The move to Scotland wasn't as bad as Drew thought it would be. Their house was nice, her room was big and her and her schoolmates were starting to get over stereotypes. The only downer, Drew thought, watching as her little brother moved his eggs around his plate, his little face looking like a kicked puppy, Tony's nightmares.

She moved her plate over, reaching over the table to pitch his check. He pouted, trying to move her hand away. "Sissy, stop. You're acting like Great Aunt Lucy." Drew grinned, a full ear to ear grin.

"Can't help it, Bubby, you are just too cute!"

A soft laugh from the dining room door caught Drew and Tony's attention. Looking over, they saw their mother, Dottie. She smiled at them. "Tony, grab your bag and meet us in the car. Okay, sweetie?"

"Okay, Mom."

Drew watched as Tony did so, turning her graze to Dottie. Her smile turned into a frown, sliding into the seat next to Drew. "Another nightmare?"

"Vampires. What's with this whole vampire thing?"

Drew watched as her mom's youthful face aged years. Dottie was getting way too stressed over this whole thing; it's just a phase. "Mom, he'll get over them. Remember when I was his age? I had nightmares about werewolves. It's just like that." Dottie sighed, standing up and kissing Drew on the forehead.

"I hope so, honey. I really hope so."

"You don't need someone to play with."

"But I want someone to play. . ."

Drew stood in the doorway of Tony's room, Dottie by her side. Didn't her dad, Bob, know kids hated being alone? Tony can't even stay in his own bed! She watched as Bob got up, looking defeated and walked past them; Dottie patted his shoulder and kneeled next to Tony. Drew didn't hear what was said, but she'd bet her life savings (i.e. two dollars and ten cents) that it had something to do with his nightmares.

"Pizza's in the freezer, important numbers on the counter and please," Dottie moved her mouth next to Drew's ear; Drew fought back a giggle, her ear always was sensitive, "make sure to keep a close eye on him, he's been drawing vampires." A kiss to her temple and her parents were gone.

Walking over to Tony, she looked over his shoulder. Dottie was right; vampires to the max. Expect one. She reached out a hand and picked up one of the drawings. An amulet covered most of the paper. It was roundish, gold lining most of it. Red made up the color of the stone and a white spot gave it a fake shine. Without turning her head, she turned her graze to Tony, watching as he drew upside down triangles. Drew didn't have to think far to tell it was vampire fangs. She just sighed and wiggled the drawing of the amulet in his line of vision.

"It's the amulet in my dreams." Tony said, running out of the room, only to come back a few minutes later with a ketchup bottle.

"What's it used for?"

"I'm not sure, but the leader-looking vampire was holding it up to the moon with a comet passing, saying this weird phrase." He took a seat at his table and starting cutting out the fake vampire fangs. Drew frowned, setting the drawing down.

"Bubby, don't you think this whole vampire thing is. . ." She trailed off, not sure how to say what she wanted. She didn't want to call her brother crazy or weird, but this vampire thing was. Drew sighed as she watched him put the fangs in his mouth. "Never mind. Have fun playing. I'll bring your pizza up when it's ready."

He didn't answer her, so she just walked out and leaned against his door. It's a stupid thing to worry about, Drew knew, but this whole vampire obsession was just weird. He'd get over it, so nothing to worry about. With that on her mind, she pushed off of Tony's door.

Only for something to bang against it.

I hope he didn't hurt himself, Drew thought, opening the door towards her. Only to see a young boy, around her brothers age, laying in front of the door. His clothes, Shakespearean style, ruffled as he turned his head to face her. His pale, very, very pale face, with dark eyes with bags under them, locked on hers.

She opened her mouth to scream, only for the boy to say a few words ("You are getting sleep. You're eyes are feeling heavy.") and for Drew to see only black.

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