baby steps

As she handed over the box of Lithium, she felt terrified.

"Your stronger than this." She told herself, she believed the more she told herself, the more she would believe it. If only it was that simple. Deep down she was terrified that without the lithium, she'd crumble and the places she had been before, she never wanted to go to again.

But when she voiced her concerns, he told her she didn't need to worry; he wouldn't let her.

She smiled and he took the box of medication off her. As he put it in his pocket, he pulled her into a hug and they walked out of the hospital.

She knew now she'd stopped taking her medication that she was going to slow down and take one day at a time. She was grateful however, that Jay was with her every step of the way, without him, she wouldn't be able to do it.

But she had another reason, their baby and this time, she wasn't going to destory the opportunity for them both.

She was taking baby steps into the future, hoping and praying that nothing went wrong.

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