Once More with Feeling

Sequel to The Definition of Love. 50 years into the future. They are back, and it is time to choose. Told from Bella's PoV. Contains femslash, you have been warned.

50 years after Bella left the Cullens she finds herself reunited with them.

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Flashbacks are in bold.

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Chapter 5 – I won't give up

A car drive from our house in Brighton to London Heathrow Airport should take most people a little more than an hour. I wouldn't need half of that time.

Emily slept soundly on the backseat as I drove. It would be weird for her to be awake; it was way past her bedtime.

I had had no choice. She had begged me to tag along, and I had let her.

Yes, I was a sucker for her puppy dog eyes. Most people were, anyway. Don't ever let her hear it.

But, where was I?

Oh, yes, Emily was driving with me to the airport.

She wanted to be there when Jacob arrived.

Yes, Jacob, as in Jacob Black.

The wolf.

Besides, I didn't like leaving her to be taken care of by other people. There weren't many people I could trust to guard her.

Some would call me overprotective, but in reality that's not entirely true. Not really.

It would be irresponsible of me to leave her without protection.

Not with all the dangers I knew were out there.

Threats most people wouldn't dream of, much less be able to protect her from.

The Volturi, for instance.

I knew I could have Emily teleport us back and forth, but I didn't want her to strain herself. She didn't cope too well with long distances and places she didn't know.

It wasn't time quite yet, maybe when she got older.

And so we drove, as fast as my super senses allowed me to keep Emily safe.

It took me exactly 27 minutes from my house in Brighton to the waiting area of Heathrow Airport. And it took Jacob another 13 minutes to walk through baggage claim doors.

It took Emily less than 2 seconds to run towards him as quickly as her small legs would allow her and jump into his waiting arms.

Not the smartest move in a room full of unsuspecting humans. Thankfully, no one seemed to notice.

Or so I told myself.

"Look at what we have here. Emily! You have grown so much!" Jacob told her with a large smile as he cradled her. "I missed you"

"I missed you more, Jake"

"Not possible."

"Huh hum, yes, it is. I missed you billion times more." The girl told him, in her as-a-matter-of-fact tone.

"Well, then, I missed you a trillion times more."

Emily paused for a moment, as if contemplating what was bigger than a trillion.

"In that case, I missed you infinite times more."



"Never mind, my little princess. It means you won." She seemed happy with the news, until her brain caught up with the rest of the sentence.

"How many times do I have to tell you, Jacob. I am NOT little! I'm 1,25 m and one of the tallest girls in my class."

"I know, but still you are quite small to me. And that's the only comparison I care about." He finished with a kiss on her right cheek as made his way towards me with Emily in one arm and his bag in the other.

I pretended not to notice the slightly blush on Emily's cheeks and the fact she hid her face on his neck. She seemed to have picked up a small crush towards Jacob.

Not that I blame her, he was undeniably gorgeous.

"Hey" I said when Jacob finally stopped two feet away from me.

He looked exactly as I remembered. The same dark eyes, short black hair and russet skin. Almost 2 m (7 ft) tall, and maybe even a little bit bulkier than when I had seen him last.

"Hi, Bella." He didn't say anything else. Just dropped his bag and hugged me with his free arm.

I hugged him back with all the strength I could without hurting him.

God, I missed him. How had Emily had put it? Oh, yeah, infinite times more.

Emily's easy smile reflected my own, and Jacob's for that matter.

I picked up his bag and we started walking, with his arm around my shoulders. For a moment, I thought he would fight me for the bag, but one look from me and he was reminded he wasn't dealing with a typical human girl.

We walked towards the car without any kind of hush as Emily rambled on about her life and everything he had missed. To his credit, Jacob seemed to be paying an uncanny amount of attention to her.

I drove back towards our house without an incident, and even thought I did it with the same speed we went to Heathrow; none of them even noticed. I suppose they were used to it by now.

Emily remained awake throughout the journey this time, telling Jacob anything she could remember. I swear the girl could speak over 1000 words per second.

She was too excited to be able to sleep.

The girl didn't even give me time to turn off the car before jumping out of her seat and dragging Jake inside, as she babbled about her new school, training, friends and clothes.

I stood back and watched as they interacted. It was interesting to see.

He really had a way with her.

At some point, I had to intervene, it was getting way too late, and she did have school the next day.

"Emily, time for bed, sweetie."

"But, Jacob just got here." She whined

"Yes, and you will have plenty of time to hang out with him. In the meantime, you have to sleep." I told her, in a tone she knew it was better not to argue.

"Fine!" She pouted and disappeared to her room. I could almost see the smoke she left behind and the 'puff' as she teleported.

I left Jacob with a tired smile and walked to her room, where she had already changed into her pajamas and was lying down underneath the covers with her arms crossed, sulking.

"Don't be mad Emily. You know you need to wake up early tomorrow, and this is way past the time you should be asleep. Remember it's a big day for you; it's your last rehearsal before the play. Do you really want to be tired for it?" I told her softly, caressing her hair.

"No" Emily conceded.

"See, and then Saturday you can show me and Jacob everything you have worked so hard for these last few months for."

"Okay." She said, finally uncrossing her arms.


"Huh hum."

"Alright, good night then, sweetie." I said, and planted a little kiss on her forehead. As I turned to leave, her voice stopped me.

"Bella?" Emily called me, just before she let out a huge yawn. What can I say? She really wasn't used to be up at this hour.


"I invited Emmett and his family to the play." She mumbled, already far too sleepy to keep her eyes open.

I close my eyes, exhausted.


What am I supposed to do about this?

On top of everything, Emily seemed to be developing some kind of attachment to the Cullens.

Great, just freaking great.

I went back downstairs. My feet were making a bit more noise than they normally would, but can you blame me? I was slightly annoyed.

And when I say slightly annoyed, I mean really royally. Freaking. Furious.

Jake was sitting on the couch waiting for me as he browsed through my TV channels. His bag had been carelessly dropped right by the door, and it hadn't been moved since.

He frowned when he first saw me, noticing my discomfort, but he let it go once he realized I didn't want to talk about it.

He could always read me like a book.

"Anything interesting?" I asked.

"Not really." He opened his arms for me, and I was quick to take my place by his side.

We ended up lying down, me on top of him with his arms around me, as we stare at a not-really-interesting movie on screen that neither of us was paying attention to.

We didn't really talk either.

Some would say my reaction towards him was unnatural; after all, we were mortal enemies. But his embrace comforted me. Calmed me.

He understood I had things on my mind I needed to work out before I could tell him about it.

That's why he was my best friend, and always would be.

And I felt no need to change it.

Gradually, I felt his breathe even out and his heartbeat slow down.

I picked him up and carried him upstairs, to my bedroom, without forgetting his bag. I let him down gently on the bed, but he pulled me back before I could take two steps away from him.

"Stay." He mumbled, and I didn't have to think twice before I complied with his request. It was not the first time we snuggled together in bed.

It probably wouldn't be the last.

By the time I heard Jake get up from bed next morning, Emily was already at school and I was working on creating a new table and its matching chairs.

It's what I did for a living, well, not really 'living' but you get what I mean.

That's my job.


Usually wood carving, but I every once in a while I would get paid to do some stone, or even vegetable and fruit carvings. Furniture was my specialty. You know, chairs, tables, beds, that sort of thing.

Sometimes I would get a request for some sculpture. Those paid better, but they were much rarer. Not that it was a problem; I wasn't really in a dire need of money.

It's not something I had ever imagined myself doing, but it's what I ended up working on. It was kinda perfect really.

I had a better eye for inadequacies than any human could ever dream of, my arms and fingers dexterity's could not be matched by a living creature, and my speed allowed me to keep up a production rate much bigger than anyone could imagine.

Besides, it allowed me really flexible hours to take care of Emily.

I was my own boss; I didn't have to work with anyone else. I received an order, did the job and mailed it over.

You see, perfect.

Regardless, I stopped when I heard Jacob come down the stairs and met him in the kitchen.

His hair was wet, probably from just taking a shower, and he only had some sweatpants on. I never understood his dislike for shirts, but I never exactly complained.

"See something you like?" He asked, once he realized I was too fixed on his chest.

After all this years, I probably wouldn't blush even if I could.

What could I say; his body could make anyone drool.

"Actually, yes." I replied with a smirk "Now, sit down. What do you want for breakfast?"

He just smiled, not really answering me, and I knew that he basically intended to eat all my food. It seemed those extra food supplies would come in handy this time.

Without waiting for a reply I just started cooking anything I could set my eyes on. If memory served me correctly, it wouldn't go to waste.

In the end, we just enjoyed a lazy morning, talking, hanging out, and basically just waiting for Emily. He told me stories of La Push, but nothing surprising. I already knew most of what was happening over there.

I didn't say much. Emily had pretty much told him everything exciting she could remember.

Thankfully, she hadn't felt the need to spell out the names of her new friends, nor the fact they were dead.

When the time came, Jacob decided to pick Emily up on his own, while I cooked us (them) lunch. She wouldn't have any afternoon classes, as the whole school was getting ready for the play the next day.

Younger students, such as Emily, wouldn't have such a big role on the play itself, but they were required to do a dance number on their own. And Emily had every intention of being the star of the show.

The play had been the reason Jacob had flown all the way from Forks, as Emily had made quite clear his presence was mandatory.

They arrived just as I was finishing setting the table, and I told them both to wash their hands as I finished heating up some blood for me. I didn't keep such regular, short breaks for blood, but it seemed silly to stand there while both of them ate.

They finished quickly with their food (I would have to drop by the supermarket again soon), and we headed outside of the city, to something akin to a forest. We would have gone to the park, but there were too many people, and we wouldn't be able to actually relax around them.

We made sure there were enough trees to keep us hidden from any prying eyes and we decided to play chase with Emily, among the trees. Jake and I would run around them, and Emily would try to catch us. She couldn't actually match our speed, not sure if she ever would, but her ability to teleport sure kept us on our toes at all times.

Besides, she always had a trick up her sleeve. Balls of energy being her specialty.

By the end of the afternoon, we found ourselves some clearing with a small current nearby. I had brought a basket with some food and they enjoyed it while I waited.

I let them eat by themselves, this time. It would be too much blood for me.

As I watched them interact, I wished everyday could be like this.

When nighttime arrived, Emily was exhausted, it was not every day that she had such extenuating activity and we almost had to carry her back home.

Out of sheer pride, she managed to get herself back to her bed on her own. I couldn't allow her to skip a bath so I made her take a quick shower before going to sleep.

This night, Jake and I didn't even pretend that I wouldn't sleep (well, not really) in the same bed as him, so once he had finished eating his dinner we just gone up to my room, and he watched some TV while I finished a book.

He kissed my shoulder and was fast asleep soon after.

Next day, Jake didn't get to sleep in as late as he would have liked. That's because so close to her opening night, and only presentation, Emily was finally starting to freak out.

She was running up and down, checking and rechecking and then checking again to make sure her costume was perfect, and her shoes were clean, and there was enough make up to do exactly what her class had agreed on. She also wanted to keep practicing her performance, but she refused to do so in our presence not to spoil the presentation. Should I have reminded her we, or at least I, were able to hear her through walls?

Also, I kept trying to remind her she had to keep her dancing to a human level. But I was afraid that my words were falling on deaf ears.

Finally having enough, Jake suggested that we got moving a few hours before we actually had to be at the auditorium, in hopes that once we got there Emily would calm down. Or at least, drive someone else nuts.

I think his actual words were:

"Sweetie, how about we leave a little early so that you have enough time to get used to the stage?" I decided not to mention she had been practicing in the same place as the presentation, but thankfully she agreed without a fuss.

She actually thanked him for reminding her.

And that's how we ended up at her school hours before we should have been there.

Emily wasted no time waiting for us, and ran backstage, hoping she wasn't too late, which left Jacob and I waiting around in a room by ourselves while we watched the last minute arrangements being made to the scenario.

There wasn't anything for us to do, so we just took the opportunity to get some nice seats and wait.

It didn't take long before the auditorium started filling up, with proud parents and annoying relatives. At least, it wasn't much time in mine opinion.

I don't think Jake agreed with me.

Well, I was never really good at keeping track of time, anyway.

He had been grumbling and muttering for a while now. One would think someone his age would be able to sit still for a couple of hours.

But, no, apparently being a wolf kept him on edge at all times and I had to work twice as hard to keep him entertained during our wait so that he didn't draw too much attention from the people finally filling out the remaining seats.

The show was about to start when I sensed their presence and felt Jake become stiff beside me. I put my arm around his shoulder, trying to keep him in place.

"Please, don't make a fuss out of it. They just came to watch the show." I whispered into his ear.

"You knew they were here?" His tone was accusatory

"Don't ask"

His shoulders relaxed, but not much, so I decided to leave my arm where it was residing in case of an emergency.

I hadn't had the time to inform Jake the Cullens were in the city, nor that they were coming to the play. It slipped my mind, you see. In the same way that it slips a girl's minds to inform her overprotective dad she is going on date.

Not that there was anything date like about this situation. It was just an analogy.

I think I was hoping they wouldn't show up and I would be spared explaining to Jacob what they were doing here in the first place. I didn't even have any explanations to give. His guess was as good as mine.

Anyway, the Cullens remained standing, together, leaning against the back wall, behind everyone else in silence throughout the entire performance.

At least, I had the decency to twitch a little bit, blink every once in a while. Not them. They never moved, not even a little bit. They looked like statues.

It was not like it was a problem. Everyone's attention was on the play in front of them, where my attention should be.

I wasn't watching them. Really.

I mean, I just needed to make sure nothing would get out of hand. After all Emily had worked so hard for this, I didn't want anything getting in the way.

Nothing more.

In any case, I managed to pay attention to the bit where Emily performed, along with every child in her class, a simple singing/dancing number. She was the best in her class.

Maybe jumping a little too high, or moving a little too fast, but I'd deal with it later.

Once her performance was over, the rest of the presentation mumbled together as far as I was concerned. I couldn't even tell you what it was about.

The Cullens had zero to do with it.

The next thing my mind paid attention to was Emily running towards me, a sign the presentation was over.

"You were amazing! Congratulations!" I told her when she jumped into my arms, still high from her performance.

"Yeah, Em. Best girl out there" Jake joined in. "I'm so proud of you."

"Thanks! It was so much fun!"

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself." I told her "You were really good."

"Where is Emmett? He needs to tell me how amazing I was" Emmett had been teasing Emily about the presentation, telling her that she couldn't possibly be able to pull all that stunts the choreography required. There weren't many, nor were they even marginally complex, the moves were made for 6 year olds, after all. But Emmett liked to tease.

Needless to say, she was dead set in proving him wrong.

In retrospect, it was kinda obvious she would want him to watch it.

"I think he just stepped outside with his family. Why don't you pick up your things and we can meet them there?"

"Ok" Emily replied, already running away without a glance back.

Jacob was about to express his disapproval in letting Emily, or anyone else really, near bloodthirsty vampires, but I stopped him with a look.

I was in no mood to discuss this.

I wanted them here as much as he did, it would be like preaching to the choir.

She returned not a minute later, with all her possessions in her backpack (she would never leave her things lying around, or in any kind of a mess) and took both mine and Jake's hand as we walked.

I saw the Cullens as soon as we set foot outside, standing across the street, waiting away from the mess of bodies that were jumbling together in the school's front lawn. Jacob saw, smelt or whatever them first, if Emily's request for him to loose the grip on her hand was any indication.

"Sorry" He responded and let go of her hand. "You girls, go ahead. I'll wait here. But, please, be careful."

I knew his reasons, but did he have to leave me alone to deal them?

To fight a pack of vicious vampires to death, he was all in no problem. But to help me make small talk with them he leaves me hanging.

Really great best friend.

Anyway, Emily dragged me across the street towards the Cullens, and once the formalities were over I kept quiet while I heard words of encouragement and praise towards her presentation. Also, Emmett had to endure a bit of teasing not only from Emily but from most of his family's members for telling Emily she wouldn't be capable of pulling the dancing off.

The light mood was promptly interrupted, however, when we smelt the rapidly increasing scent of fresh blood. One of the children had missed a step and fallen to the ground, scrapping his knee in the process. It wasn't even a big fall, or a huge cut, but it was leaving a bit of blood on the ground, which could become kind of a problem when he was rounded by bloodthirsty vampires.

So not the best time for it to happen, I thought resentfully.

Emily was the only one still oblivious to the tension around us, talking away as if nothing had happened.

Jacob was standing straighter than before, if that was even possible. He was prepared to fight, to defend the small boy if needed be.

Carlisle, much like me, was worried on how to make sure this situation didn't turn into a bloody mess, while the rest of the Cullens tried to keep themselves from attacking the small boy.

This just won't do.

"I can't move" Jasper affirmed, torn between confusion and frustration.

Emily was startled by his words, firstly because he had interrupted her mid-sentence, and secondly because I think it was the first time she ever heard him speak.

"Me neither." Emmett completed.

"Neither one of you can" I explained. "Not until the problem is fixed."

Without needing another hint, Carlisle calmly proceeded to offer his services to the boy's parents while discretely cleaning the remaining blood on the floor with some handkerchief he had up his sleeve. It didn't take long for the boy to be taken up to the nurse's office so Carlisle could put a band aid on it, and throw away the bloody tissue.

The smell of blood still lingered the air, but more as a faint reminder than anything else.

The Cullens didn't have those glazed eyes looks anymore. Problem solved. I think.

Instead they looked at me, with curiosity, urging me to explain something I had no desire to. Not now, nor in the foreseeable future.

Once Carlisle returned, the conversation resumed, slowly at first, but escalated to the same light and friendly conversation as before. There was an occasional odd look from some of the Cullens, but I decided to ignore it.

Finally, I decided enough was enough and it was time for us to go home.

Like the unofficial bodyguard I hadn't hired, Jacob was by my side in a second; ready to drag us home, and kill any vampire who tried to put up a fight. Maybe he needed another reminder I didn't need to be taken care of. But not right now, because right now it saved me from having to make nice with the Cullens.

Or so I thought.

By the time Emily fell asleep, after I had made sure she had eaten, showered and brushed her teeth, there was a knock on the door.

Frowning, I walked towards it. For a moment, I imagined it was Emmett, but not even he would be so stupid as to bother me while I had a werewolf guarding my house.

And yes, said werewolf was already standing right beside my door, huffing and puffing, ready to attack at the mere sight of the enemy.

"Down, boy" I teased him, but Jacob just growled at me, obviously displeased I was making light of the situation.

Well, it was not like I was happy with the people outside my door, but I certainly wouldn't consider them a treat to our lives.

They certainly didn't have the strength to cause any harm.

Reluctantly, I opened the door, figuring the longer I waited, the more trouble I would have to get rid of them. Hey, don't fault my logic; I had a long day, ok?

Outside stood Edward and Alice, waiting patiently for me to welcome them. Not exactly into my plans.

I stepped outside as I had no intention of letting them inside the house, and tried to close the door behind me, but Jacob's hand stopped me. Unsurprisingly, he followed me and closed the door after us.

Jake stood by my side, arms crossed, face threatening, as a bad ass warden.

"Can I help you?" I asked, confused as to why they would come over, after we, more or less, spent the evening together.

"Hello, Bella." Edward spoke, softly. "I apologize for the late hour."

"It doesn't really matter anymore, right? It's not like you would have caught me asleep." Jacob, on the other hand…

"Indeed." He continued. "However, the reason I'm here –"

"We are here" Alice intervened. This was the first time she decided to make herself known tonight, and may I say, she looked really pissed with her brother.

"Yes" Edward acknowledged, begrudgingly "The reason we are here tonight is because we have a matter of great importance to discuss with you."

"Go on." I urged. Keep it fast, people.

"Well, I believe the best way to say it, is that I would like to make my intentions towards you known, Bella." Edward continued, a bit more insecure than I remember him being.

"Excuse me?" I asked, shocked.

"I am here to properly inform you I would like to court you, Bella, if you are so inclined to agree." He repeated, with more confidence this time, looking right into my eyes, hopefully.

"NO" It was shouted from beside me, as Jacob threw Edward against a nearby tree and held him by the neck, faster than it was humanly possible. "NO" He repeated.

I'm pretty sure I can say Jake was angry.

I was stunned.

His words left me speechless, I'm pretty sure they would have left me breathless too, if I needed to breathe.

But part of me I was glad Jacob's reaction saved me from giving a response right away.

But I couldn't let it go on for much longer.

I looked towards the unmoving form of Alice and saw she would be no help, the girl seemed amused with the situation. I guess it would be me who would have to put a stop to this.

"Jake, that's a bit much, don't you think?"

"Much? After all they have done to you, they come back here and act like nothing happened and then he decides he wants you back? And you act as if I'm overreacting!" He growled at me. Jacob had gotten better control of himself over the years, but werewolves were never reliable creatures to begin with. They had this 'bite first, ask questions later' mentality going on.

"You are overreacting. Please let him go." Still Jacob remained unsure whether or not to let go. Well, it's not like Edward would run out air anytime soon. Still, it didn't feel right to just leave him like this. "The last thing we need is one of the neighbors catching sight of this."

Slowly, and not exactly willing, Jake let Edward go.

"Be careful how you continue, fang boy, or you will have to deal with more than just a sore throat." He told him, while letting my ex-boyfriend fall to the ground, which he did with the same grace I've always seen in him. Edward just dusted his jacket a bit and continued as if nothing had happened.

"You don't have anything to worry about, Jacob. This was the message I wanted to express. Bella, I know a long time has passed, but we had a wonderful time together. It would make extremely pleased if you agreed to date me again."

For a moment, he looked so hopeful, so young. Like the wary boy I had met 50 years ago.

For a moment, I wondered if it would be such a bad idea.

Fortunately, I didn't have to respond because his sister cut in.

"Actually, Edward is not the only one who wants to say his piece, Bella." Alice continued, quickly, worried. Almost if she was afraid I would try to interrupt. No arguments from me there. "I too want a chance with you. I know we left some things unresolved, but please, give me one shot to make it right"

Or maybe the interruption was not so fortunate after all.

At least, both Jacob and Edward agreed with me there.

"Alice, correct me if I'm wrong, but we have already tried this once." I told her, after I took an unnecessary breath of fresh air. "You are married, as in not available." Actually, I think we had a conversation pretty close to this one. "I am not doing this again."

Desperate. It was how she looked.

"Actually no, Bel, I'm not." She pleaded, her puppy eyes looking up at me.

"Not what?"

"Married." Alice completed, apparently relieved to have finally been able to share that information. "I'm not married anymore."



"I'm divorced" She explained. "Or not exactly, because there is no actual record of Jasper and I ever getting married in this century, but the point is we are no longer together."

"What? Why?"

Does this sound repetitive for you? Because it is starting to sound incredibly repetitive to me.

Actually, this is starting to remind when I human and everyone just knew what was best for me and only shared this kind of information when they deemed it necessary. Needless to say, I didn't like very much where this conversation was going.

It was making me confused, and angry. And a whirlwind of emotions I couldn't even describe.

"There were various reasons, Bella, the main one being I found out I wasn't in love with him. But rather with you." Her eyes were yet, almost if she were able to shed a tear.

Again, what?

I stood still, shocked with the news.

It couldn't be true, could it? After everything that happened, she wanted me to believe she loved me?

Was this a joke? A really sick one?

I looked towards Jake for help and realized he seemed torn, and a little angry. He looked undecided whether the not-hitting-a-girl rule applied to female vampires not trying to kill a human, or whether he was allowed to do to Alice what he had just done to Edward.

Regardless, he was spared the choice because once again we were interrupted.

"I believe Alice is being premature." Edward said, nervous "She doesn't actually know you like I do, Bella. The time we spent together. I knew you, we knew each other. You used to feel something for me. I can safely say I never stopped loving you." He finished, softly. "I still do. I love you."

"Edward, how about you try not telling me what I'm feeling." Alice bawled. I didn't even know she was capable of making this sound. "We were best friends for a long time. And our relationship" Wait, we had a relationship? "lasted almost as long as yours, Edward. You don't get to say what I feel for Bella"

"Well, Alice, excuse me if I'm a bit skeptical with your sudden realization. Were you not incredible confused not too long ago? Who says you won't change your mind once again?"

"I can say it without a doubt, Edward. I was confused once, but I'm not anymore. I love you, Bella. I will always love you" Is she going to break out in a song? Because that just can't do.

Or is it too soon to be making Whitney Houston's jokes?

"I love you, Bella" Edward once again interrupted.

Don't they just sound like two weeping children?

My anger was growing and this was getting nowhere.

"No, I lo-"

"That's enough!" Jacob bellowed. "Neither of you gets to say this like nothing has happened! Neither of you saw her while she moved about alone and without any kind of guidance! You claim to love her, but neither of you was there for her for the past 5 decades."

"But you think you are, right, Jacob?" Edward completed. They had given up trying to keep it down. I would so have to hear it from my neighbors in the morning. At least, Emily was a heavy sleeper, well not really. But, let's hope she doesn't wake up. "That's what's in your mind. You think YOU are what she needs, the one worthy of her."

Oh, no. Not another one.

"Yes, I do." Great. I couldn't even pretend I had something to say to this. "At least we know I won't turn my back on her at the first sight of a problem."

Can this night get any weirder?

If they all thought, they were just gonna shove all this information down my throat and expect me to react, they were very much mistaken. Did they imagine they would say all this and I would tell them all I always loved them like it was an everyday occurrence?

I couldn't deal with it. I didn'twant to deal with it.

But on a completely unrelated matter, apparently the comment hit quite close to home, because both vampires had the decency of looking ashamed.

"It won't happen again. I promise you" Alice finally spoke, staring right at me.

"I'm pretty sure you told your ex-husband the same thing a few years or months ago. Maybe even days." Jacob replied, bitterly.

"Actually, he hasn't heard it in half a century, if you must know. The moment you left us, Bella, I knew. I knew I loved you. We started looking for you; I was desperately looking for you. But I couldn't see you. I still can't see your future"

"That's to be expected, I suppose" It was the only part of her sentence I could focus on right now. I didn't know what I would do if I started thinking of the rest.

"What?" She asked, urgently.

"You can't see my future; I have yet to meet a vampire whose powers work on me."

"Was that all you heard from what I just said?" For a moment I felt sorry, she looked heartbroken.

But it was like my mind wouldn't keep quiet anymore. I was assaulted with images from the past. From when I was human, from after I was turned.

"That's the only part that's important." Jacob concluded. "You are both done here."

"With all due respect, I don't think it's your decision to make Jacob." Edward intervened

"It certainly isn't yours" Jake replied.

"You are right" My ex-boyfriend continued "This decision should be Bella's, once she has enough information to make such a decision."

How could they just dump all of this on me? Without any kind of warning?

I wanted the numbness back. I didn't want to remember.

"And how do you propose she gets that information?" Jacob questioned.

"Well, I suppose we should get to talk to her, without anyone else interrupting, for starters." It was Edward's idea. "Also, it's not exactly proper for you to spend the night in her bed."

If I could only get my brain to start working properly. How did I not see it? Was I always this blind?

"Well, and whose fault is it neither of you can do the same?" Jacob replied, smugly.

"Regardless, we should get some time to talk to her." Edward countered. "Alone, preferably"

It was like I couldn't focus on what was happening right in front of me. My head kept sending me back, searching for a reason, a clue.

"Then I guess we can work some time for each of us." Jacob affirmed, sounding a bit too sure of himself.

"In that case, I believe we have a deal" Edward accepted.

"Yes." And so did Jacob.

"Fine" Finally, Alice agreed. She had been silent ever since our last interaction, eyes downcast.

"Which one of us is the first to get a chance with Bella? And who is prepared to go last?" Edward asked.

"Rock, paper, scissors?" Jacob suggested.

And with a shrug, they all agreed. Like they had the power to do so.

In the end, it was decided. Jacob first, Alice second and Edward third.

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