Put them back. –MH

Put what back, dare I ask? –GL

So sorry Lestrade, I was under the impression that my dear brother had borrowed your phone. –MH

I was just texting the devil. Seems that four days without sleep does wonders for his personality. And he also seems to be using again. –GL

Really? Where is Doctor Watson? He seemed to be such a good influence on him. –MH

I think he mentioned something about a week or two's vacation with Sarah… He thought Sherlock could handle it, although I'm thinking he was wrong. –GL

I see. How… Disappointing. I'm afraid that a visit might be in order. I'm sure Sherlock will keep you apprised on all of the threats I make as Doctor Watson is no longer available as his 'texting buddy'. –MH

I'm sure I'll never hear the end of it, Mycroft. –GL

Put them back. –MH

My dear brother, I'm sure I have no idea what you are talking about. –SH

My security cameras, Sherlock. Put them back or I will be forced to do something neither of us will like. –MH

I'd like to see you try. –SH

You will either replace my cameras or I will send Lestrade to your flat on a drugs bust. –MH

Go ahead. Contrary to popular belief, I am clean. –SH

I have been reliably informed that you are once again taking illegal substances. –MH

Your "reliable" source incorrectly interpreted information due to extended insomnia. –SH

I see. Said source also mentioned that you yourself had gone four days without sleep. You are not a machine, Sherlock. You need to sleep. –MH

Ugh. Sleeping is boring. –SH

Yes, I'm sure it is. Unfortunately, it is also necessary to being alive Sherlock. Regardless, if you do not replace my cameras I will send someone to take them from you. –MH

Look around your flat a bit. You're bound to find them. –SH

Before you say anything, it's not breaking and entering if you have a key. –SH

I'm so sorry for not replying earlier. I had an urgent meeting come up with a classified member of Parliament that I just could not rearrange. You were saying? –MH

And you know that the key is only to be used for emergencies. –MH

Still. Perhaps I needed your cameras for an emergency. Perhaps you should hide/secure them better next time. Those expensive cameras could have easily been stolen by someone who never intended to give them back. The aforementioned emergency was to teach you a lesson. You're welcome. –SH

Such childish antics are below you Sherlock. If you insist on behaving like a child however I will punish you as one. I am black listing you from all the chemist shops in London. –MH

I'd like to point out that I am, in fact, not a child and that I certainly do not take orders from you. Good afternoon, Mycroft. –SH

Good afternoon, Sherlock. –MH

I found them. Very mature, Sherlock, putting them in the weight room. –MH

I figured I'd put them in the most disused room. How's the diet going, by the way? –SH

Very well, in fact. I've dropped two stone. –MH

Good for you. Well it has been very nice talking, but I'm on a very important case and musn't but disturbed. Good evening. –SH

Don't get yourself injured in Doctor Watson's absence. You know how cross Mummy gets. -MH

A.N. This was a goofy text conversation written between my friends with BandNerd21 as Lestrade and the lovely Blinking Angel as Sherlock. Yours truly played Mycroft. Hope you enjoyed our silliness as much as we did! The companion fic to this is Text Conversations: Lestrade and Sherlock if you liked this story.

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