Chapter 1: It happened on Victoria Street

A/N Hiya, how are you? Ok, here we go.

Have you ever felt so lonely, that you felt invisible? Is anyone out there that can understand? Bumping into each other. A night out started sour but ends with magic. And magic does still exist. Set in magical Edinburgh, EPOV, BPOV. Drabbles


I just had to get out of there. The smell of alcohol, the loud voices, the overly enthusiastic affection. Mind you, these are my work colleagues I'm referring to. I can't stay too long. I feel like I'm drowning. Getting out of the pub, the cold wind hits my face. I think I should walk home, it shouldn't be this far.

I have been so lonely. I have never felt more alone. This lump is my throat keeps rising and falling but never lets go. I feel tears stinging my eyes, but I'll blame the wind. A lone tear falls from eyes. I have not let anyone in in 4 years. I moved to the other side of the world. Away from everyone. My friends, my family.

You left me. So I left everyone. I had to get away. And on nights like these, where the vodka flows, I let myself grieve. For everything I've lost, for everything I've felt unworthy of. As I try to take a turn from Victoria Street, a strong body collides with mine.

'Oh, I'm so sorry Miss? Miss? Are you all right?'

His voice caresses my ears. I keep looking down because of my tears. The passers by don't pay attention.

'I'm ok, thank you', I reply. Yup, no one was convinced.

So, did it catch your eye?