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This story is the sequel to 'Kingdoms united, families united, and families continued' Raven is now eleven years old and their other daughter is five and Merlin is heavily pregnant with his and Arthur's third child. This sequel is letting you all know what is happening as their lives go on. People keep asking for a sequel so I just continue :D

Warning 1: Ygraine and Balinor are still alive. Warning 2: Uther will be ooc in this story (sorry if you don't like that) Warning 3: This will be malexmale. Warning 4: This will be Mpreg.

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Uther awoke with surprise when he felt something land on him. Blinking himself awake and rubbing the sleep from his eyes, the King looked to see what woke him to see eleven year old Raven clinging onto him, tears staining her cheeks. "Raven?"

"Grandpa." she sobbed.

Next to Uther, Ygraine woke up and lit a couple of candles. "Raven darling what's wrong?"

Raven didn't answer, she just tightened her hold on Uther. The King held onto Raven and looked over his shoulder at his wife and nodded, Ygraine nodded back and got out of bed and left their chambers and headed for her son and son-in-laws chambers.

Failing to wake her son after shaking him numerous times, Ygraine walked around to the other side of the bed and shook Merlin who woke up right away. "Ygraine? Are you alright?"

"I'm fine Merlin. It's Raven."

"Raven?" Merlin sat up. "What's wrong?"

"It's better to show you. Try and get Arthur up. I have tried and failed."

"If he is exhausted then he will be like this." Merlin leaned over Arthur and gently shook him whilst placing a gentle kiss on his ear. "Arthur baby?"


Merlin frowned and looked at Ygraine. "He normally stirs after that but nothing."

"Drastic action Merlin."

"I hate to do this." Merlin looked at his sleeping husband. "Sorry Arthur." he said before moving his hand under the bed sheets, placing his hand on his husbands clothed cock, Merlin squeezed. "Get your arse out of bed Arthur."

Arthur jumped out of bed and held himself, glaring at his husband. "Seriously Merlin."

"Yes Arthur. I tried and failed to wake you so Merlin had to take drastic action."

Arthur let go of himself when he saw his mother staring at him. "Mum? What are you doing here?"

"I have come to get you and Merlin because something is wrong with Raven. It is better if I show you. Come on."

Merlin and Arthur walked into Ygraine and Uther's chambers with Ygraine and saw their daughter sat on Uther's knee who was sat on the edge of the bed, holding on tight, her face buried into his shoulder.

Merlin walked over to his daughter and knelt on the floor. "Sweetheart what's wrong?"


"What about him Princess?" Arthur asked, kneeling beside Merlin. Raven just shook her head and buried her face even deeper into Uther's shoulder. "Don't leave me Grandpa."

Uther looked at Arthur and Merlin. "That's all she keeps saying."

Merlin placed his hands on Raven's upper arms. "Come to daddy sweetheart."

"No. Grandpa."

Merlin looked at Arthur who held on tight to Raven. "Come on Princess."

"No. No" she screeched, fighting against Arthur, who managed to pull her away from Uther and stood up where Raven wrapped her legs around Arthur's waist and her arms around his neck as she cried into his neck. "Don't let grandpa leave father."

"I won't Princess." Arthur promised looking at Merlin who looked as confused as him. What was wrong with Raven?

It was the following morning and Merlin woke up, stretching his arm out, he felt Arthur's side of the bed empty. He leaned up on his elbow and looked across the room to see that Arthur was fast asleep in one of the chairs to the table in their room with Raven on his knee, her head on his shoulder also asleep.

Merlin got out of bed and walked over to them both and placed a hand on his husbands cheek, gently stroking. Arthur awoke to Merlin's touch and gave him a tired smile. "How is she?"

"She's fine, she kept murmuring now and then but I finally got her to settle."

"I could have stayed up with her Arthur."

"Merlin you are five months pregnant, you need your rest."

It was then that Raven woke up and looked around her. "Sorry daddy, father."

"You have nothing to apologise for sweetheart. What was wrong with you last night?"

"I had a bad dream. Grandpa went off to see the patrol and he ended up being killed." she sobbed, tears running down her cheeks again. "I saw it all, it was so brutal."

Arthur hugged Raven tightly. "Oh Princess, your grandpa will be fine. Besides, it was just a dream."

Later the morning found Raven sat with Uther whilst he was reading through and signing parchments, she knew it was just a dream as her parents and grandpa had reassured her, but she still wanted to be with her grandpa today and Uther found that he didn't mind at all.

Out on the training field, Arthur was training with each of his knights in turn. Merlin was sat on the bench watching with a smile on his face and their five year old daughter Marie-Eve, Evie for short, stood watching with a look of fascination on her face.

"Are only boys allowed to fight daddy?"

Merlin chuckled, stroking his rounded stomach. "Yes and no Evie, all men are the ones who fight with swords and maces and all different kinds of weapons, your Auntie Morgana used to fight like your father is now with him when they were both little."

Marie-Eve's eyes widened in awe as she turned back to watch as her father was sword fighting with Gwaine, both of them laughing. "Why are they laughing daddy?"

"They are just playing darling. If they were fighting for real then it would be a challenge." at his daughters confused look, Merlin continued. "If it was a challenge then your father would chuck his gauntlet at the feet of the one he was to fight."

"What if they haven't got a gauntle?"

"Gauntlet." Merlin corrected. "Then I suppose they chuck what they have. As long they say 'I challenge you' the other person has no choice but to accept."

"Why don't you fight daddy?"

"I do darling, but with me being pregnant, your father doesn't like me too."

"But if you challenged him he'd have to accept right?"

Merlin smiled. "Now why didn't I think of that. It has been a while, I think a little play fight would be good."

"What will you use daddy?"

Merlin smiled and removed his scarf. "Watch your father's face." he said as he walked over to Arthur and Gwaine.

"Merlin sweetheart. You alright?"

Merlin just smiled and dropped his neck scarf at Arthur's feet. "I challenge you Arthur." he said, not missing the wicked grin that appeared on Gwaine's face. "Merlin you can't be serious?"

"Of course he is Arthur, he wouldn't have said it other wise, besides, you often sword fight."

"Not when he is pregnant we don't."

"Arthur you know you have to accept, and you know that you won't be going hard on him."

"What made you decide this all of a sudden?"

"A certain little girl."

Arthur looked over his husbands shoulder at his youngest daughter. "Evie." he said, shaking his head as she started to giggle. "Come on Arthur. Pick it up." Merlin said as he took Gwaine's sword from him.

Arthur sighed and picked it up. "Terms?"

"Fight until you knock the sword from your opponents hand. If you lose. I want a full body massage from you."

"And if I win?"

"What would you like?"

"Me and you. In our chambers from dawn til dusk, just us."


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