut off again.

"You do Jo. You want him back. You know it...don't you. No matter how far you run, how hard you try to hide it. You want him." The reflection paused, pressing her hands harder onto the glass, "And I will get him for you."

"How?" Jo shot back, not sure what to believe.

"You just need to trust me. I want the same thing as you Jo." The reflection said, pleading.

"How do I know you're even real?" Jo whispered, her hand still raised in fear. She wanted to touch..so badly...

"Feeling is believing Jo. Just touch the mirror. You'll see. No tricks...no games. Just you and me...making things right again." The reflection smiled, her voice sweet.

Jo knew that voice...it was her own. She trusted herself. And...how could touching a mirror be bad?

"Just...just to be sure." Jo whispered, then leaned her finger forward, and pressed it directly onto her reflection's palm.

"We will make everything all right again." The reflection said, and began laughing.

Jo looked at her, then shrieked when she saw that her reflection's eyes were black as night. Trying to jerk her arm away, she looked back in horror to realize her reflection's hand had broken through the mirror, and had a grasp onto her wrist.

"Let go!" Jo begged, screaming when the hand pulled her own hand into the mirror.

"Oh no Jo. You and I have a lot of work to do. No time to waste!" The reflection said, and with a sharp jerk, Jo went flying into the mirror...leaving only shattered pieces of the mirror on her side left behind.

The jagged pieces bounced and rattled as they scrambled across the bathroom floor, spreading out into a blanket of sharp edges. Each tiny pieced trembled before it settled, leaving echos of dark laughter that no one heard...mixed with loud screams no one would answer.

Finished...for now!

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