A/N: So, this is the first chapter! The first couple of chapters are really short, but they get longer after that, promise!

My back rested against a hard, cold steel surface. I could feel my claws curling out, wanting to rip myself out of this place forever. Yeah, I said claws. Got a problem with that? Actually, I wouldn't blame you at all if you did. Because I'm a cat/human hybrid. I've got the claws, ears, tail, night vision, the whole nine yards. Except I'm only 2% cat. The rest of me is human.

Yup, genetically engineered by mad, evil scientists (actually, "evil" isn't strong enough to cover it), locked in a cage at the horrible School, and forced to take part in self-harming experiments. That's me. Just your average 14-year-old. Not.

"Savvi," comes a soft whisper. That's my name. Savvi. I turn and my heart melts. There's Lolly, half of her face all bruised up. My sweet Lolly, only five years old. She's a rabbit/human hybrid. Her sweet face, framed by curly brown hair, has bunny ears poking from the top. Like those headbands people wear in Easter, only real. Not that I know squat about that - I've just heard the whitecoats talking about it. Her legs are strongly muscled, and she can jump about 7 feet in the air, which is quite impressive, her being only 3 foot 6. "You're frustrated," she went on.

"Well." I stalled, "I always am." Did I forget to mention? There are some... odd side-effects coming from us being animal/human hybrids; some of us have odd powers. Whether the whitecoats put them in on purpose, I'm not sure. Lolly's is reading people's emotions. Yeah, I know you thought I was going to say minds. Not minds, emotions. Even for a part-rabbit freak, reading minds would be, well, freaky.

"But you're feeling really frustrated," Lolly wheedled. I sighed, letting myself slide down the back of my crate. The only bedroom I've ever known, by the way.

My hands curled into fists. "We have to get out of here," I hissed. (Not literally. Of course.) "The... The whitecoats, they've been talking about..." I gulped, and my ears flattened against my head as my tail lashed in agitation.

"I'm sure you can do it, Savvi," Lolly whispered. "I know you'll take care of me." Despite myself, a slight smile lifted the corners of my lips. Lolly always knew exactly the right thing to say. However, I knew what she'd just said probably wasn't true. What could I do against the whitecoats? I have to try, I thought determinedly.

Tap tap tap, the sound of footsteps down the hall. I stiffened, wondering whether they'd take me, one of my friends, or someone else entirely. Darn, I didn't seem to have much luck today - the high heels stopped directly in front of my crate. The woman bent down - Mrs. Sullivan. She wore a terrible grin. "You're wanted, Subject 38." She unlatched my crate and yanked me roughly out. Anyone normal would have wobbled, but I'm not. Normal, that is. My tail waved for a moment and I didn't wobble one bit.

Mrs. Sullivan led me down the hallway and into a large room where several other so-called "scientists" were standing around a flat table. I allowed myself to be strapped to it. Like I really had a choice. That thing they put over your nose - for some reason, they denied to ever tell me its name despite the countless times I've encountered it - dangled down, and it clamped over my nostrils. The scent of grape filled my nose, and the world went black.