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Chapter 1

Ichigo, in a ferocious fight, saw the sad look Tensa Zangetsu gave when Ichigo learned the final Getsuga Tenshou. As he looked at Zangetsu, he felt no pain when the Zanpakutou was inside him. Just one thing hurt at the time, when he had a final look at Zangetsu.

"Good bye, Ichigo."

Ichigo felt the world around him fall apart as he descended into the abyss of his inner world. He felt the sorrow surge though his body as he fell. He spoke but only to return a farewell.

"Goodbye, Zangetsu".

Ichigo felt tears forming but did not care. He knows the attacks would be his last. The darkness engulfs his vision. Ichigo closes his eyes as he waits for it all to end.

(Morning 6:50 AM)

Ichigo woke up in a cold sweat and found a lone tear trailing his right cheek. Wiping it away, he remembers, "Right, it was just a dream".

He sees his substitute soul reaper badge on his desk. Ichigo picks it up, takes a deep breath, and exhales. A year has passed since rescuing Rukia and now he was back in the world of the living.

Ichigo sits in his bed, for ten minutes, thinking about his past life as a soul reaper. All of a sudden, Ichigo is attacked with a flying kick. Still having his sharp as ever reflexes, Ichigo grabs his assailant's leg and tosses him out the window.

Irritated, Ichigo yells out the window, "Damn it, Dad, you're still going to keep doing this!?"

Ishin, with a huge grin, yells from a small crater formed due to his fall, "Got to keep you sharp, Son!"

Ichigo let out a small smile and said to himself, "Yeah."

He went downstairs to eat breakfast and sees Yuzu and Karin eating breakfast. Yuzu calls to her brother in her happy tone.

"Morning Ichigo hurry and come eat breakfast! It's going to get cold!"

Karin sits there eating her meal in peace, not saying a word. Ichigo grabs a piece of toast.

"Sorry, I have something to do at school early, so save the rest for me later."

Yuzu is a bit stumped about his behavior.

"Okay", she whispers as he walks out the door.

Walking to school he still can't shake the thought of that dream. It felt so real.

"Damn, well it can't be helped", he thinks to himself.

Still, he cannot help but smile because he finally was done with fighting with the soul society. He would still need to do the city "clean up" for hollows, but for him, it was no big deal.

At school he bid hello to Orihime and they left to class together. Orihime started the conversation by asking him if he is ready for the new school year and what he had been up to.

He replied, "you know, the little things."

They arrive at their class. Chad nods hello as he walks by the two to his desk. Uryu pushes up his glasses slightly when he sees Ichigo. The teacher finally arrives.

"Alright class, sit down and let's get started."

With that the students sat down and prepared for the lesson.
Ichigo could not focus in class because of the dream. It was as if he knew it was going to happen.

'But it was a dream, right? Or was it trying to tell me something...' Ichigo was thinking calmly because he did not want to stress himself out, but found it hard not to. He had that thought in the back of his head all day.

Lunch time came and Ichigo went to hang out with his friends on the rooftop. He tried to get the thought out of his head. Orihime came up to Ichigo and noticed that he was down.

"Ichigo are you okay? It seems something is bothering you today," she asks with a concerned look.

Ichigo saw her look and quickly got back from his thought, "No, I'm fine, Orihime. Really just distracted."

He does not want to worry her. Orihime felt he was holding back but she did not want to push it. Walking towards the stairs, Uryu and Chad caught up and talked about what they did on the weekend. Ichigo was happy that he was hanging out with his friends but the thought about losing Zangetsu was a parasite eating him.

School ends and Ichigo walks out with his friends. He felt that he had to find out what this dream was about.

Ichigo says in a serious tone, "I have to do something today, so I have to head out early".

The only one to reply was Orihime with a confused tone. "Okay, Ichigo. See you tomorrow," she said as he walks off.

Orihime asks Chad and Uryu, "Did you guys notice that Ichigo was acting different today? Like he was worrying about something?"

Uryu spoke up in a calm manner, "I also noticed this but what would he be lost in thought about?"

Chad just nods. He knows Ichigo is troubled.

Ichigo arrives home and goes straight to his room. He drops his bag and lays on his bed thinking, 'Man, I need answers, now!' So, he focused into his inner world with a determination to get answers.

He was standing on top of a skyscraper. There were dark storm clouds forming. The orange-haired boy looked on as Zangetsu was right in front of him. Zangetsu was looking at him with his brown narrow sunglasses, his long flowing overcoat that flares out into ragged ends, and his unkempt facial hair and long ragged black hair.

He finally said in a serious tone, "Ichigo, I have been expecting you."

Ichigo looked at him with a serious face.

He then saw his hollow with his smirk. "Yo, King, it's been a while and I thought you didn't care about me," saying in a cocky manner with his smile to piss him off.

"Shut up! I have something to ask both of you" Ichigo said in a serious tone getting their attention, although his hollow still had his cocky grin on. "I wanted to know," Ichigo started out strong but ended in a pained tone, "What my dream was about and why was it so real?"

Zangetsu and his white double looked at each other and decided he needed to know what that was.

"Ichigo what you saw in your dream was the last thing we can teach you. It's called the final getsuga tenshou and it is the ultimate attack that will destroy anything or anyone in its way." Zangetsu said in his normal tone.

His hollow finished it with a dead serious face but still grinning in his cocky manner, "But if you use it, King, then your power will be gone and you will be powerless and that's why we will not show you."

Zangetsu saw Ichigo's eyes widened at the thought of the sheer power the attack has and at the fear of the huge sacrifice for that power.

"So you guys were showing me what might happen if I ever wanted that power?"

"Yes and that's why we won't teach it to you, unless it ever comes to that point. But we hope it never does."

Ichigo looked at both of them with determination, "It will never get to that point. I will get stronger and in time hope to never ask such a high price to pay."

The hollow saw how determined he was, "You're damn right! Not while I'm here still alive and kicking ass, but remember, you have to earn my power!"

Zangetsu looked at Ichigo, "Then prove it to me that you are a man of your word and get stronger."

Ichigo was hearing his name called. He started to leave his inner world but not before his hollow said his last words very clear with a widening grin and maniacal laugh, "If you ever fail in battle, I will take your body and destroy everything in my way!"

Ichigo awakens.

Ichigo gets up from his bed, looks out the window, and thinks about what was said in the hollow. 'Yeah, I have to get stronger so that sacrifice will not be made.' He felt better about the fact that he will get stronger so that will never happen. Just after he thought that, a hollow is detected in Karakura town. He grabs his badge and presses it to his chest. His body fell onto the bed and he leaps out the window.
Inside Ichigo's inner world,Sode no Shirayuki stayed hidden from Ichigo until the time was right.

The hollow yells out "Hey, you can come out now". He grinned when she came out.

She was beautiful. She wears a white kimono with a huge light pink ribbon on her back. Her emerald blue hair complimented her emerald blue eyes. Her face and body are pale and her lips have a touch of pale rosy red, very light.

She sighed in sadness, "How much longer till I can face him?"

Zangetsu saw the saddened state that Sode no Shirayuki was in, "Soon. He just needs to get stronger so he can handle two Zanpakutous within his body. We must not stress his body out or it will start breaking down." he said with a small smile.

Sode no Shirayuki was still sad about not seeing her master even though she has barely been with him since the transfer of energy from Rukia.

Still feeling sad, she said with pride, "I have been there since Ichigo got his power, so why was I still dormant and you were active?"

Zangetsu remembered that day and then looked at her with a calm face, "At the time, Rukia was still there so you could not be shown because she would have went into a depressive state. Also because of that risk, I decided that you remain dormant 'til the time was right."

Sode no Shirayuki understood the situation but at least wanted a word in it.

Deciding not to argue about it, she went down from the skyscraper and into her part of the inner world. Sode no Shirayuki's part of the inner world was a valley of snow, no flowers could grow because of the cold temperatures. However, there was a vast amount of trees all over. There was a frozen lake where she would practice here dances. There was snow falling and it seemed peaceful. All that was heard was the wind blowing that added that touch of peace.

Sode no Shirayuki walked through the snow until she got to a tree and sat right under it. She let out a sigh, saying to herself "Soon I will get to see Ichigo then he will finally use me, and my power will be awaken." She repeated the words "use me" to herself. A faint blush started to show and she quickly got to her feet. "He probably won't think anything special of me... but what if he does?" Her small blush reddened to a regular blush and she put her hands next to her face.

Sode no Shirayuki knew how he was like, due to being dormant for some time, but she was thinking way ahead of herself. "W-why am I even thinking like this? I... I haven't even met him." She finally got a grip and started to practice her powers again. She did not want to lose her skills.

She was in the middle of her ice field, training, 'When the time comes, I will be ready.' With that, she continued to practice.

Later, she returned to Rukia's Zanpakuto after staying in Ichigo's inner world.

She thought to herself, 'Even though I'm still with Rukia, only you, Ichigo, can fully awaken my power because she can't do what you can.'

Looking deep inside, she was a little jealous how Zangetsu and Ichigo share a strong bond and are able to communicate. All Rukia did was call on her powers and not even once come into her inner world and train, let alone talk. Rukia's inner world was not as peaceful as Ichigo's because she was not in full control of her emotions or master Sode no Shirayuki's powers. She has only been using 30% of it. She never came in to unlock her full power.

She blushed again at the thought of Ichigo and let out a sigh, 'If only I can have a chance to show Ichigo that he has more than one Zanpakuto, one more soul waiting to become one with him.'

Still blushing she let that thought sit for a while until she finally said 'I will find a way to see you and we could' Her blush died down and just sat on a log as the winter wind blew by.

She felt a pull from out of nowhere. She was forced out of her Zanpakuto and was in front of a tall man.

He said in a cold tone "Welcome to the rebellion, what is your name?"

She stood up, "Sode no Shirayuki".

Inside Ichigo's inner world, Zangetsu felt a slight disturbance. He could not pin it but knew something was wrong.

The white man notices this and then for once had a straight face, "Hey, old man, what's wrong?"

Zangetsu looked at him and said in his usual tone, "I sense that there will be great trouble coming our way".

The hollow let a huge grin come to his face and started to crack his fists, "Then let's get ready to destroy our enemies! I have been itching for a good fight!"

Zangetsu nodded to him "Then we will stand ready 'til that time comes."

Back at Karakura Town,Ichigo arrives to the detected location and finds a regular hollow destroying a construction site.

Ichigo let out a smirk, "Man at least I won't be bored anymore."

The hollow is 8 feet tall with a hole in his chest. His mask looked like a bull skull. His light purple skin-toned, humanoid body was very muscular very wide. Ichigo was not fazed by this and pulled out Zangetsu and sense his reishi.

It is nothing to him.

It was so low that one good swing with Zangetsu would get rid of it. The hollow notices Ichigo and charges to him. When he got close enough, he threw a huge punch toward Ichigo, in attempts to flatten him. Ichigo did not flinch.

At the perfect time, Ichigo side-steps the attack and cuts the huge hollow arm off clean.

Losing his arm, blood flowed out and a puddle of blood forms under his feetThe hollow sees red and charges at him. Ichigoushes his blade though the hollow.

He is gone.

Ichigo looks at the night sky and says "At least something happened today." A smile came to his face.

In the Soul Society, Muramasa is sitting in a cave with some of the rebel Zanpakuto, just to name a few: Gegetsuburi, Hozukimaru, Haineko, Suzumebachi, and Katen Kyokotsu. Muramasa stands up to address the Zanpakuto.

"The era of soul reapers is coming to an end and we will set our other brothers and sisters free from their prison".

Muramasa looked to the stairs and saw someone descending them. "Welcome, Sode no Shirayuki!"

The others look at the new comer.

"Hello everyone and welcome to the soul society. I hope we can be strong allies".

Some looked pleased with the response.

She walked to the nearest boulder and thought to herself, 'This is the chance that I have been waiting for. Soon I will show myself to you and unlock my true power.'

Her face remained the same: calm and beautiful. The determination that she has will pull through for her.

It's just a matter of time.

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