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"Listen up!" Oliver Wood yelled over the crowd of super loud hopefuls. I scoffed at the lot of them. As if they had a chance to make it on the team.

"When I call your name, step forward. That means you made the team. All those who don't? Sod off because we have practice right after." There was a round of mumbling at this anouncement.

"Seeker. Potter, Harry." There was a big cheer from all of Gryffindor and I looked at Alicia and Angelina in suprise. It was really rare that a first year made it on the team. He had to be really good to impress Wood.

"Okay, beaters. Weasley, Fred. And... Weasley, George."

"YES!" I heard two people yell and smiled as the red headed twins pushed their way to the front to take their spots by Wood proudly. You have to love the twins, even though they make practice so much harder.

"Chasers. Spinnett, Alicia. Johnson, Angelina." He paused there, so I took the time to hug my friends as they started to walk up to the front. As they did, the twins also hugged both girls. Then they all turned around, smiled and gave me a thumbs up- saying 'good luck, I know you'll make it.'

"And Isabelle Morton." My mouth dropped open and the others on the team looked murderous. She just gave me a smile with a look like 'I always knew I was better than you.' I was furious and my blood was boiling.

"Now go do something in the castle. Read a book, kiss a girl, or God forbid, DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Just don't bother us!" There were lots of grumbles and murderous looks at Wood although he didn't seem to notice.

The team just stood behind him and were looking kinda nervous. I don't blame them though. I've heard it's not pretty when I blow up. I stormed over there, not believing he didn't put me on the team.

"WHAT THE HELL, WOOD?" I yelled in his face. He sighed, but didn't turn around.

"Bell, I told everyone not on the team to clear out. That means you too." He said, looking through all his gear to make sure he had everything for practice.

"Like hell it does! I deserve to be on this team and you know it!" He stopped and turned around, looking at me.

"Look, I know you're upset and-"

"Upset? UPSET? DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A GIRL THAT'S UPSET? NO! THIS IS A GIRL THAT'S EXTREMELY PISSED OFF!" I yelled right in his face. My hands were balled in fists and I was about ready to punch him.

"Bell... Katie." He said in a small voice. I crossed my arms, waiting for his explanation. He sighed.

"Look, I'm sorry, but she scored better than you."

"I don't believe it." I said stubbornly.

"Well you should, it's true." He insisted.

"Okay then, say I buy into this crap. How is she better than me? She missed two passes! I was perfect!" I yelled. He looked into behind him, as if worrying that the others could hear me. How could they not? I was standing five feet from them!

"But... that's not what the clipboard says!" He said, grabbing for the stupid thing. I snatched it out of his hands. My eyes widened. My score was perfect even on there. Her name was right below mine. He read it wrong.

"YOU STUPID GOOD FOR NOTHING PIECE OF CRAP!" I yelled. He just rolled his eyes, and Fred was suddenly next to me.

"What happened?" He asked.

"Well apparently Oliver here can't read. See? My score is perfect, unlike hers." Oliver sighed, and ran his hand through his hair, aggrivated. Fred got this goofy grin on his face and started clapping.

"Bravo, Wood! Bravo!" Oliver looked about ready to disappear in a hole. He would deserve it too. The rest of the team crowded around us, because they heard Fred and wanted to know how I didn't make the team.

"He read it wrong!" Fred yelled to the others. They burst out laughing and then squished me in a group hug. Then George, being the gentleman he is turned around and said to Isabelle,

"See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!" She just glared at me, stomped her foot, and stormed back to the castle.

"Well now that that's settled..." Oliver trailed off. I raised my eyebrows and glared at him. I put my hand on my hip, and the others were waiting expectantly too.

"... What?" I couldn't help it. I burst out into hysterical laughter.

"After all that... he just says 'what'?" Alicia asked, outraged.

"Well what else am I supposed to say?" He said, looking irritated.

"How 'bout an apology, mate? George said. Oliver sighed.

"Okay, Bell, I'm sorry okay?" I stared at him for a minute and then nodded.

"Line up! Time for the intro." He said with lots of force. We all lined up on the sideline of the pitch and stood for what could have been inspection. He started walking back and forth in front of us. He paused in front of me, looked at me and shook his head. Then he walked past, but not before I saw the hint of a smile on his face. Jerk.

"So, as you all know, I'm Oliver Wood and-"

"Cough, the Quidditch Nazi, cough." Said Fred in a loud voice, making us all laugh. Oliver smirked.

"You wanna play it that way, huh?" He asked us. The rest of the team looked at each other confused.

"Hello. My name is Oliver Wood. Welcome to Quidditch practice, although I hear the twins call it Boot Camp. Fitting name, don'tcha think? You can call me the Quidditch Nazi. I promise you one thing though: you don't play by my rules and I'll make your life a living hell." He said in a loud voice, looking straight as me as he said the last line. I raised my eyebrows. A challenge, huh? Everyone knows I don't back down from a challenge.

"You don't scare me." I said in a confident voice. Harry gave me a look like I was crazy.

"Oh really? Everyone! Drop and give me twenty!" He yelled. The others groaned, but got down and started doing their push ups. I just stood there, inspecting my nails.

"Bell! What are you doing?" Oliver yelled at me.

"I thought it was pretty obvious." I said in an innocent voice. Fred and George both laughed, but quickly stopped when Oliver put twenty pound weights on their backs.

"Drop. Now." He said, pointing at the ground. I'm not a dog, stupid. I just stood there, so he walked up, and knocked my feet out from under me, making me take a face-plant.

"COME ON BELL! QUIT SLACKING!" He yelled right in my face. Then I saw him get out a new piece of paper and put it on his clipboard. He drew a line down the middle and wrote his name at the top and one side, and my name on the other. I was on push up number ten when he finished writing the names and he smirked when he saw me watching. Making a big deal out of it, he put a tally mark on his side so it read Oliver-1 Katie-0. I narrowed my eyes at him.

Game on, Quidditch Nazi... Game on.

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