Fabian's POV

"Fabian, are you alright?" Mara asked She was referring to the fact that I was sat on the couch rubbing my head, which hurt A LOT

"Yeah, I've got an apointment later with my Doctor"

"Hurts that much?"

"You have no idea"

At the Doctor

"Mr Rutter I'm very sorry but you have a very severe disease" The doctor said as he walked back into the room

"What do you mean?"

"The pain in your head is being caused by a brain tumor. I'm sorry Fabian, you have cancer"

"Oh my God, I should get back, I'll need to inform my house mother"

"Ok. If it's ok, I'd like to see you the same time next week"

"Ok, thanks"

I left the building and walked back to the house. I have cancer?

"Hey Fabian, how was it?" Mara asked as I walked into the lounge

"How was what?" Amber asked. I noticed everyone else was in the lounge

"Fabian had a doctors appointment" Mara explained

"D-do you know where T-Trudy is?"

"In the kitchen, are you ok?" Mara asked

I decided to ignore her question and go to tell Trudy

"T-Trudy, I need to t-tell you something"

"Yes deerie, oh, how was the doctor's?"

"That's actually what I wanted to talk to you about. You see, I've been getting a lot of headache's recently, but there not just the kind that come and go"

"Go on" Trudy said, placing down the towel and plate she was holding and turning her full attention to me

"Well... They - They" I sighed "Trudy, I have a brain tuma. I have cancer"

She dropped the glass of water she was drinking from and held both hands over her mouth

"Hey, I heard a smash what was- Trudy? What's wrong?" Mara asked as she walked into the room

"M-Mara? Can you keep a secret? I don't waant to tell the others yet" I asked

"Sure, what is it Fabian?"

"I have cancer"

"WHAT?" She screemed


"What kind?"

"Brain tuma, but a big one"

She hugged me and Trudy joined in. I saw out of the corner of my eye Amber walk into the room and watch us from the door frame. She motioned for the others to come over and eventually they were all stood in the door watching. Trudy and Mara had both shed tears, Mara's silent ones, Trudy's... not so silent.

"What's going on?" Mick asked

"Nothing" I replied

"Then why is there a broken glass on the floor and Trudy and Mara are crying?" Patricia asked

I suddenly felt really dizzy. I grabbed onto the counter top with one hand and held my head with the other

"Fabian?" Mara asked "Are you ok?"

"Fine" I managed to say through clenched teeth

"Fabian? I'm going to call the doctor"

"Mara, it's alright, ok? I'm going to go to bed early"

"But its seven o'clock" Amber stated

"I know Amber, that's the whole idea of going to bed early" I replied before slowly walking out of the room

Nina's POV

"Guys, what's going on?" I asked Trudy and Mara

"Sorry, I promised Fabian I wouldn't say" Mara replied

Someones phone beeped and Mara took her's out of her pocket. She smiled at the text and turned back to us

Mara's POV

The text was from Fabian, it said:

Hey Mara! Stop worrying so much! I've changed my appointment for tomorrow morning =) ~F~

It made me smile to know he was going tomorrow instead of in a week. Ever since Nina put the cup together (A/N Mick, Mara and Trudy know about sibuna, and there was NOT a prom) everyone's forgotten about Fabian except me and Trudy.

We all went back to our rooms, but everyone went on twitter

No POV (Twitter)

Nina: American_Chic, Fabian: That_Guy, Mara: Book_Worm, Amber: Queen_Sparkles, Mick: Sporty_Boy, Alfie: Alien_Guy, Jerome: Pranker, Patricia: Goth_Pixie, Trudy: Cooking_mama

Queen_Sparkles: Sporty_Boy Alien_Guy Pranker Goth_Pixie American_Chic Book_Worm HEY GUYS! you wanna go to the movies tomorrow night? There showing that 'tintin' thing in 3D!

Replies to this message

American_Chic: Kk

Alien_Guy: Anything for you Queen_Sparkles

Pranker: Yeah whatever

Sporty_Boy: Will there be popcorn?

Queen_Sparkles: Sporty_Boy Yes!

Sport_Boy: Then Yes

Goth_Pixie: K

Queen_Sparkles: What about you Book_Worm ?

Book_Worm: No thanx

Queen_Sparkles: Book_Worm You NEVER do anything fun!

Book_Worm: Queen_Sparkles I'm still planning on going to the film, just not with you guys

Alien_Guy: Book_Worm Hurtful...

Book_Worm: That_Guy Do u wanna go to that new tintin movie tomoz? Its in 3D, and u cud use a break =)

That_Guy: Book_Worm K, thanx Mars =)

Queen_Sparkles: Book_Worm Who's That_Guy and why are you going to the movies with him?

That_Guy: Book_Worm Queen_Sparkles -_-

Book_Worm: Queen_Sparkles Really Amber? Really?

The Next Day (7pm)

Nina's POV

"Guys! Are you ready to go? The movie starts in half an hour!" I called. Mara had already left for the movie

"We're coming!" They all called in response

We left the house and arrived at the cinema five minutes before the start of the movie. I wonder who Mara came with... WAIT, Is that her!

"Amber! Look! It's Mara and her 'date'" I said pointing at the girl

"OMG!" Amber squealed "Who is that with her?"

Mara was with a brown haired boy and they were pretty close to the front of the line.

He looks oddly fermiliar...


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