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That was it, Dick couldn't wait any longer. It already seemed that he'd been up for years waiting. He couldn't wait another second!

The child threw his sheets aside and jumped out of bed. He grabbed Batbear and ran down the hall. "It's Christmas!" Dick shouted. He threw open Bruce's door and did a flying leap onto the bed. "Daddy, wake up!"

Bruce's eyes shot open as Dick landed on his stomach. "Morning." He groaned as Dick crawled on top of him.

"Come on. We have to go open presents now." Dick demanded. "I've been up forever."

Bruce looked over at his alarm clock and sighed. "Alright. Let me get ready. Just wait a moment."

Dick didn't wait. How could one possibly wait when there were presents under the tree? He jumped out of bed and yanked Bruce's robe from the rack. He shoved it into Bruce's hands as his guardian slowly woke up.

The door opened and Alfred walked in, smiling at his devilished boys. He had already been awake for an hour and had gotten himself ready. "Are we ready to open presents?" He asked.

"Alfred!" Dick ran to give him a hug and beamed up at him. "We're ready. Right, daddy?"

"Right." Bruce agreed. He let Dick drag him by the arm downstairs. Still sleepy, he only barely managed to smile at the butler.

Dick froze as soon as they entered the living room. Then, a quick intake of breath, and - "Santa came!" Dick shouted. He dashed forward to the mound of presents that sat under the tree. His eyes glimmered as he looked from one to the other, not sure where to even begin. It took a full three minutes before he chose his first present from Santa.

Bruce smiled as he finally sat on the couch, a mug of coffee in hand, to watch the festivities.

"Do you think you might have gone just a bit overboard?" Alfred asked incredulously, raising an eyebrow at the stacks of presents.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"I do believe that the piles have multiplied since I last looked here."

"Hmmm…" Bruce smirked. "I may have done some last minute shopping."

Alfred sighed but even he couldn't stop his smile.

Dick was currently going through all of his packages from Santa. He was squealing in delight over the toy cars and train set, the books, the action figures, and even the gymnastic suit that Santa had brought.

He paused once all the presents were unwrapped. He looked carefully through his stocking again, frowning slightly. He didn't see….

"What is it?" Bruce asked, suddenly worried.

"Nothing." Dick replied glumly. He loved the presents he'd gotten. And he knew it would be a long shot to get what he'd asked for…. But he still hadn't lost hope.

Alfred laid a gentle hand on the boy's shoulder. "Come now, Master Richard. Do you not like your gifts?"

"No! They're great." Dick said quickly. "I just… there was one thing that I asked for…."

Bruce winced. Darn J'onn for not telling him what Dick had wanted! He just knew something like this would happen. He'd tried to get everything the boy could possibly want. That's why he'd done the last minute shopping. The night before he'd been so worried that he wouldn't get what Dick wanted that he'd tried to buy everything.

"Well, you still have many gifts to unwrap. Maybe it'll be in one of those." Alfred suggested.

"I guess." Dick mumbled. He knew it wouldn't be. His gift would have to come from Santa. Only Santa would be able to do such a thing. Besides… the gift he wanted couldn't be wrapped.

Bruce cleared his throat. "How about this one?" he suggested. He pulled a small box out from under the tree and handed it over. "It is from me." It was a needless add-on. All the gifts were from him.

Curious now, Dick's worry began to fade. He smiled softly at his father and took his time opening the present. When he pulled open the box he frowned. "I think it shrunk." He told his father as he lifted the tiny utility belt out.

Bruce just laughed. "It's for Batbear."

At this Dick's eyes lit up. "Thank you!" the boy squealed. He ran to put it on his bear and started going through the tiny pockets. He held each little device up to show Batbear, including the tiny batarangs and miniature communicator.

Gifts continued to be open for the next few hours. Dick was one that took a long time with opening, trying not to ruin the paper. He said his family loved to make Christmas last as long as they could, so that was why they did that. Bruce didn't mind. Whatever Dick had been upset about not getting he seemed to have forgotten.

Bruce had finally convinced Dick to get changed around noon. By then there weren't any presents left and he'd been laying on the floor reading his new Batman comic book series. Once Dick was upstairs Alfred grinned. He glanced at the clock and nodded.

"Quite good timing, Master Bruce." Alfred applauded.

"It was late enough." Bruce sighed. "Should we clean up?"

"There isn't any time for that."

"What do you mean?"

Alfred said nothing. Instead the butler reached behind the lamp and pulled out a small envelope. It was a small gold envelop with beautiful gold script on it that simply read "Richard".

"What's that?" Bruce asked. Again the butler said nothing. He simply smiled as Dick bounded back into the room, Batbear in hand.

"Master Richard," Alfred said, "It seems you have missed a present."

"Really?" Dick looked around for another box. Seeing none, he looked at Alfred. The man held out the envelop.

Batbear dropped to the floor as Dick took the envelop. He knew instantly what this was. This was from Santa.

With trembling hands he opened the paper.

Dear Richard,

For Christmas you asked me for family. I get many requests like these. But, no matter how much I'd like to, I cannot grant them. I do not have the powers to bring back anyone from the dead.

Listen at 1:00

Read at 7:00

Love, Santa

Dick stared at the paper for a long time, trying to piece together what Santa was saying. Listen at One O'clock? Read at seven? What did that mean?

"May I see?" Bruce asked.

Wordlessly Dick handed over the paper, still frowning as he tried to decipher the on the other hand was frowning for a whole different reason. This wasn't Alfred's handwriting. It wasn't anyone's that he knew. What was this?

Suddenly the clock chimed.

"One!" Dick shouted. "It's one. What am I supposed to listen for?"

The clocked stopped its ringing, and at the same moment the doorbell chimed.

"Perhaps it was that." Alfred suggested.

Dick ran off to answer the door, Bruce and Alfred at his heels.

When he threw open the door everyone was waiting. Clark, Diana, Shayerea, John, Wally, Barry, Roy, Ollie, Dinah, J'onn, Hal... everyone from his 'family' was there.

A smile spread over Dick's face.

Roy knelt down beside his little brother and handed over a paper. "Santa told us to arrive exactly at one." He said with a grin.

A second later Dick's arms wound around his neck. The boy was laughing and crying all at once. With a laugh beside them, Wally launched himself at the pair, sending the three tumbling back over the steps and landing in a laughing bunch on the porch.

"This," Dick said between his sobbed laughs, "is going to be great."

An hour later Dick, Roy, and Wally lay beneath the Christmas tree, playing with their gifts. Roy was showing off his bow. The boys seemed amazed by how tightly it could compact. Roy kept talking about how much better of a hero he could be with this. Dick and Wally were quick to agree. And, more than anything, Roy kept gloating about how it was something that Ollie didn't have.

Wally had a photo of him and Flash in front of his new statue at the museum. He would show it to his friends, but he wouldn't let go of it. He had it carefully wrapped in his arms at all moments, making sure he wouldn't let go.

Dick still clutched his letter from santa in his hand. The boys were trying to figure out what 'read at 7:00' meant. What was he supposed to read? In his other hand was Batbear. The kids were still going through all the gadgets Bruce had made the bear. Bruce had installed a tiny computer in Batbear's glove, just like Robin's. There was a tiny grappling hook and some flash bombs as well.

The rest of the League stood around, talking and laughing with each other. They exchanged their Christmas presents and laughed over what was given out. They talked about what had happened so far.

The biggest question of the day was on everyone's mind though: Santa?

"How did you do it, Bruce?" Barry demanded. He, Ollie, and Bruce were huddled on the edges of the room.

"Do what?"

"The statue of Kid Flash." Barry insisted. "You did that, right?"

The man frowned. "That wasn't me."

"Yea right." Ollie snorted. "It wasn't me and you're the only other billionaire we know. It takes money to get something done that fast."

"I didn't commission any statue." Bruce said. "I haven't heard anything about it until you showed me."

"Please Bruce, it had to be you." Ollie said, gesturing to his red headed ward. "You made the bow for Roy."

"I didn't." Bruce lied convincingly.

"I certainly didn't make it." Ollie cried. "Who else can make stuff like that?"

"Santa obviously." Bruce grumbled, glancing back at his son. "Which one of you planned this get-together?"

"What do you mean?" Barry asked. "We didn't plan it. We got letters in the mail today inviting us over for a party. It insisted we couldn't arrive until exactly one o'clock though." Barry fished the invitation from his pocket, showing it to Bruce. "I thought you knew."

"I don't know whose doing this." Bruce said honestly. "Alfred didn't do this either. If he had he would have prepared enough food."

Bruce would have expected Alfred except for that very reason. Alfred had seemed surprised at the number of guests that had poured into the house. He'd retreated to the kitchen to make food. If Alfred had planned this, a banquet would already have been prepared.

So now that scratched Alfred, Barry, Ollie, and himself off the list. That left the rest of the league, but every one of them seemed just as confused at the rest.

"So who is Santa?" Ollie mussed.

The room was alight with cheer. The table was filled with heroes as the banquet was passed out. People laughed, talked, flirted, and joked throughout the meal. The children couldn't stop talking about their toys. Even Bruce couldn't stop from smiling.

At seven o'clock the room suddenly went silent. Everyone heard the clock chime. They glanced around the table, silently waiting for what was to come. Everyone had gotten a chance to read Dick's letter from Santa and try to figure out what it meant. What were they supposed to read?

Seconds passed slowly but nothing happened. They looked around, trying to figure out what to do. What were they supposed to read? People began fidgeting nervously.

Then Dick spotted the letter. "There!" He exclaimed. He jumped out of his seat and rushed to the window. Outside a letter was tapped and flapping in the chilly breeze. Dick opened the window and carefully pulled the letter inside.

Everyone crowded around, holding their breaths as Dick read.

Dear Richard,

For Christmas you asked me for family. I get many requests like these. But, no matter how much I'd like to, I cannot grant them. I do not have the powers to bring back anyone from the dead.

But you, Richard, are a special case. Because even without your parents you have family.

You have Alfred, your new Grandfather.

You have Bruce, your new Father.

And you have all the loving 'uncles, aunts, and brothers' that anyone could ever want.

So while I cannot bring your parents back from the grave, I can bring your family together today.

Dick paused in reading, looking up to smile at the crowd. No one spoke, waiting for Dick to continue reading to them. The boy turned the letter over. This time there was a second, smaller, envelop attached.

One family today. Another tomorrow.

Love, Santa

"What does that mean?" Wally blurted out, breaking the silence.

"I don't know." Dick whispered. He opened the smaller envelop and six sheets of paper fell out. Dick's mouth fell open.

"Haley's Circus!" He cried. He shoved the tickets into Bruce's face. "Daddy, it's the circus!"

Inside the envelope were three tickets for a plane ride to California the next day. And right behind those tickets were three more tickets, inviting them to see Haley's Circus all the way down in California.

A smile brighter than the sun stretched of Dick's face. He threw his arms around Bruce's neck and jumped up and down, unsure of what to do with all his energy.

"This is just what I asked for." Dick cried in delight. "Family!"

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night

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