A crossover that mixes with Ghost Recon, some Endwar, HAWX and Familiar of Zero

Different from my previous works.

Takes place just a bit before the ends of season 2.

A new three part series that changes the story a bit (or a lot).

Liberation Chronicle: Starting a Force

The Ghost Recon, all of them were now on the go, moving down street, behind them was the Hammerhead Combat drone, sporting its mini-gun as well as a small rocket pod, similar to that the Ghost team had with them, and following behind was a MULE support drone, carrying extra munitions and equipment for the team.

However they were right now on the run, they were behind enemy lines and were now being surrounded, but they did not stop, they kept fighting, exploiting the power of their Future Warrior Systems, and stayed cloaked to prevent being spotted by the enemy.

However they knew for a fact that it was only a matter of time, they would be surrounded and command was now unable of giving them support, and they honestly wondered what they should do.

Then they saw it, the portal, glowing white at the end of a large alley, large enough for the drones to go right in.

They think about it for a brief moment, the Teams leader, Lieutenant Henry Raines Call sign "Keeper" was able to come to a decision, and in short order, the team passed through the portal, followed moments later by the drones.

The portal soon closed, leaving the alley empty as a Spetsnaz Hunter team arrived, expecting to find the team, but instead found nothing.

The Ghost's soon exited the other end of the portal, and then, the first thing that caught their attention was when the satellite, command and all their links to the Cross-Com, except for the Squad Links and the links to the drones, went dead.

"What the f-, Sir what the hell just happened," said Sergeant Darrel Howard, Call sign "Full Frontal", the teams heavy weapons expert, carrying a specially modified Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), which had laser sight, box-catridge, and a fore-grip.

"Sir, we just lost links to everyone, where did the portal send us," said Specialist Jason Cohen, Call sign "Shadow", who specialized in close-quarters and silenced weapons, and he had an MP-7 with a silencer and laser sight.

Then they looked to their final teammate, who was looking at the sky, and who was also the only woman on the team, her name being Sergeant Alicia Faris, Call sign "Guardian", their marksman (or marks-woman in this case), who carried an SR-25 Sniper Rifle, staring the sky, her jaw a bit open, though she had the same stoic expression.

They looked up, and their jaws almost literally hit the floor.

They saw two moons in the sky, one was small and red, the other was large and blue.

Their shock was suddenly pushed away by the familiar sounds of what amounted to a battle.

But it sounded like a massacre.

"Let's move," said Henry to the team, all of them cloaked and moved out, heading for the direction of the noise.

(Heads up, the portal gave them the ability to understand Helkagenian)

The team arrived at the top of a hill at the edge of a forest, and saw something shocked and angered them.

There were people in fancy, middle age military uniforms, and they were carrying medieval type weapons, but what got them was the fact that there was a dragon, an actual dragon was with the soldiers, wearing a sort of armor, apparently being part of the military, then they saw a person with some type of wand, actually making fireballs appear and firing them out …

… to the village people.

The soldiers were attacking the village, and large piles of dead villagers lined the streets, mostly men, but some women and children, the women and children were being placed into wagons, under the guard of people with staves, more than likely, they were the same as the man who made fire-balls …

… mages.

"God, their killing off the village," said Frontal, "but why are they taking the women and children."

"Their probably going to take the women as trophies and force the kids to conscript, these bastards," Shadow said, anger in his voice, "Sir, we cannot just let this happen, we have to stop this."

Keeper only looked and saw as the mage who did the fire attacks turned to the others and spoke, the tam understanding the language:

"I believe we have done our part, there are only a few more people left in the village, get some of the men to get rid of them," said the Mage.

"Yes Marduke, it will be done," said one of the knights, who soon led several of his men, all in light armor into the village.

"Everyone else, move out," said Marduke, and he boarded the dragon, and took to the sky, though he passed over the village and the dragon breathed fire, setting more of the village on fire, and soon the dragon left, and the majority of the people had left.

Keeper used the cross-com sensors and found that there were not many soldiers left, only seven of the knights, and what appeared to be three with the staves, likely mages, but only twenty-four people left in the village.

"Team, let's stop this massacre, go in silent and try to take them out quietly, but use your weapons when it is necessary," said Keeper, "Guardian, your on over watch, put a silencer on your weapon and try and take out the mages."

Gaurdian nodded and readied her rifle with a silencer, and then put on a better scope.

"All right then, everyone, move out," Keeper said, and the team headed in, the drones staying behind, but were ready.

Keeper kept behind a building, his cloaking system fully online, watching some knight go by, and had his knife ready, a MC blade, or a Molecular Cutter, which could slice through the hardest bulletproof armor, and he snuck behind the first guy, and since the knights were not wearing helmets he grabbed the man from behind, making sure to cover his mouth and then sliced his neck, the knight died without a sound.

Then he saw two more, and saw one turn away, the both of them wore no helmets, so he took his rifle, which was an ACR with a laser sight, under-slung grenade launcher and a silencer, and aimed for the guy behind and fired.

The ACR drilled through the man's head, and he went down, the muted shot of the rifle unheard over the roar of the flames, and Keeper took out the other soldier in the same fashion.

Keeper soon made his way through the village, and saw a mage on top of a building, and below was two of the knights, and then Shadow came up.

"Guardian do you read," a blip on the cross-com confirmed that she was listening, "Guardian, Shadow lets take them out all at the same time, Guardian will take the mage, Shadow and I will kill the knights."

Soon, three beams of light were aimed, each pointing at the head of the three enemies, "I'll take the first shot," Keeper said.

Keeper aimed straight and true, and he fired, the bullet drilling through the soldiers head, and then the mages head was literally blown apart by a sniper round from Guardian and the final man was killed by Shadow.

"Lets, move," said Keeper.

Keeper soon moved to a nearby house, Shadow in tow, and then he activated the scanned the House.

"Three hostiles inside, two knights and a mage, and it looks like they are assaulting the occupant, I suggest we make this quick," said Shadow, the sounds of a woman's struggling reaching their ears.

Keeper entered the door, and saw the first knight, who was downstairs, and he shot him in the head, ending his life, and then they went up the stairs as silently and quickly as possible.

The door was locked, and the knight appeared to be at the door, watching the assault transpire, and Keeper put a breaching charge on the door.

"2 .. 1 .. NOW!"

The dor was blasted in, blasting the knight to the opposite wall and killing him on impact, and Shadow immediately rushed in, the noble having been blown off the young woman by the blast, and then sent his very large MC blade into the Mage's neck, ending his life in an instant.

The woman was stunned and shocked, terror was still evident on her face, but she was now stunned by the strange people wearing uniforms she did not know and who had killed a noble and soldier in practically no time flat.

"Don't worry, your safe now, were here to help," said Shadow to the woman, reassuring her, and she was still scared but she nodded to her savior.

Then outside the window, they saw as the final mage was running, his arm a bleeding stump, and the final knight came running from a building only to get shot and killed by Full Frontal who was using a SCAR with a drum magazine.

"I'll take him," said Keeper and he dropped down and landed on top of the mage, sending him into the ground, and then he stabbed down with his knife, and in an instant the man was dead.

"All hostiles, neutralized"

The woman soon came outside, and saw the three strange warriors, all of them dressed in uniforms that seemed to match the forest, and carried strange muskets of many varieties.

Then more people came out, until the villages last occupants arrived.

Then they were startled when a another warrior materialized out of nowhere, and saw it was a woman with a long version of the strange musket, and behind the woman were two strange metal contructs that moved on small wheels, one of which appeared to be armored, moved adeptly on for wheels and had a strange weapon on it, the other was larger, though not as tall, and had six wheels.

"E-Excuse me warriors, what are you intending to do to us," said the woman.

"Right now, were wondering what we are going to do, because as you can see from our uniforms and equipment, we are no from around her, where is here anyway," Keeper asked the woman.

"We are on Albion Sir, this is the floating Country of Albion, part of the land of Helkagenia," the woman said, "oh, and my name is Mina Helia Sir."

"Whoa whoa whoa, did you saw that this country is floating, how the heck is that possible," Frontal said exasperated.

"Does it matter, right now I want to know why those soldiers attacked these people," Keeper said.

"They are Reconquistas soldiers, and the nobles control the government, the nobility are all mages and thus they rule us commoners, and have been attacking our villagers on suspicion of harboring rebels from Tristian, but in reality they are only seeking to ensure their hold on all of us, to make us obey them, and so far the tyrants have killed everyone who has tried to raise a hand against them," said Mina.

The team took this in, and they did not even have to think to make their decision.

"Were going to help," said Keeper, "these people need our help, and there is no command, so we are help."

You are," said Mina.

"Yes, these 'noble' don't sound the least bit noble to me, they are no better than the tyrants and scum my team is sent to kill, so we are helping," said Keeper, getting nods from his team.

"You are going to start a rebellion," said Mina, shock and hope were in her voice.

"We are, but we don't have many weapons, and the four of us alone will not be enough, so we will need volunteers," Keeper said, matter of fact-ly.

"The villages all hate the current hierarchy and will offer help in any way, but the problem is fighting," Mina said.

"True, a head on fight will be suicidal, however that is not what were are going to do," at that Mina and the assembled villagers were confused.

"we will fight a different war, where I come from it is called Guerilla Warfare, and no not Gorilla as in the ape, Guerilla, better known as Irregular warfare, where instead of full frontal attacks and heavy advances on enemies, we will use ambush, sabotage, surprise and fast mobility to attack our enemies," Keeper finished, the idea making sense to the villagers.

"For everyone here, my team will train you in ways you could not imagine, all of us are elite warriors where we are from, the best combatants, and we will teach you how to fight and how to work with limited resources and little time on the field of battle, right now you will cease to be simple civilians, you will be soldiers trained in the harshest way possible, and even women will not be exempt, and if you try to say that women are not meant to fight, then we will let them have a round with Guardian in hand to hand combat, only children and women who have children are exempt from this, and we will fight."

"the battles will be severe, there will be people dying, but we will fight hard, we will fight different from the combat you may know, but the enemy will be caught off guard, and we will exploit this to our advantage, right now the hopes of every commoner will be riding on our actions, for we may be few now, but we will become many, and will fight, either to victory or to death, and even if we do die, we will take as many of the enemy with us as possible, and show the so called Nobles that they are not invincible, that they are not superior, they are no different from us, magic or no magic, so who will join us."

To that, Keeper got a resounding yell of approval, the villagers were in, and his team was clapping behind him, they were going to fight.

"What will we call our group," said a villager, a large burly man.

Keeper thought for a bit, and decided on the name.

"Our group will be …

…. 'Phantom Guard'!"

Everyone cheered at the name, though his team shook their head slightly at the name, but saw it as good enough.

The stage was set, the rebellion would begin, and it was only the beginning, for there would be more to come, as the group 'Phantom Guard' prepared to fight against the nobles of Helkagenia.

The greatest war ever loomed on the horizon, and there was no stopping it.