It had been so long.

So long, since she had been here. Chihiro had barely been the age of ten, the last time she visited the abandoned amusement park. But since her trip to the spirit world, she had never forgotten. Yubaba, Boh, Lin, Kamaji, Haku... everyone. Even now, an old woman, she could still recall with perfect clarity her adventure at the bath house. The river spirit. No-Face. Everything. He promised... he promised they would see each other again. But seventy years flew by, without a single trace of the river spirit. Sometimes, Chihiro doubted whether she merely dreamed the whole thing up. That's what everyone told her, when she told them about what happened to her. It was all just a figment of her imagination... but she didn't believe that. She knew. She knew in her heart, that it wasn't something she made up. So that is why, she chose to come here again. If he wouldn't come to her, she would go to him.

Climbing the oh-so-familiar rocks with difficulty, Chihiro got up, and looked around. Everything was still intact. So maybe... the bath house would be too? Hurrying through the shops, she ran as fast as she could, praying she would see the lights up, and see all the spirits milling around the bath house. But when she got to the bridge, her eyes widened. The bath house... was gone. Completely vanished. And there wasn't a single soul in sight.

Tears prickled at Chihiro's eyes as she collapsed. All this trouble... returning here... everything that she loved was gone. But maybe... just maybe... if she left this world, then maybe she could see Haku again. If she let death take her, it would bring her to the place she loved most. Rubbing her eyes, Chihiro took out the knife that she had been hiding, and aimed the blade at herself, shaking. If this was the only way she would see him again... then she would be willing to pay the price. She thrusted the knife into her heart, and feel the immense pain take over. Kneeling over, she saw the blood trinkle out of her, soaking her clothes in crimson. The last thing she saw before she died, was Haku's figure, looking at her with a sad expression.

I'm so sorry... we couldn't see each other again. I'm sorry.

A/N: Re-watched Spirited Away. God, I love that movie. But the fics here are too... happy. I felt like we needed something like this. I don't know. I like tragedy, okay? i hoped you enjoyed this, though. ^^