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When she felt she had gotten enough to read for now, Stephanie then closed Jane Eyre and after putting it aside, began to think, her legs crossed and her chin on her right knuckle. This was how she looked when she was busy contemplating things. Her mind was racing at the pace of a racehorse when the horse is in top running condition. Only that didn't even come close enough, in her view.

After a few moments went by in silence, Stephanie sighed, feeling a bit... well, bored out of her mind.

It was then that a voice said, "Hey there, kid. Looks like you're bored. I can tell."

Stephanie blinked in puzzlement. "Who said that?" she queried.

"Over here," the voice replied.

Stephanie looked, and who it was she saw almost made her fall over in surprise. Luckily, months of dance classes had left her leg muscles quite strong. There the voice's owner stood. He – for it was a teenage boy – simply stood there, his hands behind his back. Something told Stephanie that this person looked... awfully familiar...

Your pretty face is not enough
Behind your eyes
I know you're lying
You think that love is all a bluff
You flash your smile,
And keep denying me
I want you to see
I need something more
Than you gave me for

I want you to burn
I want you to steal
I want you to bleed
And see how it feels

I want you to beg,
I want you to crawl
Give more than you take,
And smile through it all
And know that everything you do,
I do it for you
...I do it for you
-Nick Lachey, I Do It for You

"Wait a minute," said Stephanie, her sky-blue orbs widening in recognization. "I know you. My older sister DJ told me about you. You're Seto Kaiba!"

Kaiba simply smirked in reply, and then said,

"Of course. After all, I am, quite naturally, known throughout the world as one of the great Duelists of the world. And I'm quite sure that you are Stephanie Tanner, the renowned dancer, reader and writer."

Stephanie turned her face away to hide a smile (as well as a blush) as Kaiba walked up to her and knelt to her level. Then he took her hand in his, turned it over so that the back was shown to him, and placed his lips upon it ardently but respectfully.

Like a gentleman usually would do, especially with the lady he wishes to court, Stephanie thought to herself, and then mentally and secretly laughed at the thought. Apparently all that time reading Jane Eyre had definitely caused her to see the world from a different perspective – or in a different light, to be precise.

When she turned her face back to Kaiba's, she blinked to see that his eyes were now looking into hers, his lips still on her hand. Kaiba then pulled his mouth away from the back of her hand as he got to his feet, and his fingers unwrapped themselves from around hers. They then wrapped themselves in a vinelike, or rather, snakelike, fashion around her right wrist.

Speaking of snakes...

Kaiba's sapphire eyes seemed to swirl and spin, thus keeping Stephanie's own azure gaze fixed on his. For her, it was almost like she was in a trance (similar to how Mina felt when she was put under Dracula's spell in the 1897 novel Dracula by Bram Stoker, which Stephanie had heard a little about, but never read). She vaguely felt him wrap his other arm around her waist and pull her close. The action caused her to shiver (as well as shudder), and then feel a little thrilling chill go down her spine. What was this all about, anyway? she wondered.

However, she didn't have time to think about it for long, though. It was then that she felt a hand squeezing her left shoulder, and she looked up. Kaiba knelt to her level again and in what seemed to be a cool, smooth and silky way that almost seemed similar to silk sheets for a canopy bed Stephanie had seen so many times in her dreams, smiled at her, those piercing sapphire eyes looking straight into hers. It seemed to her as though every thought and desire of hers was laid bare in front of him and he was able to put them together like the pieces of a puzzle and read them like a fortune – the kind that she herself wasn't able to figure out.

He then said, "So tell me, Stephanie... how did you like the note I left for you on your nightstand?"

Stephanie blinked as she processed the words, and then after remembering the note she had picked up after waking up that morning, she came to the realization that she now knew who it was that left the note; the only person she now knew that had the initials of ‛S.K.' were none other than Seto Kaiba himself.

"I like it," she replied after a moment and then grinned. "After all, it's not every day that a note such as the one I got shows up on my nightstand. It's probably once in a blue moon, or maybe a single lifetime; I'm not sure which."

As Kaiba then took her hand in his, he couldn't help but smile himself while looking down into the azure eyes that matched his own. Except that was where the similarities ended. While Kaiba's sapphire orbs were full of coldness and ice (with the exception of warmth and compassion that was usually whenever he looked at her), Stephanie's deep blue eyes were full of innocence and a desire to learn. And the thirst for knowledge was something Kaiba had taken a liking to a long time ago – which was long before he laid eyes on her. She was the girl everyone else saw as Donna Jo "DJ" Tanner's little sister. But to Kaiba she was more than that. Besides being a dancer, and a very awesome one at that, she had the well-known desire for learning and a thirst for knowledge he knew no parent could ever instill or no school could impart.

With that he made up his mind. As he relinquished his grasp on her hand, whispered for her to return to her family and watched her go back to her bed, he made up his mind that he would teach her everything he knew about the game he knew as Duel Monsters. He knew that books about Duel Monsters were a good start on the path of knowledge, and starting with the basics before moving on to the advanced stuff would help her to become a great Duelist.

And I shall teach her everything about it – as well as tell her all about the mistakes I made in life and the lessons I learned from them. After all, even I'm not perfect and I have flaws just like everybody else. But I keep doing my best at something I like no matter what, and that's a good thing.

Well, I hope you liked reading this twoshot as much as I did writing it. After all, writing is a long as well as very slow process. It affords me pleasure that's so little – so much so that I wonder why I make the effort in writing so many stories, oneshots, twoshots and poems the way I do. I think it's possibly because I can't do anything else to fill the time when I feel bored or have nothing else to do.