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This story is the sequel to 'Kingdoms united, families united, and families continued' Raven is now eleven years old and their other daughter is five and Merlin is heavily pregnant with his and Arthur's third child. This sequel is letting you all know what is happening as their lives go on. People keep asking for a sequel so I just continue :D

Warning 1: Ygraine and Balinor are still alive. Warning 2: Uther will be ooc in this story (sorry if you don't like that) Warning 3: This will be malexmale. Warning 4: This will be Mpreg.

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Balinor and Uther had walked out of the throne room and turned to look when they heard someone shout out in pain. Balinor paled when he saw his son drop to his knees. "Son." Balinor all but whispered as he rushed over along with Uther.

Balinor dropped to his knees and held his sons hand. "I want Arthur." Merlin gasped out as tears made their way down his cheeks.

"Where is he son?"


Uther nodded and ran back from where he came and ran through the doors and down the courtyard steps. People stopped what they were doing to see King Uther running and looking so panicked, Uther knew that he shouldn't let the towns people see him like this but he didn't care. He needed to get to Arthur.

Back in the castle Balinor had scooped Merlin into his arms and carried him to his and Arthur's chambers, telling a couple of guards he passed, to get Gaius to the Princes' chambers immediately.

Uther ran onto the training field where Arthur was sparring with Percival, both of them laughing whilst Gwaine was stood at the side with Raven and Marie-Eve who was laughing along. Arthur spotted his father and stopped, all the laughter gone from him when he saw how serious Uther looked. "Father? What's wrong?"

"He's early."

Arthur dropped his sword and looked at Percival. "The girls?"

"Me and Gwaine will be fine with them. Go."

Arthur quickly thanked him and ran after Uther back to the castle ignoring his daughters shout out after him. "Papa!" Percival scooped Evie up and held her close whilst Gwaine walked over to them both with his arm around Raven. "Daddy is having the baby early isn't he."

Percival looked at Raven. "He is Princess. It is like when Marie-Eve came. Your father will be with your daddy for a couple of days now. But I promise you both you can see your parents and little brother/sister as soon as possible."

Arthur had ran back to the castle with Uther telling him what had happened. Arthur stopped when he saw a puddle of blood on the floor and looked at Uther. "Merlin's?"

"Yes son."

"Can you let mum and Hunith know please."

"I will son, Balinor has most likely took Merlin to your chambers, hurry up. Your husband wants you by his side."

Arthur nodded and ran as fast as his legs could carry him all the way to his chambers. He burst through the doors and saw Merlin laying on the bed, his bottom half bare whilst his top was half way up and sticking to him with sweat. "Arthur!" Merlin cried out when he saw him.

Arthur rushed over and sat by his side, one of his hands in Merlin's whilst his other hand was on his forehead, sweeping back his hair.

"Keep him talking Arthur." Arthur looked at Balinor and nodded.

"I love you so much Merlin."

"I love you too Arthur."

"If we ever decide to have anymore then I am never leaving your side no matter how annoyed you get. You always seemed to be in trouble the most when you are alone."

Merlin tried his best to chuckle but ended up crying out in pain. "Relax son." Balinor soothed.

"You was with me when I started with Marie-Eve."

"Don't I know it, I still can't forget how you woke me up."

"Arthur Merlin shouldn't have been bleeding like he was. What have you both been doing today?"

"We went horse riding to the top of the lake where we sat and talked and one thing led to another and...well. And then we rode back and Merlin said he was coming for a lie down."

"I felt a sharp pain this morning dad but I thought he was just kicking hard."

"A grandson?" Balinor quickly got over his moment of joy at the thought of having a grandson when his son still needed help. "You have overdone yourself today Merlin. Horse riding and then with Arthur. Your belly has done nothing but bounce. I think your next pregnancy from your six month mark you should keep away from horses and limit to how many times you have sex."

"Dad can you save the lecture for a different time?"

"Sorry son, I was just explaining what you are best to do should you decide to have more children."

"Lets just get this one out of me before me and Arthur start planning more."

Arthur looked at Merlin. "You want more children?"

"Yes Arthur. I don't like going through what I am now, but I would go through it again and again if it meant more children."

"Boys?" Arthur and Merlin looked from each other to Balinor who was holding their son in with his large hands. "Someone wants to say hello." Balinor cleaned the baby up and wrapped him in a blanket and handed him over to Merlin.

Arthur sat closer to Merlin and placed his finger in his sons palm who held on, making a tiny fist around Arthur's finger.

Balinor cleaned and sorted Merlin out before covering him up. "Congratulations to you both."

Balinor smiled at the picture his son, son-in-law and newly born grandson made on the bed. "I will go and let everyone know that daddy and son are doing fine."

Merlin looked up from his son. "Thank you dad."

"You are most welcome son."

When Gaius and Balinor left the room Arthur placed a longing kiss on Merlin's lips before placing a short one on the brunets temple. "We need a name for our son Merlin." he said, looking down at his son who had fair blond hair just like Arthur's had been when he was a baby and his cheekbones high like Merlin's.

"Raven told me when she told me he was a boy that she liked the name we picked. I asked her the name and she told me."

"What do we call our son Merlin?"

Merlin smiled and looked at Arthur. "Nathaniel."

Arthur smiled and kissed his sons forehead. "Hello Nathaniel. Oh Merlin he is gorgeous. He is the perfect mix of us both."

Balinor walked out of Arthur and Merlin's chambers and came face to face with Hunith, Ygraine and Uther. "Well?" Uther asked.

"We have a grandson." Ygraine and Hunith squealed and hugged each other whilst Balinor and Uther clapped each other on the shoulder.

The chamber doors opened and Arthur poked his head through. "Do you want to meet your grandson?"

Arthur laughed when he was pushed out of the way by an impatient Hunith and Ygraine. By the time Balinor and Uther were in the room and Arthur had closed the doors, Hunith and Ygraine were sat either side of Merlin cooing over their new grandson. Uther clapped Arthur on the back. "My son has a son of his own. Congratulations Arthur."

"Thanks dad."

It was later that night after Raven and Marie-Eve had met their little brother. Marie-Eve telling him that she will show him everything she learns when they found out that Nathaniel was like Merlin. Born with magic.

Merlin was sat up in bed with Arthur next to him, Nathaniel in his arms. Arthur looked down and saw his sons eyes flashing gold and laughed as the curtains that surround their bed were being drawn back and forth. "We need to ask Hunith and Balinor how they raised you with you being born with magic as well."

Just then Nathaniel turned his blue eyes and locked them with Arthur's before his eyes turned gold.

"Ah!" Arthur handed Nathaniel over to Merlin. "Can't you control his magic Merlin?" Arthur asked, placing a pillow in front of himself to cover his sudden nakedness.

Merlin laughed. "He is a baby Arthur. I can't control his magic any more than he can." he explained and moved the pillow away from Arthur. "And why are you covering yourself?"

"I can't sit naked our son is here."

"Our son is now asleep and even if he wasn't he doesn't know what he is looking at he is only a few hours old." Merlin placed his son in the cot by his side of the bed and placed a kiss on his forehead. "Goodnight son."

Merlin turned back to see Arthur getting into bed with a pair of breeches on. When Arthur laid on his back, Merlin laid down and rested his head on his husbands shoulder. "Thank you for making me the happiest man alive and giving me the perfect family Arthur."

"You are more than welcome. Thank you in return for the same, for going through all of that to have my children." Arthur wrapped his arms around Merlin and held onto him tightly. "I love you sweetheart."

"I love you too Arthur." Merlin replied as he leaned up and placed a loving kiss on Arthur's lips before placing a final one on his chest. Merlin closed his eyes along with Arthur, both of them thinking, they have a husband who they love more than anything and who loves him just as much and have two daughters and now a son. To them, life just couldn't get any better.

The end.

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