Ruka Nogi was a prince.

Nobody could ever deny that.

He loved Mikan Sakura. But Mikan Sakura was a lady-in-waiting, certainly not suited to marry the prince.

Ruka's best friend, Natsume, was a knight. He could marry a lady-in-waiting.

Ruka sighed.

"What's wrong with you?" the girl with the camera said, eyes staring, lips lifted in a smirk.

And if Hotaru Imai was the princess...

Ruka Nogi didn't want to be the prince.

I'm sorry it's so short. But I had this great idea because everyone describes Ruka as a prince. Now, Natsume couldn't quite be a prince, but he could be a knight. Hotaru could be a princess, since she's so graceful and everything, and that would make her best friend, Mikan, a lady-in-waiting. It was just perfect so I had to write this!