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Twin Bond ~ text ~
Comm Link :- text -:
Solar-cycle - day
Deca-cycle - week
Stellar-cycle - year

It was the morning-cycle after the medic and the twins had, what Sideswipe had called, their date. It had been a pleasant enough evening even if the nervous energy that emanated from all three mechs, wrapped itself around them, occasionally stilting the air.

Once the meteor shower was over, Sunstreaker had remained fairly quiet, only engaging in conversation when he was asked a direct question. Sideswipe actually gave Bluestreak a run for his credits and chatted nonstop and Ratchet, apart from wondering what the punch line was to what he still occasionally could not help but think was a prank, was overwhelmed that the twins should wish to spend time with him in this way.

He felt he could spend the rest of eternity sat here with these two and he relished in studying their mannerisms from up close instead of from afar.

Although some considered, well a lot considered Sunstreaker to be out of control, Ratchet knew that the maniacal front liner was controlled beyond anyone's imagination, if he were not then most would probably be deactivated by now and if they had not had their frames disassembled by the golden warrior, they would be begging for his mercy. Stellar-cycles of silently watching the twins told the medic that this mech's thoughts and feelings ran deep and he hoped that one solar-cycle, Sunstreaker would let him in completely and allow him to sooth some of the burden he carried with him.

Despite the fact that the younger of the twins could run his mouth off, making Cliffjumper and Gears sound like nothing more than a pair whining younglings with his colourful array of vocabulary and the venom at which he powered his words, he actually did not say a lot in general, preferring to keep himself to himself between battles, until either another Autobot irked him or his over-energetic twin roped him into one of his pranks. But Ratchet had seen that there was another side to this mech, a side that required nurturing.

Now Sideswipe was the total opposite to his twin on the outside but his youngling type behaviour hid the equally dark and ruthless past they shared. The ark was split in their perception over him, some secretly enjoyed his antics and the light relief that they brought amidst the war and the rest of the crew, they just thought him plain glitched and reckless.

Ratchet had learnt over the time he had known him that Sideswipe was an out and out attention seeker but he always knew that there was more behind this, not that it stopped the white and red mech from throwing a wrench or three at the dark helm in response to his latest prank. Some solar-cycles, when watching him, the medic caught sight of the serious side of the red hellion, a side where he thought about things just as deeply as his golden twin then all of a sudden, a mech would come by and interrupt his thoughts and Ratchet would see that familiar smirk cross his lips as a plan formulated in his processor.

Ratchet sat in his office and thought about the night-cycle and he worried that revealing his feelings as he had, may have been a bit too much for them. For him it was long overdue but the time they spent together was the first real opportunity that the medic had to tell the fearsome front liners what he felt for them and although they had approached him, well Sideswipe had approached him, Ratchet was aware that he would have to tread carefully where the twins were concerned.

As he sat in silence, cherry red digits beat a rhythm on the med bay office desk…dadum…dadum…dadum…

He was feeling restless or was it nervous? Unable to decide he settled on restless and nervous, there was no point in denying how he felt and frankly he was worried that in the cold light of a new Earth morning, the twins may decide to reject him.


Annoying himself and unable to concentrate on the reports he needed to complete, Ratchet made his way into the empty med bay looking for something to clean or tidy but as usual, when not dealing with the aftermath of battle, the place was sterile and uncluttered. As his optics wandered over his pristine surroundings he caught his distorted reflection in the metallic surface of the med bay wall and his spark sank.

"What could they possibly see in me? Not only am I more than twice their age, they're far too beautiful for the likes of me!" He vocalised

"And you are not too bad looking yourself Ratchet!"

The medic was not expecting a response to his comment and startled, he turned on his pedes to confront his visitor. "Wheeljack, how the slag did you manage to creep in here like that?" Irritated at being caught wallowing in some sort of self-pity.

The engineer's helm fins flashed in his amusement as he offered a cube of energon. "I thought we could have a catch up over midday energon on say, how your date went with the twins."

A shadow crossed Ratchet's optics and in a disguise to hide his worry he snarked, "It was not a date, it was just three mechs sharing some time together!"

The mask Wheeljack wore hid his smirk but his fins betrayed him.

Ratchet took the cube proffered to him whilst he glared at his friend before his annoyance subsided. He found that he actually wanted to talk; he needed someone to tell him it was not as bad as he thought it was and Wheeljack was one of only two mechs the medic would open up to.

Gesturing for Wheeljack to take one of the chairs next to a berth, the medic sat opposite his old friend and vented. "Oh I don't know 'Jacks, the…date…itself was fine. Sunny was quiet, then again I didn't really expect anything different, Sides seemed eager but I'm afraid I may've gone…er...a little too fast for them."

Wheeljack canted his helm and studied Ratchet's face. He was the only one who knew of the medic's feelings for the Arks resident maniacs, well he and First Aid after Ratchet's little glitch during Sideswipe's surgery, and he always believed that they felt the same about the surly white and red mech. He was wholly convinced, as were one or two other mechs that had bothered to take the time to observe the front liners behaviour, this is why the medic was the recipient of so many of their pranks, they simply wanted his attention. Well they had it now so the engineer hoped that they did not throw it back in his friends face.

Unable to glean any information from the medic's face, eventually Wheeljack asked. "Why do you think that?" Then chuckling he added "You didn't tell them you love them, did you?"

Ratchet's face plates heated in his embarrassment and he just about mumbled. "Maybe…in so many words."

Had the CEO's face mask not been closed, Ratchet would have seen his mouth gape in shock before a bemused grin spread across his face. He had only been joking when he asked, not thinking for one nano-klik that Ratchet would actually declare himself to the twins so soon.

"Shut it 'Jacks!"

"What!? I didn't say a word."

"You didn't need to; your fins said it all!"

Wheeljack gently vented, sometimes he wished his feelings or reactions were not so visible for everyone to see. Composing himself he asked, "Okay, so what did you actually say to them and how did they react?"

The CMO took a deep vent as he considered whether he should admit to what he did but he really did want Wheeljack's opinion, so he proceeded to tell his friend of the events of the evening and how he expressed his feelings towards the twins.

Once he finished, it took Wheeljack a few breems before he could answer. "Well, being on Earth has certainly opened us up to a few strange habits and humans do like to express themselves through songs. Though I'm guessing it isn't so much how you did it that bothers you but more that you told them."

Ratchet gave a wary nod, sure that Wheeljack was about to tell him what a fool he had been.

"Okay, aside from the words in the song you chose, you didn't actually tell them that you love them but now they know you feel something towards them. You know the twins Ratch, they're hardly short in coming forward if they don't like something!"

"But what if they're too embarrassed to talk to me? Sure, I didn't send them running at the time but now they have time to think about things…" He tapered off. His spark felt heavy in his chest, he could not bear it if they rejected him now.

Seeing how unsettled Ratchet was over the situation, Wheeljack leant forward and placed a servo on his shoulder, squeezing it in reassurance. "Hey, it'll be okay. Now pull yourself together, you're Ratchet the Hatchet and you've a persona to maintain."

Wheeljack's optics danced with amusement as the medic scowled at his use of the twin's nickname for him and he withdrew his servo in order to brace himself for the infamous wrench.

"You are this close to being reformatted 'Jacks, this close!"

Chuckling at the threat, Wheeljack then became a little more serious. "So what has happened for you to think that between the night-cycle and now, the twins have had a change of spark?

Ratchet knew he was just about to sound exactly like Spike had done after his first date with Carly but he could not stop himself. Clearing his vocaliser in an attempt to dispel his embarrassment, he replied, "Well half of the day-cycle has passed and I haven't so much as seen a scrap of them, it's as though they're avoiding me."

The engineer felt the CMO's indignity and to put him out of his misery, he informed him, "You do realise they are out on patrol? Their shift-cycle started before most woke from recharge."

The medic shuttered his optics at his stupidity. He had been so worried about being rejected that he did not even consider the obvious when the twins had failed to make their presence known. They had not mentioned anything about an early cycle-shift, then again maybe they thought he would send them away early to get some recharge.

As the two friends finished their energon, Ratchet tried to push his thoughts to the back of his processor; he knew he was being irrational. 'What the pit have those hellions done to me!?' He wondered.

Pulling his friend from his thoughts, Wheeljack gently vocalised. "Look Ratch, we've all been there at some point. Look at how many times I was sure I had done something to put Blue off but if it is meant to be, it will be."

Nodding dumbly, the CMO berated himself for acting so needy. He was millions of stellar-cycles older than the twins, he had dated many a mech in his younger stellar-cycles and he had never worried about whether or not he had made a fool of himself. But the twins were different. Not only did they have a tough façade that needed to be gently coaxed away, they had been broken more times than he cared to think about. Plus they were a real servo-full, they came as a pair and most of the time they were as opposite as the Earths night and day, Sunstreaker being the night and Sideswipe the day.

His thoughts were interrupted as Wheeljack spoke up again. "As much as I would love to stay and chat, I have explosions to create!"

This earned the engineer a glare from the medic.

Rising from his seat Wheeljack added "Ratchet, I really don't think you have anything to worry about. I just know those two are more smitten with you than they let on!"

This time Ratchet shot his friend a grateful glance.

~ Come on Sunny, he told us how he feels about us so at least we know we aren't barking up the wrong tree! ~

~ You spend far too much time with Bumblebee and the humans Sides, what does that even mean? ~

A few nano-seconds of silence came back across the bond before Sideswipe answered.

~ It's an idiomatic expression in English, which is used to suggest a mistaken emphasis in a specific context. The phrase is an allusion to the mistake made by dogs when they believe that have chased a prey up a tree, but the game may have escaped by leaping from one tree to another. The phrase means to mistake one's object, or to pursue the wrong course to obtain it. In other words, 'if you are barking up the wrong tree' it means that you have completely misunderstood something or are totally wrong…according to Wikipedia…and we now know we aren't 'barking up the wrong tree!' ~

Sunstreaker would have smacked his brother around his helm had he not been in his alt. mode. ~ I wasn't really that interested Sides ~ Then as an afterthought he asked, ~ Is there anything you haven't downloaded from the internet? ~

Sideswipe chucked. ~ You really should see some of the content I have filed in my processor, it would make your optic circuits short… ~ A spike of annoyance through their bond interrupted him from the line he was taking so he became serious again. ~ Anyway, back to the subject in servo…why do you still have reservations about Hatchet? ~

Sunstreaker sped up and pulled ahead of his twin.

~ Sunny, you know I can keep pace with you so you may as well answer me. ~ Sideswipe was not going to let this go. He wanted them to spend more time with Ratchet but at the same time, he did not want to force Sunstreaker into something if he did not want it but if he was going to have to walk away from pursuing the relationship, he wanted to know why.

The golden Lamborghini growled ~ I wasn't aware I said I still had reservations! ~

~ Then what's the problem? ~

The younger of the two scanned the area for life forms and once he was sure that none occupied the area, he found a small clearing hidden off the side of the road which he led his twin to. Once shielded from the road, he transformed and turned to face his red counterpart and waited for him to transform too.

"The problem as you put Sides, is when you were off-line, when I thought it was the end I made a promise if you pulled through, we pulled through, that I'd show you exactly what you truly mean to me, that I wouldn't hold back any more. How am I supposed to do that if there's someone else involved?"

"But I already know what I mean to you, I always have. Even during the times you haven't outwardly shown it but if for some reason you feel the need to prove it, that doesn't mean we can't have Hatchet in our lives. It's what we've wanted for a long time and I thought after last night-cycle, maybe you were willing to give things a go." Sideswipe pouted at his twin, he knew Sunstreaker could never resist his pouting.

Sunstreaker turned away from his other half and looked for something else to occupy his vision.

"You know I can feel there's something else bothering you so you may as spill!"

Slight annoyance colouring his tone, the more surly of the two turned back around and looked his twin in his optics. "Fine, you're right! I still have reservations. Do you honestly believe if we let him in he won't run? That once he knows what truly runs through our processors that he won't turn his back on us in a nano-klik."

Sideswipe considered Sunstreaker's words and looking him directly back in his optics he firmly answered, "No!"

Sunstreaker felt his twins' firm belief through their bond and he really wished he shared it.

"Hatch…Ratchet knows who we are and he hasn't turned away from us yet, why would he now?"

Optics now pleaded with Sunstreaker and again the golden mech wondered how he could deny his twin this? He very much wanted to believe that Ratchet was not like every other mech in their lives, out for what they could get before leaving the two of them broken and alone again and if he was honest, the older mech had never done anything to the imply this would be his intention but the tough front liner still needed convincing.

Before either of them had a chance to say anything further the roar of jet engines flew overhead, but these were no ordinary jet engines; these were the six engines that made up the two Decepticon seeker trines.

"Slag, how the pit did we not sense their approach?" Sunstreaker was already pulling his weapon from subspace and breaking cover so he could get a shot at the passing fliers.

Sideswipe was too slow to stop him. "Sunny, wait! We're out numbered and out gunned against two trines, we need back up! 'Sides, they haven't seen us so maybe they'll pass without attacking."

His words were lost in the shower of ammo that left Sunstreaker's gun and the strain of jet engines as they quickly changed their course of direction, heading straight for them.

As their shadows fell over the twins, Starscream's familiar vocaliser shrilled in the air. "You two really are as foolish as you would lead us to believe. Do you honestly think the two of you can take on the six of us? For once we were just out stretching our wings but if it's a fight you are spoiling for, then I'm sure we can accommodate you!"

Sunstreaker hollered at them in challenge. "Bring it on you fraggers!"

Sideswipe knew there would be no calling his twin down once a challenge had been made so he commed the Ark for back up and braced himself for a fight.

Wheeljack never made it out of the med bay as the door cycled opened and several pedes clattered in. Over the sound of metallic pede-steps on the floor, Sideswipe's vocals could be heard berating his twin.

"What the frag were you thinking of Sunny? We were outnumbered, two of us six of them. Six! Not even we're that good! We'd like to think we are but even we've our limits…"

Sideswipe's words faded in the back of Ratchet's processor as he took in the scene in front of him. Sunstreaker was being supported by Ironhide and Trailbreaker, half of one of his legs in Sideswipe's servos with sparks flickering and energon leaking from the part of his frame where the appendage was missing, the rest of his armour torn and emblazoned with energon and scorch marks.

On seeing the sorry state Sunstreaker was in, the first image that popped into the medic's processor was of the last time the twins were in the med bay, after the explosion that so nearly claimed their lives. His worry about whether or not they felt the same as him dissipated as his wrath took hold. "What the slag have you two been up to now and how the pit did Sunstreaker lose part of his leg?"

"Seekers!" Ironhide intoned.

"What? Where was the alarm to warn us of a Decepticon attack?"

Ironhide chucked. "Calm yer diodes Ratch, for once the Decepticreeps weren't actually attackin', well not attackin' first anyway. The twins 'ere were out on patrol and they saw 'Screamer fly by with the rest of his trine and the Cone'eads. Sides says they weren't spotted but ol' trigger 'appy 'ere opened fire on 'em!"

Sunstreaker growled at Ironhide and ignored Sideswipe who was still giving him what for.

"Why the frag didn't you call for backup before you attacked, if fact, why did you attack at all?...Actually, scrap that, I don't want to know!" Ratchet growled himself now.

"Just fix me the slag up!" Sunstreaker snarled; his pain marring his face as Ironhide and Trailbreaker lowered him onto a med berth.

Stalking over to the berth, Ratchet cuffed the younger mech around the audial fin before positioning his helm so that he could open a panel and access his pain receptors, cutting the feed to his damaged leg. With another growl, Sunstreaker shot the medic a grateful look.

Turning to the red twin hovering behind him, Ratchet took the rest of the damaged leg from him. "If you're okay then I suggest you get back on patrol before Prowl chews your audial."

Sideswipe remained where he was. "As if we aren't already going to get it in the neck anyway, we picked a fight with the seekers whilst unprovoked!"

Ironhide approached his side "No point makin' it worse Sides, c'mon now, I'll finish patrol with ya."

The medic started to push the younger mech out of his med bay. "Now get out of here before you end up on the berth beside your twin!"

A devious look crossed Sideswipe's optics in response, sending a shudder down Ratchet's spinal struts before he pointed at the door, his optics silently commanding the front liner to leave.

Finally Ratchet was left alone with his patient, the air hanging uncomfortably silent as he started temporarily closing off leaking energon lines to Sunstreaker's knee-joint.

Unexpectedly the CMO received a private comm. link from Sideswipe. :- I'm busy Sideswipe -:

Sideswipe ignored the comment. :- Hey Ratch, I…um…wondered if you could do something for me, while you've got Sunny there -:

Ratchet did not respond so Sideswipe took this as his cue to continue. :- Talk to him. -:

Confused, the medic asked :- What do you mean? -:

:- As in string a series of words together to make a sentence, out loud so Sunny can hear you. -: The front liner dead panned

:- Sideswipe! -: An unsolicited growl left Ratchet's throat gaining him a frown from Sunstreaker.

A chuckle echoed through the link before the tone became serious again. :- Tell him that you're in this for the long haul. That you're serious about having a relationship with us and…and if we let you in, you won't run, you won't abandon us. -:

Sideswipe himself was now feeling a little unsure after feeding off Sunstreaker's doubts but he was clinging to the words of the song Ratchet shared with them.

Ratchet felt his spark do that familiar dance in his chest but he was not sure if it was as a result of the twin's insecurity or the fact that they still wanted him in their lives, one of them anyway.

:- Ratchet, are you still there? -:

Remembering that Sideswipe was still at the end of the comm. link he pulled himself together. :- I'll see what I can do Sides, now please, get back on patrol. -:

Sunstreaker's optics narrowed as he studied the medic in front of him. "Everything okay?"

Feeling out of sorts, Ratchet grunted and starting working on the twisted metal on Sunstreaker's leg.

A few breems passed before either of the two mechs spoke and it was Sunstreaker who broke the silence. "Sides asked you to talk to me didn't he?"

Taken by surprise at the question, Ratchet only managed to nod his helm as he continued to work.

"So talk, I've nothing else to do. I could shut my off audials of course but for Sideswipe I'll listen."

The white and red mech now looked at Sunsteaker, his spark pounding in its chamber. "And what about you? Do your needs or wants not come into this?"

Golden shoulders shrugged as optics shifted and focused on the ceiling.

Ratchet did not want to push him as he knew doing so, would not garner any results but the silence was becoming too much. "Is this what you want?"

Confused cobalt optics looked back at the medic. "Is what what I want?"

"Is being involved with me, what you want?"

A mouth was pulled in a small down turn before Sunstreaker looked away again. "Who cares what I want?"

Feeling the tendrils of his spark tug, Ratchet tried not to imagine how many ways this mech had been hurt in his past and he wanted more than anything to sooth those memories. To comfort the golden warrior as he had done so during the night-cycle Sideswipe's life, thus both of their lives, hung in the balance.

"Sideswipe does." He almost whispered, afraid his vocaliser would betray his sorrow and anger at the fact that the twins were given reasons to not trust.

"I know Sideswipe does." Sunstreaker's tone softened as he spoke of his twin before it hardened again. "But no one else does. They all assume they know me but they don't!"

"I care!"

When Sunstreaker remained silent, Ratchet focused his attention on the injured leg again but now optics watched the medic as he worked. Feeling their gaze Ratchet finally looked back up from his work and looked deep into the watching optics. "What I shared with you last night-cycle, I meant every word of it. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you and Sideswipe…including backing off if you need me to."

Hurt appeared in Sunstreaker's optics but it quickly vanished as the younger twin hid it. "You mean you've changed your processor."

"No Sunstreaker, I have not changed my processor but if you need me to step back until you know what you want, I will." Ratchet's vocaliser felt dry and his spark beat heavy. He was offering to back away when it was the last thing he wanted but if Sunstreaker felt out of control, he knew he would lose him anyway.

"Sunstreaker, as much as I want this, I value what trust you have in me as I know you don't give it easily. I don't want to take advantage of that. Sideswipe asked me to tell you that I am in this for the long haul and that I won't abandon you if you let me in, as far as I'm concerned that goes without saying." The medic paused, trying to read Sunstreaker's face but it no longer gave anything away.

Pulling a trolley towards him with the rest of a golden leg on, he started trimming back damaged cables and wires. "You know, I do know what I am getting myself into, this isn't just some whim that has happened over the night-cycle, I have felt this way for a very long time. I know you both have demons, who doesn't thanks to this slag of a war but I know you are haunted by more than most. However I've watched you two ever since we rescued you and though most don't see it, don't care to see it, I've seen the changes in you and I've caught glimpses of the mech I think you used to be, before the rings claimed you."

An uneasy silence shrouded them again. Ratchet wondered if he had said the wrong thing but as he took a quick sideways glance at Sunstreaker, his beautiful face remained impassive.

Just as he wondered if the conversation was now over, Sunstreaker vocalised. "You do realise that sounds kinda freaky, telling me you've been watching us. Not counting the four millennia in stasis, that's over two millennia of watching, some would call that stalking"

The CMO had already dropped his optics back to the leg in his servos so missed the smirk that accompanied the comment, busying himself with creating new connections between the severed cables and lines. He silently cursed his vocaliser for running away with itself.

"I sometimes watch you too."

Cherry servos stilled and a white helm shifted to look at Sunstreaker again, trying to gauge whether or not he was serious.

"Sometimes, around the Ark and other times, when I'm stuck in here, I watch you work. I see how you really care for us all and I wonder who cares for you?"

Ratchet's spark melted at this. He wanted so much for this mech to care for him, for both Sunstreaker and his twin to care for him, as he would them but he daren't hope too much.

The front liner now pulled his optics away from the medic and he looked back up at the ceiling. He was bored with talking now, as far as he was concerned he had vocalised far too much already and Ratchet knew this.

As the medic worked, Sunstreaker turned the Ratchet's words over in his helm. Ratchet had always been there for them, even though he was witness to their many violent outbursts in his and Sideswipe's early solar-cycles with the Autobots, whilst they tried to settle into their new lives. Over the millennia, if there was one thing that Sunstreaker had learnt from his observations during his many med bay visits, was that Ratchet may be gruff on the outside but that certainly was not who the medic was, that his gruffness was just another layer of armour, pretty much like how his own outward temperament was his protective layer to his soul. Maybe it was time he shared his brother's belief in Ratchet's intentions towards them.

Picking up the repaired leg, Ratchet laid it on the berth and silently connected the cables before reattaching the appendage. His processor buzzed with all kinds of thoughts and he could not choose which line to follow. He needed Sunstreaker to realise that he wasn't some fickle mech that, once the going got tough he would get going. No, he loved the twins, had loved them for such a long time and with that love came the want to care for them, to be there for them when they needed him.

The silence was unexpectedly broken by the golden mech again.

"Should I be worried?"



Frowning in question, Ratchet met Sunstreaker's optics again. "Worried about what?"

"Well, whenever you work in silence, the prognosis isn't normally good…so, should I be worried?"

A deep laugh erupted from the medic, it was not heard often enough and Sunstreaker struggled to keep a small smile from forming.

"If you'd prefer me to string a bunch of expletives together I'm sure I can accommodate."

"I'd rather you talk to me." Sunstreaker may be all talked out himself but that did not mean he wanted Ratchet to stop.

Gently the medic asked. "What is it you need to hear me say Sunstreaker?"

Optics flickered in thought for a few nano-kliks before Sunny responded. "You know, eventually you will actually have to tell us you love us, not in some song either."

A small wrench dropped onto the berth and a servo quickly grabbed for it whilst its owner tried to compose himself. This really was the last thing he expected to hear and now he was feeling just a little unsure. Not unsure of how he felt, just whether it was the right thing to do, telling Sunstreaker now. Then again it could be just what the front liner needed, to hear someone tell him they love him.

He needed a few breems to think so after checking the final joint connections, the CMO instructed his patient to sit on the edge of the berth. "I need to check your nerve responses after I reactivate your pain receptors; it's going to be uncomfortable."

A snort echoed in the quiet as Sunstreaker sat his strong but contoured frame up on the edge of the berth. "I've suffered worse!"

With one servo on a golden leg, digits tweaking at nerve cables running through the damaged area and the other servo working on the pain receptors in Sunstreaker's helm, Ratchet stood close enough to feel Sunstreaker's EM field change. Trying very hard to ignore it, he tweaked a few more lines before closing the panel on the side of his helm.

Before he had chance to remove his servo for the injured leg, a golden servo covered his own and with his spark racing, he pulled his optics up to one of the faces he loved to look at whenever he had the chance. There was a new look in the cobalt optics as they looked back at him and his vents became shallow but he never had the chance to figure out what it was he saw as a strong arm snaked its way around his back, pulling him in close just as lips crashed down on his own.

At first there was no rhythm to the kiss, just urgency but then it settled down. Sunstreaker relished the taste of the medic and as the sentiment of the kiss between them deepened, he allowed himself to become lost in it. He wanted to feel what the medic had been telling him, feel the words that Ratchet had shared with him and his twin the night-cycle before and when he found what he was looking for, he clung onto it.

Ratchet, caught off guard found his actions stilted for a few nano-kliks but as his processor registered what was happening, he managed to gain some control and relay some of what he felt. He needed the insecure mech to realise that his feelings ran beyond what words could relay and then maybe the tough exterior would soften a little, just enough to let him in. He felt Sunstreaker relax into the kiss and finally he could allow himself to enjoy it.

Whilst back out on patrol, Sideswipe had kept tabs on his twins' emotions, he wanted to make sure that he didn't become distressed and he was surprised that Sunstreaker seemed to be calm. There were a few emotional spikes, which wasn't unusual for the golden front liner but nothing Sideswipe needed to worry about.

Having finished his patrol and filing his reports he made his way to the med bay, he wanted to see Sunstreaker before Prowl tracked him down to chew his audial. In fact, he was surprised that Prowl wasn't there to greet him on his return. As he swung around the corner and into the corridor that led to the med bay, he felt an emotional surge from his twin and he smiled before he even reached the med bay doors.

Peering through the window he watched on as Ratchet and Sunstreaker embraced in their kiss. He felt a little disappointed that it had happened without him but if this was what Sunny needed then he would gladly let him have this moment.

Before he left them to it he sent a pulse of love to Sunstreaker, adding, ~ Love you Sunny! ~

Cobalt optics flickered on as Sunstreaker pulled out of the kiss and he looked at his twin through the door window. ~ Why don't you join us? ~

Sideswipe considered it for a few nano-kliks before telling him ~ This is your moment Sunny, you can both make it up to me again. ~

Sunstreaker smirked. ~ Gladly ~ And he returned his own feelings of love.

Content to feel his twin in some sort of relaxed state and to feel that Sunstreaker now seemed to share at least a little of the faith he had in their medic's feelings, Sideswipe left them to it and making his way to the wash racks, he allowed himself a little glimmer of hope that they were just about to embark on the rest of their lives.

Ratchet was completely bowled over by what had just happened and when Sunstreaker had pulled out of the kiss, he lent his fore-helm on Sunstreaker's in order to steady himself whilst he caught his vents.

Catching the smirk, he assumed that it was for him. "What's so funny?"

Deciding not to let on the smirk was for Sideswipe's benefit, the golden hellion intoned with arched optic ridges, "Better than you imagined?"

With his face plates heating, the medic pulled his helm back so Sunstreaker could not feel his embarrassment. It had been but Ratchet was not about to let on that he had imagined this moment, time and time again, so instead he replied. "You really are incorrigible Sunstreaker!"

"But you love me!" This time the smirk that quirked on his lip was intended for Ratchet and before the medic could protest, Sunstreaker pulled him back into a brief kiss before gently pushing him away so he could lie back down, hands cradled behind his helm. With a sudden glint in his deep cobalt optics, he demanded, "Now get your servos on my armour and make it beautiful again!"

Raising an optic ridge in silence, Ratchet's processor quickly ran wild but he shook his helm to dispel the thoughts. 'One step at a time Ratchet.' He thought to himself. 'One Step at a time!'

A/N So as I said, not really very fluffy but Poor Sides was left out, though happily on his part but I guess I've left the story open to a possible chapter 4. Who knows! ^^