okay so I am thinking about doing a sequel to Submissive God

What do you guys think? It's my most popular stories (at the moment 73 reviews) and it was a joy to write.

I'm asking about this now because I got an idea for a sequel...it's a more dark and twisty but it should be pretty fun to do

This is the longish summary for it:

For everything in nature, there is its opposite. For every God, there is a tenebris Deus to match. Long ago, in the beginning years of the world, there was a war between the gods and the tenebris Deus. The gods won, but only barely while the tenebris Deus were banished to the depths of hell. They vowed revenge of their opposites. Now thousands of years later, the tenebris Deus are rising from hell to wage a new war.

Ichigo and Grimmjow have been happily married for 2 years now, their daughter Mai is now 5. Shiro and Gin's twins, a boy named Inu and a girl named Ino are 2 years old. Kuro has a boyfriend, one his family hasn't meet yet. But the peace has been shattered with the rise of the tenebris Deus. It seems Ichigo's death is important to the tenebris Deus' success. Yoru, Kuro's abnormal, 11 year old friend may be their key to salvation. And what could Kuro's seemingly innocent boyfriend have to do with the tenebris Deus?

Anyone interested in this plot? If so, speak up...I might write the story

Kuro: What do you mean "And what could Kuro's seemingly innocent boyfriend have to do with the tenebris Deus?" You better not be planning to make him evil

Me: ...


Yoru: Yayz I'm in the story =D

Ichigo: Why am I the only they want dead? *sad face*

Please comment and tell me if the ideas any good ^^

EDIT: There is a sequel...it's called Foolish God-.net/s/7973483/1/Foolish_God Only one chapter so far but I hope you guys like it