Hi my name is Prussia. This is like my diary… I write word for word the retarded things that happen in my daily life. My best friends are two girls named Sachiko and Haruhi. Dave and Karkat are my life long enemies. Well I don't dislike them but they can't stand me. It's funny because they HATE each other but they team up to "destroy" me. I mean sure I used my waffle-inator to try to hurt them but hey, we can all over look that. Dave is Haruhi's 17 year-old brother, Karkat is a troll… like literally… I'm not saying that to be mean he really is a troll. Dave is in love with Jade, Sachiko's older sister who is also 17… Jade's actually really nice to me, she always gives me cookies when I go to Sachiko's house.

I'm kind of an idiot. I only go to school when I have funny stories to tell Haruhi and Sachiko (not that I don't see them everyday anyways…) or when I have nothing better to do. I have a crazy stalker fan-girl named Samantha… she has a sister named Vanessa who I'm pretty sure has a crush on me, whenever I'm near her she starts blushing. It's weird. Not that I wouldn't date her, she's cute but Samantha is a freaking stalker. And besides I kind of have a thing for Haruhi… I know she's totally into me. Who isn't? Oh jegus I hope that she doesn't find this diary and read it…That would be bad…

May 3, 2011, Cloudy,

I was heading over to the park because Sachiko, Haruhi and I were going to ride our bikes. When I got there Sachiko was off staring at butterflies and Haruhi was singing the song "Bicycle Race" by Queen. It was pretty awesome.

"Hey Prussia!" Haruhi yelled. Sachiko turned away from the butterflies and started waving. "Wow Prussia. We've been waiting for almost an hour." Sachiko said.

"What? I thought you said to meet you guys here at 2:00pm?" I said.

"No I said 1:00pm you dumbass." Sachiko screamed. I could tell she was getting irritated. She has really bad temper. We didn't end up even riding our bikes… like 5 minutes after I even got there it started pouring rain… Sachiko brought a basket full of food.. Apparently her sister Jade made it for all of us, so we sat underneath the canopy thing and ate the food. We headed over to "Mangas R Us" because Haruhi and Sachiko both wanted to buy the new "Fullmetal Alchemist "book.. I swear sometimes those two really waste their money... Then we went to "The Teapot" (Our favorite café) and ordered a pot of golden oolong tea and ate muffins. Today was actually quite fun even though the rain almost drowned us… well me anyways. Peace Out.