Once More with Feeling

Sequel to The Definition of Love. Read that one first. Told from Bella's PoV. Contains femslash, you have been warned.

50 years into the future. They are back, and it is time to choose.

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Flashbacks are in bold.


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Chapter 1 – Back at One

It was the middle of the night, living among humans made me tend to keep track of things like that, but I needed to shift my head a little to the right so that I could see just how late.

00:57 A.M.

Not exactly a time that someone would expect visitors. But then again, I guess it had been a long time since any of my visitors chose to follow that kind of protocol.

I sat in the living room, alone. The lights were off. The only sound a human would be able to hear would be the television. It was showing some new series that wouldn't hold my attention. To me, they had gotten boring a long time ago. Always the same.

It had been the same for the last fifty years.

50 years.

It does go by fast.

That was the time that I hadn't been human.

Fifty years ago, I had been turned by my best friend and for the last fifty years I have been learning to live life as a vampire.

It had been so long ago, that I struggled to remember my human memories, my past. Those images weren't clear, not like my eyes could show me now.

I could recognize a person by their scent. I could move faster than a racing car. I could beat 100 men without bating an eyelash. I could tell the difference between silence and the drop of a needle.

And I could hear more than just the television. I could hear their steps, even if they moved, oh, so quietly.

I didn't want to be found, but they had figured out my location. They were standing on my porch.

Not many people knew where I lived, just two men, actually. Someone had been a snitch, and I would have to have a little talk with him later.

But, not now.

Because now, I would have to deal with the seven figures standing outside of my door.

I looked at the clock again.

00:59 A.M.

They didn't knock, but they knew that I had noticed them standing on my porch. They were waiting for me to decide if I wanted to see them. Kinda respectful, I guess.

But really, I didn't. Want to see them, I mean. But I figured it was the least I could do. After all they had taken care of me when others would have thrown me out.

Slowly and deliberately, I made my way towards the door. My steps were quiet and graceful like any other creature of the night. Something I could have never even dreamed of accomplishing as a human.

No, it had been quite the other way around, I had been one of the most uncoordinated humans alive. Knocking things over, tripping over my own two feet, getting my limbs broken more times than I could count. It makes me wonder if I was meant to be a vampire all along.

I opened the door, slowly, trying to prolong the inevitable, knowing that I would have to come face to face with my past.

"Hello" I was the first to speak. I didn't say it to anyone in particular, but it was the leader of that coven that answered me.

"Hello, Bella. It's been a long time."

"Yes, Carlisle. It has. Would you like to come in?"

I stepped aside to allow them entrance, respectfully as any host should be, but not in any way welcoming.

And one by one they entered my home. Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice and Edward. The Cullens. The whole coven, back together as I had predicted.

At least, I could free myself from the guilt of breaking them apart. It also gave me confirmation that I had made the right choice when I left.

"You have a beautiful home, Bella." Esme told me, looking at my living room. I wasn't inclined to show them the rest of the house. I wanted them gone as soon as possible.

It is not like I disliked them, quite the contrary actually. I used to think of them as my second family when I was dating Edward, and I will always be forever thankful for them taking me in once I had been turned. It would have been so easy to just leave me to fend for myself. But they had given me a home, they protected me, they taught me the basics to survive.

I couldn't have asked for anything better than the Cullens. I cared for every single one of them (Rosalie included, shockingly I know), but I wanted peace, I wanted to be free of the turmoil that inhabited my head at the time I had lived with them.

"Thank you. Would you like to sit down?" I offered, and then I suddenly remembered that they didn't need to. I guess I had grown accustomed to living among humans.

None of them commented on it though, they simply complied with my request. I remained standing.

"So, what can I do for you?" I asked, I wanted to end this as soon as possible. I think I may have shocked them with my directness. But I didn't want to be caught in that web any longer.

"We came to talk to you. We weren't sure of what had become of you. For a while, we considered the idea of your demise." Carlisle responded.

I noticed that the others were quiet, too quiet. Carlisle and Esme aside, of course.

Emmett wasn't cracking any jokes, Edward had yet to give his opinion on something, and Alice was sitting still. Not that it was weird for a vampire, but it was weird for Alice. The little pixie was always so full of life, and movement. She was unique.

Rosalie was Rosalie, and she never made any effort to talk to me, so I saw no reason for her to start now. And Jasper, well, we can leave that for another time.

But they all had a sullen look on their faces, I wondered what had happened. They were all here, so no one had died. At least, not unless the Cullen clan had gotten and lost another member in the last 50 years.

"I'm fine. Still alive, as you can see."

I could see from my peripheral view that Edward chose that moment to look at me, or maybe I should say, stare at me. Like he used to do a long time ago, back when we were still together.

It was kinda familiar. Sweet in his own right. I'm not sure how I should feel about that, but I realized that it didn't really bother me, so whatever, right?

Besides I was probably just imagining things. After all, what kind of person, in their right mind, would look at someone the way I figured that he was looking at me after finding out that this person had cheated on them with their sister?

Yeah, my imagination was running wild tonight. So, I decided to let Edward look at whatever it is that he was looking at, and get back to the conversation with Carlisle.

"Indeed. And I'm glad to be able to confirm it. But I wonder, what happened to you during all this time?" I had seen the Cullens only once after I left them. It had been an accident, a mistake on my part.

One I wasn't planning on making again.

"Different places, different people. Different times. I've just been walking around, seeing the world. What about you, anything interesting happened in the last 50 years?" I asked not really interested in the answer.

"No, we have just been looking for someone." That was the first time that Alice had spoken tonight, actually, it was the first time that she actually looked at me. Her gaze penetrated me, but I stood my ground, looking right back at her.


"You." Our staring contest continued, but I wasn't gonna flinch away. She got to keep her husband, but she held no power over me. I didn't love Alice. I never had.

"Well, I'm here. But I'm still not sure what you want from me." I told them in general, still looking at Alice. This time, she looked away, down to her lap, where it had been ever since I saw her.

"We missed you, Bella." Emmett said, and I knew he wasn't joking around this time, he was dead serious, but I wasn't sure what I was supposed to say to that. Not after everything. I didn't want this to start all over again. I had finally found peace.

This was the place I couldn't move away from. It was not like the other times that I could simply turn around and move to the next city, the next adventure. There was something binding me to this place, or rather, someone.

And now the Cullens knew where I lived, they could come by whenever they wished. Hopefully, this would be a onetime thing.

"We wondered, Bella, if you would allow us to continue seeing you on a regular basis?" Carlisle asked me.

"What?" This is not good. This is so not good.

"May we live in this city with you, Bella?" Esme clarified.

That question caught me by surprise. Why would they even want to live here? Didn't they remember I almost ended their family the last time that happened? Couldn't they find somewhere else to move to? I'm sure that there was a city somewhere they could set up their house quite nicely.

Besides, we were in Brighton, UK. At some period in time, it had once been used to sea bathing. You know, it had a beach! With a sun. A freaking sun.

It didn't matter to me, seeing that I didn't shine (something that I had once considered one of my biggest flaws and now came really in hand), but they were vampires that looked like sparkly stones when hit by sunlight.

What could they possibly want here?

"You are allowed to live wherever you want. But, if you chose to live here, I ask that you give me my space, we can skip any unnecessary meetings."

I knew that I had sounded incredibly rude, especially after everything they have done for me. Their expressions were one of astonishment, but couldn't they see it?

The headache that this could possibly bring.

Didn't they remember?

"We can't force you feel differently, Bella, but hopefully, in time, you will let us in once again." Carlisle told me.

I didn't respond, I didn't want to give him false hope, but at the same time, I had already been offensive enough to them. Let him believe in whatever it was that he wanted to.

There was a movement upstairs, and, for a moment, the Cullens looked shocked.

Didn't they know? I figured that they already knew it.

Was it the first time that they had noticed the heartbeat upstairs?

I know that it was soft and slow, as she was sleeping, but were they so careless that they could be caught by surprise by a human?

I had to be alert all the time, fully aware of my surroundings. You never knew from where they would attack you first. And I was the only one I could count on to defend myself.

They relied too much on their numbers. Not many would attack them, they were one of the biggest clans that existed and they had a telepath, an empath and a seer.

They had gotten lazy.

I looked at the clock once again. 03:42 A.M.

It was too early for her to be up yet, she is probably just going to the bathroom or something. A few minutes later, this was confirmed as I heard her get back to bed and her breathe get back to an even, softer pattern.

They were looking at me, questioning me with their eyes. I felt no urge to answer their questions. I didn't want them knowing everything about me. Or her.

"Is there anything else I can help you with?"

"No, this was quite enlightening already. I hope that we are allowed to see more of you soon, Bella." Their elder told me and they made their way towards the door. And I let them. I wanted them to go, but some part of me was urging them to stay.

Alice didn't even spare me a glance as she left. And that did not bother me. Not at all.

Edward, on the other hand, let his fingers softly graze by my arms as he passed me by. It felt intimate and, at the same time, casual. It had been quite a long time since the last time he touched me like this. It was… nice. Comforting.

"Feel free to contact us at anytime" Esme told me. She was the last one standing in my living room, and just after she said that, she joined the others outside.

I watched them walk outside from my porch, thinking back to the time I lived with them.

First I had been so sure that I had been in love with Edward, but I quickly (if you can consider 2 years to be quick, and to a vampire, it is) discovered that I was wrong.

Then I considered my feelings towards Alice, I had wondered if our friendship had evolved into something more, at least from my side. I came to the conclusion that I was confusing my lust and the fact that she was my sire as something akin to love.

I had my eyes open now.

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