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Yura slightly opened her eyes as she rolled over on her side.

"I'm so tired…" she mumbled reluctant to get up; Yura laid on the oh so comfortable bed when she realized something.

'Wait a second…' she opened her eyes, 'How'd I get here?'

Yura tried to remember where she was when she recalled last night's events.

'I left…Kyuuta…but, what else?'

Yura, as tired as she was, lifted herself up and walked to the side of the bed, she sat down for a moment. She then walked out the bedroom door and down the hallway. Yura looked around; to her left she saw what seemed like a living room. There was a gigantic plasma flat screen television, but what had caught her eye was the guitar that laid against it. Next to the guitar was a rack of CDs. These objects seemed to jog Yura's memory as she backed out of the living room-!


While attempting her plan to retreat, Yura bumped into a person along the way and that person just happened to be-


As Yura turned around and looked up at him she began to sweat drop.

'Is he gonna yell at me…' Yura squinted her eyes closed as she wondered what Haruka was going to say.

After carrying Yura to his bed and tucking her in, he was exhausted. Not to mention the fact that he had ditched his modeling job for her, not that she wasn't more important, it would just be hell getting a lecture from that damn nosey Director Takashi. Also putting into consideration how he had debated weather or not he should change Yura into pajamas (which, this idea he had decided against, thinking of how Yura would react when she came to wake up) It wouldn't be a pretty sight.

When he awoke he came to realize where he had dozed off. As Yura was sound asleep, he had been keeping a peaceful watch over her and before he knew it, time passed and as he watched her his eyes began to slowly shift open and closed. In the next five minutes he was asleep at the end of the bed, happy to be sleeping under the same roof as Yura, he had a smile plastered on his face.

Haruka woke up early the next morning (at about 5 am to be exact) thankfully before Yura had because he just knew if she had woken up she would've threw a fit.

He carefully lifted the covers off of him as he got up and walked to the door.

'She's pretty worn out so I should have time to take a quick shower' Haruka thought as he walked to the bathroom door.

Haruka turned the knobs for the shower as he leaned his hands against the shower's walls. He began to remember what had happened the night before and a blush crept up his face as he also remembered the kiss.

'S-she couldn't have possibly realized my feelings…' he thought; but in reality he hoped that she would realize what he truly felt for her and recuperate it because that was the only wish he had.

It had been twenty minutes before he even realized it and so he reached his hand across to the towel rack…only to find that he had forgot to bring with him his clothes for the day…


There was no way in hell he would be able to walk out of the bathroom half naked, well if it were a normal situation it would've been okay but Yura's in the house at the moment so there was no other choice.

'If I can't leave the bathroom naked I'll leave half naked!' Haruka thought as he proceeded to wrap the towel around his waist, yet another shade of red crept up his face as he began to think what if Yura saw him?

'No, no she was surely still sleeping…I hope…'

As Haruka gathered up all the courage he could, he stepped out into the hallway (in all his HALF naked glory) and down the hallway, towards the living room, he heard footsteps. What he thought, what he dreaded…Yura was awake!

Haruka, as quietly as he could, made his way past each room and turned into the living room and-!

Yura was right in front of him and though his feet told him to turn and walk the other way his heart told him to stay (though standing half naked in front of Yura wasn't the best thing to do, he really should've listened to his brain in this one).

"Y-Yura, haha, what are you doing up? You should still be asleep!" Haruka tried to ease the tense atmosphere when he saw Yura's face which was filled with shock and embarrassment. Haruka chuckled at noticing this.

'Might as well take advantage of this situation' Haruka internally smiled at his intelligence in this situation.

"Go back to the room to lie down!" Haruka raised his voice as he extended his arm to the right, pointing to his room. His towel began to slip down, a bit lower but he quickly caught it before it fell.

Yura looked down to avoid direct eye contact with the man in front of her, but looking down obviously wasn't helping either considering the amount of clothing Haruka has on or to put it more accurately, the clothing he lacked.

Yura's cheeks were bright red as she finally made eye contact with Haruka.

"B-but I have work today and…" Yura's mind began to drift off as her eyes began to wander again/

"As far as everyone else knows, you're in New York…with Kyuuta…or at least that's where everyone thinks you are…" Haruka began to remember Kyuuta and though he wasn't happy about her leaving to go with him, Yura coming back to stay in Japan filled his heart with joy and a loving smile spread across his face as he looked at Yura.

Yura had a feeling about what Haruka felt for her, sure, sometimes his feelings came across a bit obvious, like that one time where he kissed her or how he always answered the phone, or when he was depressed about her leaving for New York, she knew he felt a little more than friendship towards her but it didn't bother her…no, not one bit…

"But it's because everyone thinks I'm in New York with Kyuuta, that's why I have to go back to Mizoragi-san and tell him that I'm not leaving for New York, I'm staying in the entertainment industry, I have to explain everything, apologize…" Yura started to trail off in her own thoughts while Haruka thought there was reasoning to her words. She couldn't very well skip work because of him.

'And I thought I was tired' Yura thought, 'Not anymore at least…'

Haruka looked at Yura and gave a solemn expression, against Yura, he could never win.

"Well I guess you should call him, at least" Haruka sighed in defeat.

Yura's stomach began to growl (and just when you thought the blushing was over…)

"Ahhh, you must be hungry, I'll-" Just then Haruka remembered a very important detail in this VERY awkward situation, the only thing that he was wearing was a mere towel wrapped around his waist; and as you could guess this detail didn't go unnoticed by Yura.

"I-I'll go change first."

Haruka, embarrassed, started to make his way down the hall in fast strides, to his bedroom.

"Yura, wait in the living room while you're waiting! I'll only be a minute" he yelled down the hall as he entered his room and shut the door.

"I've got to learn…to keep my emotions in tact…" Haruka thought as he bolted the door locked so that there were no accidental walk ins (an occurrence that always seems to happen during a cliché manga)

Haruka put his back against the door and slid down putting his head to his knees, internally reprimanding himself for not holding back.

Meanwhile, Yura, who compared to Haruka, was better at hiding her emotions, was sitting on the couch in the living room with her knees curled up to her face, still blushing and thinking about Haruka…

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