Whaaaaaaaaa-? Shady is making a Ghirahim/Link fanfic? (well, actually, if you know me on yt you really shouldn't be surprised x'D)
Jaa, I adore this couple, both sides of it - the teasing and the physical ;)
Ghirahim makes my gameplay! x'D when I'm playing I always anticipate our next encounter~ Debbie ish very entertaining

Now, about the actual story: It takes place a short while after Impa destroys the Gate of Time and Link has to go back to Faron Woods and all that chiz. First chapter is rated T for teasing (this is for those of you who only like the shounen-ai for this couple) and the second chapter will be rated M (for those of you who want the smutty yaoi).
I'll upload the second chapter later~ because I still need to write it... but that's where it's gonna start getting sexy ;3 lol (and I'll try adding Ghira-chan's narcissistic side also, since it seems I accidentally left it out and I'm too lazy to re-edit)

That's it - enjoy~
Shady owns nothing besides the poo-ish writing and fangirling

The night was calm. It was odd that the weather could be so normal with all the strange things that have happened to the green clad hero these past few weeks. He didn't really like reminiscing on how this frustrating ordeal began… it only made him feel even more pressed for time. He had to find his friend! He had to find Zelda!

The wind picked up and a chill ran down Link's spine. A fire sounded nice right now. Laying his equipment against a nearby tree, he stacked some twigs, leaves, and larger sticks and lit them. Leaning back on the same tree his sword was on, the warmth of the fire satisfying his cold limbs – his eyes growing heavy. The wind was still blowing and he only hoped that it wouldn't affect the flames.

What was that? Link's eyes sprung open. He could have sworn he heard something… it almost sounded like… laughter? No, he was probably just hearing things. It was probably all those red potions he had been drinking lately.

"Heh heh heh."

There it was again! This time it sounded really close.

"What a quaint place you've chosen to rest, sky child." The voice boomed mockingly.

Link hardly had anytime to jump to his feet before he felt arms snaking around his chest and catching him in a firm embrace. Well, not so much as an embrace as a rigid hold.

Turning his head however far he could, he looked his captor dead in the eyes, glaring. He had already been aware of whom it was who seized him, but he wouldn't give the man the satisfaction of seeing any fear in his actions. "Oh?" Ghirahim's triumphant expression didn't wane even for a second; in fact he appeared even more excited seeing the rebellion in the young boy's eyes. "I see you're not going to make this easy." One of his hands ascended up to Link's face and caught his chin, noticeably closing the space between the two of them. "Well that's just fine. This wouldn't be any fun if it was any other way." Jerking his face out of Ghirahim's hand, Link began to struggle.

The demon lord's grin grew with each of the boy's futile efforts. He was a master at psychological warfare – there was no way he was going to leave until the human child was mentally broken so he would never again think of interfering with his plans. The hand that had been holding onto the hero's face moved to the collar of his tunic and pulled it loose. His lips glided over the now exposed skin on Link's left shoulder. Link shuddered in response to the foreign action as he continued his attempt at gaining freedom from the villain's grasp.

"You're actions wound me, boy." Ghirahim halted his advances; his embrace purposefully loosened allowing the boy the chance to escape.

Link pushed away and stood his ground, thinking of a way he could get to Fi without the elder catching on to his plan… though the man already seemed a step ahead of him.

Ghirahim laughed at the thought of the two going against each other once more. It was amusing to think that the boy might be able to match him in power, no matter how unlikely. "How predictable." He mused humorously as he began to circle the blonde teen. "It entertains me to see how you react to the scenarios I place you in. Almost like a mouse trying to escape a hawk." The blue eyes of the sky child never stopped following the man as he continued in his repetitive loop. "I love the look you get when you're faced with something you can't get out of…" Standing behind him, Ghirahim brushed some of his hair out of his face and leaned over the boy's shoulder in a familiar fashion. As always, Link stood silent and unfazed, not that the demon lord really expected much of a response.

"Don't you remember, boy…?" He cupped the boy's hand in his and kissed the palm. Link's face reddened in shock. Ghirahim had already detained the child's other arm behind his back to prevent any significant resistance. "Last time I promised that when we met again I would make your ears bleed from the sound of your own screams?" A cruel smirk tugged at the corners of his lips as Link's eyes widened – terrified. "Oh! You thought I meant by slowly killing you? Heheheh, no no no no. My dear boy… I have something much more amusing planned for you."

Ohhhh cliffhanger! /shot
2nd chapter coming soooooooon(: