I would like you to know before reading that this story is unconventional by most fan fiction standards. Yes, it follows generally the same plot that Darkness at Noon does (with some deviation). Yes, I looked in the rules and the TOS, but I wasn't entirely able to figure out if this is or is not against the TOS. If someone has conclusive information to the negative please let me know and I will remove this.

Now, about the story...This is not the exact same story. Hopefully, if I have done my job right, there will be some new twists and turns that will be unexpected. This is from Janine and Egon's perspectives, respectively, and some aspects that made sense as a pilot but did not make sense for these characters have been changed.

I enjoyed the EGB series, and this has been a good exercise for me to get in touch with the characters before starting less derivative works. I hope you enjoy. There are two more chapters still to be written, and possibly an epilogue. After that, you'll see more originality from me (I hope).

Thank you for reading. Reviews and constructive critique welcome, always.

- Hypsidium