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Was what Yura was about to do right? Just get up and throw away her career-that had just barely started- all for a guy? Mizorogi had rescued her from her mother, well, to word it better, picked her up when she had no where else to go; was this how she was going to repay him? Haruka… sure, they got off on a rough start but once she got to know him a little better she learned that under the front he put up he was a great person and a friend.

Then there was Kyuuta, was he really in love with Yura or was she just a tool to him- a way to get close to her father?

Everything's all just so confusing.

Just leaving like that was so sudden, how would everyone react? They'd surely be disappointed in her.

'The truth is I don't want to disappoint anyone but leaving… it surely will'

"Kyuuta…" Yura could barely even say his name.

"What is it?" he asked nonchalantly; Kyuuta was happy that Yura was going to New York with him, not only would he get closer to Onozuka-san but he would be his son. Kyuuta was sure that he had gained Yura's trust and she would agree to marry him, I mean, why else would she have agreed to follow him to New York?

"I-um-you-don't really need me- do you?"

"What are you talking about, Yura?" Kyuuta turned to face her and noticed her downcast expression, he flashed that killer smile of his to enlighten the mood in attempt to put her at ease but nothing could at this moment.

"I-I can't."

The car came to a full stop; Kyuuta pulled over to the side of the road and turned to Yura.

"What do you mean you can't?"

"I don't think- No- I can't go to New York with you. I'm sorry. There are so many people I have to give back to… Mizorogi, Nanase, Nakazano, even Haruka, most of all I need to prove myself to my mot- I mean, Shiraki-san. I may not be all that responsible at the moment but I know that I don't have the courage to leave everything and everyone behind, forgive me."

Before Kyuuta even had time to respond or put up an argument, Yura opened the door and started to run down the road, she didn't know where she would end up but she just kept on running, all the while tears streamed down her face.

"Y- Yura, Yura!"

There was no way he could stop her, if only he had tried hard enough to make her his she wouldn't have been able to leave him like that. Kyuuta had to go abroad to New York and she wouldn't stop him.

'But when I get back I'll steal her away.' Kyuuta thought before continuing his drive to the airport.

'From now on, I'll just focus on my work and I'll surpass her; I won't pay any attention to romance until I reach my goal' were Yura's last thoughts before wondering where she could stay the night.

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