"Oi people…watch this" Shiro chirped.

He turned, falling backwards, off a bridge. Many people gasped, rushing to the side of the bridge. Grimmjow and his group didn't really care about a guy who decided to take a dip. Grimmjow noticed an orangette break from the crowd, going to the other side of the bridge. "Shiro…do you have scare the mortals shitless?" he asked.

"Says you…you blew up a building" a voice laughed.

"Screw you…that was an accident" Ichigo growled.

"I will screw you later my little aibou" the voice continued.

Then Shiro popped his head up, golden eyes glittering with amusement. His arms were laying on the railing of the bridge with his head rested on them. The orange haired teen smirked. He took the others hand like he was going to pull him up. "Drown bastard" he snarled, shoving the albino off from him and too far for him to reach the bridge.

Shiro grinned. His arm turned to ice, stretching and grabbing the orangette's shirt. "You can come with me Aibou" he purred. Both fell to the deep, dangerous waters below.

The newspapers simply called said it was a teen killing himself and his brother trying to save him. "Stupid mortals. They can't see the truth. They feel comfort in lies. Regardless, of the average mortals, some mortals see the truth; they don't lie to themselves about such things. They know. They are the ones who can live forever. Because they are those the gods choose to do so. The problem is most of these unaverage mortals would end up dead anyway. Knowledge can lead to insanity. Bring on the fucking knowledge then."

"Who are you talking to?" Ichigo growled at his albino brother.

"Just ranting about mortals" Shiro grinned.

"Did you read that article about our death or something?" Ichigo asked.

"You know me so well" Shiro crackled, kissing his little brother's cheek.

"So what bought out that last part about the seers?" Ichigo asked.

"There was a group who saw exactly what we see"

"How do you know"

"There was no surprise in their eyes as they watched us…but they knew we weren't human" Shiro grinned.

"Weird I guess" Ichigo shrugged.

He felt freezing, which was very odd since he was the fire god, pure fire burned his body, keeping him impossibly warm. Shiro smirked, pulling Ichigo on to his lap. "You know who I am speaking of and you like him…" Shiro teased.

Ichigo's cheeks turned pink. "I don't know what you are talking about" Ichigo growled.

"For the reasons a human's body heats up, yours cools down…we both know this" Shiro teased. Ichigo opened his mouth to counter. "Love isn't a bad thing…lust an't either…I will push you towards him" Shiro purred.

"He was a human" Ichigo almost growled.


"I can't have human mates" Ichigo muttered.

"Why is that?"

"A god can't submit to a human" Ichigo responded.

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