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Sweet dreams 'til sunbeams find you
Sweet dreams that leave your worries far behind you
But in your dreams whatever they be
Dream a little dream of me

"I can't believe this is real."

The evening after Sectionals, the result of which was a New Directions tie with the Warblers, found the newly connected Kurt and Blaine lying together in Kurt's room which Burt had approved as long as the door was open, which it was. Barely.

Blaine just smiled at his mate's words, moving impossibly closer and rubbing his nose against Kurt's with a small smile. "I know, but it's perfect. You're perfect."

The grin that spread across Kurt's features was, incidentally, also perfect and Blaine couldn't help but smile with him, watching as his mate's eyes glittered. Kurt let out a tiny laugh then bit his lip before untangling one of his hands from where they were clasped between their chests and tracing his fingers over Blaine's brow, his cheek, his jaw with gentle concentration. "I never thought I'd find you, you know," he murmured. "Or at least not until I was eighty and wrinkled and reduced to wearing obnoxious knitted sweaters, living in a beautifully decorated apartment with my cats McQueen and Barbra," Blaine huffed out a laugh at that but quickly sobered when Kurt tilted his head until their eyes were locked. "I just want you to know that this really is perfect to me. You're perfect to me."

Despite the seriousness of the moment, Blaine's lips twitched and his eyes glittered with humour. "You're going to start singing Pink at me, aren't you?"

Kurt's eyes flashed as his jaw dropped slightly and he quickly hit the laughing boy on the arm, "Blaine! I was being sentimental! I'm never sentimental, and you just had to go and completely ruin the moment." He pulled away from his mate, sitting up and crossing his arms with a small huff, his irritation only partly fake.

Blaine was quick to sit up beside him, wrapping both arms around the boy's waist and tucking his chin over his shoulder. "I'm sorry, Kurt," and although his voice was still rich with laughter, Kurt couldn't help but relax into his hold as Blaine continued: "I'm guessing that Top 40 is more my sort of music?"

"I think so," Kurt looked down at the strong arms holding him, running his fingertips across the skin lightly before Blaine twined their hands together. They sat like that for a moment and Kurt could feel Blaine's heartbeat against his back and his breath feathering against his jaw. "We really don't know anything about each other," his voice was soft, the comment an observation rather than a worry because he knew it didn't matter. Their connection, the peace he felt and the warmth under his skin that intensified wherever Blaine was touching him told him something important and basic: Blaine was his and he was Blaine's. It was as simple as that.

Blaine seemed to be thinking along the same lines. "We know the most important thing," his lips brushed softly against Kurt's ear, "soul mate."

Kurt closed his eyes and let the words wash over him: soul mate. He squeezed the hands in his gently and smiled softly when the pressure was returned. It was ridiculous how much this boy meant to him after only a few short hours, but at the same time it was nothing but natural.

After all, the teapot dwarf on the dark side of the moon had destined them for one another.

He turned to face Blaine and his smile grew at the sight of hazel eyes and dark curls and a charming grin. Their faces were incredibly close and Kurt leaned in to connect their lips with only a little hesitation, the knowledge that he had someone he could do this with now and that it was okay to want it still sinking in. Blaine, on the other hand, seemed to have no such issues as Kurt felt one of his hands move from his waist to his jaw, the thumb caressing his cheek as Blaine deepened the kiss.

And dear god where on earth had his soul mate learned to kiss like that?

Twisting slightly in Blaine's arms Kurt returned the kiss with fervour, his grip tightening on the hand still at his waist. He brought his other hand up to grasp Blaine's arm, feeling warmth radiating through the thin shirt, sighing softly when Blaine ran his tongue gently across his bottom lip. He was about to return the favour when his mate pulled back. Kurt made a soft whine of protest followed quickly by a blush when he realised what he'd just done, but he tightened his grip on Blaine's arm anyway as the boy rested their foreheads together gently.

"Sorry I just," Blaine wetted his lips and smiled crookedly, "I thought we should probably talk before things get...heated. I mean, I know it doesn't matter but it still feels weird that the only things I really know about you are your name, that you're my soul mate, that you look really really good in skinny jeans and that you're in New Directions. It's a little weird, that's all. Don't you think it's weird? Wow I need to stop saying 'weird' and I'm not explaining this well at all-"

Kurt couldn't help but smile as his mate got more and more flustered and quieted him by pressing a finger firmly to the boy's lips. "Blaine it's fine, really. I'd love to know more about you." Blaine's answering smile made his heart skip a beat and then suddenly Kurt was being pulled back to his former position lying face to face with his mate, their hands cradled between their chests.

They stared at each other with excited anticipation but when neither of them spoke, Kurt let out a shaky laugh. "I, um...I don't know what to ask. This situation isn't exactly suited to normal conversation etiquette." Which it should be, he thought, or it should have it's own. After all soul mate etiquette is essential for everyone - 'How To Get To Know The Person You'll Spend The Rest Of Your Life With Without It Being Awkward' would be so helpful right now.

His thoughts were interrupted when Blaine smiled softly and shrugged, the movement strangely lopsided as he was lying down. "It's okay, we have time," Kurt couldn't help but smile at that. Now that they'd found each other, they had all the time in the world. "We could do twenty questions. Or something like a Q&A-"

"Soul mate Q&A? Really? Isn't that a show on some trashy channel somewhere?"

Blaine shrugged again, "It's probably the easiest way to do it until it doesn't feel so forced anymore."

"Because it's such a chore to talk to me."



"You know that's not what I meant."

"I do. You should know I have a very sharp wit and I'm not afraid to use it."


There was a moment where both just had to take a second to revel in the almost mundane conversation because after years of waiting this would now be an everyday, normal occurrence. It was fantastic.

"Okay, well how about we start simple?"

So they did: birthdays (Kurt was a winter baby, Blaine was born in the summer. Kurt said it made sense as summer tones would complement his skin tone the best), allergies (Blaine had reacted badly to a peanut once, but mostly because he almost choked on it), hobbies (Kurt nonchalantly told Blaine about his time on the Cheerios and was amazed when his mate basically whimpered at the admission before kissing him hard), earliest memory (a six-year-old Kurt's mom presenting him with custom made coveralls whilst his dad watched from the doorway with a fond smile; Blaine's mom helping him play the piano for the first time), family (how Kurt lost his mom and Blaine constantly deals with a quietly, and sometimes loudly unaccepting father) and a dozen others.

That first afternoon they spent hours just talking, connecting through shared passions and all the time revelling in the sense of completion and oneness flooding through them. As Blaine was kindly thrown out by Burt when the hour grew late, they made plans to spend the weekend together. Those second and third days turned into weeks, months, years – and all that time never seemed like enough. They could never have enough time talking together, laughing, kissing, loving each other. All the time in the world could never be enough, even though sometimes it seemed like it was all just too much, too good to be true. Even in seventy years, they would enchant their grandchildren with the story of how they finally found their soul mate with clasped hands and smiles and eyes so full of love it was almost unbearable.

But in this moment they were recently connected soul mates, two halves of a whole, and Kurt had to commend the romance-novel-reading teapot dwarf on its choice: he couldn't think of anyone more suited to him than Blaine. Not even Neil Patrick Harris.

Kurt Hummel's Soul Mate Is...

Romantic (when he stops trying)
(well, he's a fast learner. It'll have to do)
A gentleman (check)
Obsessed with music and musicals (double check)
Classically handsome (that's putting it lightly. A young Burt Reynolds indeed)


Blaine Anderson's Soul Mate Is...

Beautiful (inside and out)
An angel when he sings
A fashionista
A snuggler (even though he says he's not)
Just perfect
All mine

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