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Dick's face was pressed against the glass window despite the chill. His breath left stains on the glass, painting it in a fuzzy haze. He stared out at the snow covered land. It was always snowed so much here in Gotham. When he celebrated Christmas before, with his family and the circus, it was different. There was never snow.

Except for once….

Dick's eyes were gazing outside at the snow falling from the heavens, but it wasn't Bruce Wayne's backyard he was seeing.

Dick was staring wide eyed out his hotel window. Snow. Snow! A gleeful little cry escaped his lips. He hadn't seen snow in ages. Usually the circus would be in California or some other warm area during the winter. But this year they'd been offered a special opportunity: to perform in Paris, France. And to perform there during the Christmas season no less.

Dick had been excited, but not so excited as he was now. It was only four in the morning and he knew he should still be in bed beside his mother and father, but it was snowing.

"Ce este, Robin micul meu?" His mother called sleepily from the bed. What is it, my little Robin?

At the sound of her voice six year old Dick Grayson ran back to the bed." Mami, mami, e ninge!" He cried as he sprang onto the bed. Mommy, mommy, it's snowing!

Dick's father gave a deep chuckle as he rolled over. "Is it now?" He could see the snow falling outside from where Dick had shoved open the curtains.

"Isn't it neat?" Dick asked.

John Grayson sat up in bed, ruffling his son's hair. "If you go get changed quickly we can all go out and see it."

"John." Mary Grayson scolded lightly. It was only four am.

"Snow never sticks for long in Paris. Let him enjoy it." Dick didn't hear anymore. He was already rushing to their small bathroom to change into his clothing.

Today was Christmas Eve. The Circus was off today and tomorrow. As a special gift from their clients, every performer had been offered a room in this lovely hotel. Usually they would stay in their trailer, but his parents had accepted and so now they had this big room with a big bathroom and a beautiful view. His parents had jokingly called it a vacation.

Dick rushed back out to his parents. His mother had rolled over to go back to sleep but his Father was pulling a second pair of pants and a winter jacket over top of his pajamas. "Are you ready, puţin pasăre?" little bird.

Dick grinned at his nickname. "Ready, tată."

Holding his father's hand they rushed outside. No one was out yet. It was still dark out. Lights decorated the streets. They hung from tree to tree, along the sidewalks, and on the building sides. They illuminated the darkness, hanging like floating candles. Streetlamps lit up their path as father and son made their way down the street.

"So pretty." Dick whispered. "Magical."

"Snow always does seem magical." His father agreed. He lifted Dickey onto his shoulders.

"Look at the Christmas tree!" Dick cried, pointing to a huge Christmas tree in the square. A temporary ice skating rink had been set up around it. His father walked to it and Dick gazed up at the sheer hugeness of the tree. He swore it was as tall as the elephants! Maybe taller!

"Can we get one like that?" He asked.

His father just laughed. "I don't think it would fit in our trailer."

"Too bad." Dick sighed. He rolled over his father's shoulders, landing perfectly on the ground beside him. He went to the snow, running a gloved hand through it. It was so soft.

Then, with a cackle, he grabbed a handful and threw it at his father. John gave a cry at the icy impact. Then, with a laugh of his own, he grabbed a handful and threw it back.

When they arrived back in their rooms an hour later, his mother was already up. She'd been watching through the window and now had a delighted grin on her face. "Look at you two." She scolded weakly. But she couldn't help her grin.

She drew a warm bath and helped her son in while he recounted the details. "I got him good, mami." Dick was saying. "I hit him right in the chin."

"I'm sure he enjoyed the slush down his shirt." His mother had laughed, tickling him under the chin.

Dick giggle and looked imploringly up at his mother. "This is going to be the best Christmas ever!"

Dick's hand fell away from the window.

That had been the best Christmas ever. He remembered every bit of it perfectly. After that they'd gone out to eat at one of the French restaurants that his mother loved so much. Then they'd gone ice skating. It had been a breeze for the family of acrobats and soon they were doing small jumps and leaps.

Then his mother had taken them sightseeing. The lights around Paris were the most magical. By noon the snow had melted. Temperatures in Paris hardly ever stayed below freezing, but the glisten from the wetness just seemed to make everything even more beautiful.

Christmas Eve Night the circus had a party in the hotel's ballroom. They'd sang songs, and danced, and had a great time. Dick was eager to get to sleep though because he knew that the quicker he went to bed the quicker he would wake to find the gifts Santa had left under the tree.

Dick looked away from the snow covered ground. So much had changed since that time. His parents were gone now, up in heaven. Alfred said he could send them letters, and he'd been working diligently on writing them Christmas cards, but it wasn't the same.

He had Bruce and Alfred now too, but still it wasn't the same.

No… so much had changed since that perfect Christmas. Everything had changed. Everything save one thing.


Dick had no doubt that Santa would find him this year. After all, he'd found him every year when he was in the circus, traveling around. And this year he had an actual chimney. He was sure Santa would be delighted. This year he'd be leaving Santa Alfred's best cookies too. That would make Santa happy.

Oh, Dick had heard the rumors. He'd heard them in the circus too. Santa wasn't real people said. They said that it was just his parents who gave him the gifts. Dick knew that wasn't right though. He knew for certain that Santa was real.

The little boy scrambled off the window seat and hurried to his closet. It was almost time for school and Dick was excited. This was the last day of school before Christmas break. It was almost time for Santa to arrive.

Of all the things in his life that had changed since that perfect Christmas, at least Santa would stay the same.

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