Caius's songbird

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This was a big chance for the performing arts center. They had no idea of knowing they would be able to perform the castle of Volterra. They had only planned to perform on the stage later that night, but when the beautiful blonde woman in a black cape offered them a chance to sing in front of a very important group of people, Mr. and Mrs. Jigs wouldn't refuse.

Vireo waited on her side of the stage, he duet partner, Josh, waited on his side of the stage. At the signal of Mrs. Jigs hand the bother entered the stage as their music started.

(I should tell you- Rent)

Josh: I Should Tell You I'm Disaster
I Forget How To Begin It

Viero: Let's Just Make This Part Go Faster
I Have Yet - To Begin In It
I Should Tell You

Josh: I Should Tell You

Viero: I Should Tell You

Both: I should tell you

Viero:Oh no

As Josh started to sing her part she looked at the crowd. She felt her face flush. Three men with red eyes were staring at them, however she noticed the snowy haired one was stared dead at her. She snapped out of her frightened daze quick enough to realized they were waiting on her to sing her part.

Viero: Here go-goes

She stuttered nervously. She couldn't take this anymore! The young dark haired girl runaway from their eyes. She didn't want to be in that room. That man scared her. She ran into a room and closed the door behind her. Viero didn't know why they had frightened her so much.

Caius pov

The girl singing had a rather beautiful voice, and a even more beautiful sent to her blood. He wanted to sink his greedy fangs into her tiny neck the moment her sniffed her out. It didn't bother him that she noticed he was looking right at her. He wanted her to know. He even had to hold his tounge to keep himself from laughing when she ran off the stage.

The vampire named Caius stayed in his seat until his brother Aro stood up. He extended his fang knowing what his brother was about to do. Even before Aro could finish with his clapping hand gesture, all the vampires had a human in their clutches. Caius had the boy Viero snag with. He didn't like this one. He didn't like that way he look at that singing girl either. He bit into the little pest's neck and drank slow, he made a painful mess of it. He wanted the others to know that the girl that ran off was his and his alone. He threw the boy over his shoulder, and made his way to where the girl was. He already knew where she was hiding. He could smell her.

Viero pov

She panicked when she heard the blood chilling screaming of her friends. The girl pulled and pushed on the door, but it just wouldn't budge. What the hell had they gotten themselves into? The girl leaned on the door, and slid down on to the ground into a huddled position. They were all dead and she knew it. They all had been killed by those…those red eyed monster while she had ran and hid. Behind her she head footsteps. She jumped to her feet and stepped away from the door. Maybe….maybe they wouldn't be able to find her. ….maybe they would forget about her.

She watched as the door knob turned. He couldn't even take one step before a flash of white appeared in front of her. She stepped back, but someone grabbed her wrist and yanked her foreword. She looked up to see the man that was staring at her from before, but only he had blood all over him. She screamed loudly, in response he growled.

"Be quite, girl, and I just might spare your life." His red eyes locked with her. She could see how red they were until now, before she hadn't even noticed they were…sort of milky.

"Please, Just let me go.", Viero tried to pull away but he only pulled her closer.

"You had better be still, or wind up without an Arm.:"despite his harsh threat, his eyes seemed to have softened. He stared to walk, dragging her along with him. She had to speed walk just to keep up with the monster that held her captive. He lead her to large wooded door, and her swung with open with his one free hand. The heavy looking door opened with ease. He pushed her inside. "You will wait herer." And with that he slammed the door closed. it's not romantic yet, but don't worry folks that will be coming up shortly.

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