A/N: So, here's the second part of the Double Update! Sorry it's so short! :P Oh, and also, don't get mad if I forget to update on weekends. I'm VERY busy being a lazy bum on weekends.

I woke up with a major headache and a panicky feeling, like I'd woken up in a strange place.

Which I had.

I jolted upright with a startled cry, then spotted Fay sitting right next to me, her pink-red eyes gazing silently into mine. (It's okay,) she told me softly. (We escaped.) And a radiant smile curled onto her face, like a beautiful flower blooming.

"Escaped?" I cried out. Jumping up - the seatbelt cutting across my chest - I saw dusty reddish dirt rolling off into the distance from out the window, speeding rapidly by.

"In a van," Silver clarified from the passenger's seat. "My idea."

"I figured out how to work it!" Berry boasted. He was sitting in the next row up, beside a very happy-looking Lolly.

Savvi was in the driver's seat, clutching the steering wheel so tightly her knuckles were white. "How do you do this again, Berry?"

"We're... free," I whispered. Happiness radiated through me, like the sun. Then I groaned softly and let my head flop back against the seat. "I got tranquilized, didn't I?"

(I'm afraid so,) sighed Fay.

"So... That's it, then. We're really free. Out of there," I stammered. I was trying to wrap my head around the whole world of possibilities that were now opening up to me.

"Yup!" Lolly crowed, her big brown eyes sparkling.

I was overcome with dizzy giddiness. When Fay tackle-hugged me, I didn't pull away like I normally would, just sat there, dazed. "So... what do we do now?" I asked, becoming more alert.

It was Savvi who answered, her voice determined and firm. "We find somewhere safe and faraway, where the School can never find us again."

Berry grinned and twisted back to look me in the eye. "But first, we find a town and rustle up some grub!" He held up a fistful of dollar bills, causing my eyes to bug out. "It was in a box under one of the seats, along with the key."

"And we need clothes," added practical Silver. "I mean, if we didn't it would be walking around with a huge sign taped to our forehead saying 'I'M A MUTANT!'."

(Car's coming!) Fay warned suddenly. Everyone but Savvi ducked down, and I quickly followed suit. Savvi just flattened her ears and clenched her jaw, and luckily the other car passed right on by without the driver even glancing at us.

"So how are we going to buy anything, anyway?" I asked. All of us had pretty obvious non-human features. Fay and I had bat ears and wings; for Pete's sake, Silver had fins. I could keep going on and on, but you get the point.

Everyone looked at Berry.

"Chameleon. Duh," he said, rolling his eyes.