The voice was back. She had been hearing it for years, but it had never been as loud as it was now. And it always said the same thing.

Go to England.

For years she had ignored it. It didn't sound right. What was in England? And why did the mysterious voice demand that she go?

She shook her head. This wasn't the time to muse about it. Chibiusa-chan was coming again. She was the only girl near her age that would even talk to her.

Everyone else found her creepy, with her bookish habits and mysterious ailment.

"Hotaru-chan!"Chibiusa cried out upon seeing her. Chibiusa was a strange girl herself. For one thing, she had naturally pink hair that she always put up in rabbit ears. And she had a floating cat head that followed her everywhere named Luna P.

"Konnichiwa, Chibiusa-chan!" said Hotaru.

Hotaru was about five-seven, with neck length straight black hair and deep green eyes. Most people mistook them for a deep blue-green at first glance. Her father once said that her hair used to go all over the place until it grew out.

She could heal small wounds (and black out afterwords) see into the future (had saved her from being run over twice) and could create an impenetrable barrier. Unfortunately, the barrier was iffy at best.

Hotaru smiled widely. Chibiusa had come up with a great idea for them to try. Team Karaoke. Hotaru was all for it, since she had a large music collection.

"And now for our next pair, Chibiusa Tsukino and Hotaru Tomoe!" said the announcer. Chibiusa had found an under-fourteen tournament. The first prize was 100,000 yen and a professional mike.

"The boundless future stretches across the skies

And I am reborn anew

I'll make the snow of happiness fall all over the world

Destiny is there to be grasped, so stretch out your hands

There is no tomorrow which has already been decided

Even if you say nothing, I know our meeting

that day was no coincidence

I sensed eternity in your distant gaze

The light of the setting sun is beautiful

If the cold wind glimmers

I can hear your voice drifting gently

Knowing that I am not alone in my heart

Warms it so much that it hurts

It all begins from the point of believing

These feelings are proof of being alive

The endless future and expanding skies

Allow me to be reborn anew

I'll make the snow of happiness fall all over the world

Holding hands with you."

(Opening to Pretear, 'White Destiny')

Chibiusa was up next. She couldn't believe how good Hotaru was. She went up on the stage and cleared her throat before she began to sing.

"I'm sorry that I'm not honest

I can say that in my dreams.

My thoughts are about to short-circuit.

I want to see you right now.

It makes me want to cry, this moonlight.

And I can't make a call at midnight.

Because I'm naïve, what should I do?

My heart is a kaleidoscope.

Guided by the light of the moon...
we meet each other again and again.

By counting the constellations' blinking...

we forecast the outcome of this love.

We were born in the same country.

Miracle Romance

I believe in it.

Miracle Romance."

(Opening to Sailor Moon)

The crowd was stunned. It was clear that there was a definite tie between Chibiusa and Hotaru. No one could decide which one they liked the best.

"Since there appears to be a tie between these two lovely young ladies, there will be a tie breaker round! The winner shall be chosen by the audience!"

Hotaru looked at Chibiusa. She really didn't care either way who won.

"Hotaru-chan, let's do our best!" said Chibiusa. Hotaru nodded. Whoever won, they would still be friends. Hotaru would go after Chibiusa.

Chibiusa proudly took the center stage and began to sing again.

"Since I met you...

the love shining deep in my heart...

is too lonely...

so, I quietly closed my eyes.

Actions that mean nothing...

and all those everyday words...

Each time I remember them...

I feel as though tears were going to fall.

Right now, baby, baby love.

Even nights that I cry, someday we can...

laugh reminiscing the past.

That's how I want us to be..."

('Wanting to be us', ending of Sailor Moon Super S.)

The crowd cheered it's approval. Hotaru waited to take her turn. She took the stage and began her song.

"We witnessed the power which has changed our future

In our dream

In the midst of noise, I heard you cry

Which unmasked my weakness as I was laughing

Only you know the way to go

So chase after a different sky

We desire the courage to face toward the future

So we get lost in the past

I am returning to the very present where you are smiling."

(Opening to Pandora Hearts)

It seemed they liked Hotaru's voice over Chibiusa. So much so in fact that they called for an encore. Chibiusa cheerfully pushed Hotaru back onto the stage. Hotaru stumbled slightly, but got up there. Her voice didn't waver as she began to sing again.

"Stray! Stray!

In the cold breeze that I walk along

The memories of generations burn within me

Been forever since I cried the pain and sorrow

I live and die, proud of my people gaining

I'm here standing at the edge

Starin up at where the moon should be


No regrets 'cause I got nothin to lose

Ever stray!

So I'm gonna live my life as I choose

Until I fall...

Stray! Stray!

Stray! Stray!

In the white freeze, I never spoke of tears

Or opened up to anyone including myself

I would like to find a way to open to you

Been awhile, don't know if I remember how to

I'm here waiting on the edge

Would I be alright showing myself to you?

It's always been so hard to do..


No regrets 'cause I got nothin to lose

Ever stray!

So I'm gonna live my life as I choose

Until I fall...

Stray! Stray!

Stray! Stray!

Stray! Stray!

Is there a place left there for me

Somewhere that I belong

Or will I always live this way... ?

Always stray

No regrets 'cause I got nothin to lose

Ever stray!

So I'm gonna live my life as I choose

Cause all things fall

Stray! Stray!

Stray! Stray!

Stray! Stray!


(Opening to Wolf's Rain)

Once she finished, she got her prize. Since it was Chibiusa's idea to join the tournament, she took her friend out to lunch.

"You're really good at singing, Hotaru-chan!" said Chibiusa over her burger.

"I like to listen to music when I read. Some of it happens to be anime songs," said Hotaru, sipping her ice cream float.

Chibiusa began to discuss which anime was best when Hotaru caught a look at the clock.

"Oh no! If I don't get back soon, Papa will find out I went out!"

They finished their lunch and headed straight for Hotaru's house. Unfortunately, she was caught.

"Hotaru, where were you?" demanded one of her father's assistants.

"I needed some fresh air," said Hotaru timidly.

"You know your father forbade you from leaving the grounds. What if you had passed out?"

Hotaru looked annoyed. She didn't pass out every time she left the school. It was only on rare occasions.

Chibiusa waved to her friend, who was banished to her room for two weeks.

In that time, she felt a surge of malignant power go through her body. She was left gasping for air as the power rushed through her very being.

When it was over, she had to sit down, and try to remain calm. Something had happened. Something big.

She could feel her body slipping out of her control. Whatever was inside her, whatever dark spirit possessed her, was breaking free. Another voice seemed to call out to her. A warm, kind voice that was lonely.

Do not be afraid. I shall protect you.

Who are you? you.

She lost all control of her body, and watched in horror as the dark being swallowed the pure heart crystal that belonged to Chibiusa.


She had no control over her body as the malignant spirit took over completely. Her body grew taller and her hair fell to the ground.

"I am Mistress 9. The Messiah of Silence," said the dark spirit smugly.

No! Bring her back! Hotaru cried from inside her soul. The spirit which had seemed warm gently enveloped her. The darkness retreated enough that Hotaru could turn to see what the other spirit looked like.

Her eyes widened in shock. It looked identical to her, only older! There seemed to be a light surrounding her as well.

I am Sailor Saturn. Your past self.

Please, save Chibiusa!

I can't. It isn't within my power to save her right now. We need to wait for an opening.

Hotaru wanted to cry. Her best friend was hurt, almost to the point of death, and she couldn't help her.

Isn't there anything I CAN do for her? Even if it's a small thing?

Sailor Saturn looked pensive. There was something she could do, but it wouldn't involve her powers. Rather the power of the body that she inhabited these days. The power...of magic.

There is something. But to use that would cause more trouble that it's worth.

Please! I have to do something! She's my precious friend!

Very well. But you will have to live with the consequences sooner rather than later.

Sailor Saturn took Hotaru's hand. A warm light began to shine. It felt like the sun. The warm feeling enveloped Hotaru completely.

Find Chibiusa's pure heart crystal. If you can find it and keep it from Mistress 9, then her power would decrease. Not to mention she wouldn't be able to completely absorb it like the others.

Hotaru sought the crystal out by thinking only of Chibiusa.

Friendly, kind, warm... she is like the full moon on a dark night. She's always cheerful, and always thinks of others with a calm attitude. She is down to earth, and very warm to be around.

The light began to grow and expand. Ribbons flowed freely from the light, and started to float around. Suddenly one latched onto another light. This was pink and very warm. It felt like an afternoon breeze during the summer.

The light came to Hotaru, and she realized that she had found Chibiusa's crystal.

With the drop in power, Mistress 9 scowled at them. So she decided to play dirty with the scouts. She used Hotaru's voice to rob them of their will to fight.

Sailor Moon couldn't fight Hotaru. She wanted to bring the girl back. Sailor Uranus and Neptune had no such reservations. They wanted to end both Mistress 9 and Hotaru.

Once Mistress 9 had the grail, things went from bad to worse.

Mistress 9 attempted to keep control of the body, but with the combined power of Hotaru's magic and Saturn's power, it was clear that Mistress 9 would be destroyed. Hotaru's light was too strong for such a malignant spirit to survive.

Mistress 9 was blasted out of the body through Saturn's power. The symbol of Saturn, which had lied dormant under the power of Mistress 9, now showed up bright. The dark star of evil had been destroyed.

Saturn's first action once she regained her body was to return Chibiusa's crystal. Otherwise Hotaru would fight her until she did it.

Chibiusa's breathing evened out once she regained her heart's crystal.

Saturn returned to the battle, and fully materialized.

She drew her scythe, and prevent Sailor Moon from entering the dark miasma. She was too weak to survive in it.

Hotaru was fully awake, and lent her magic to Saturn's own power. The flashes of light from within the darkness were brighter than the moon above. Uranus and Neptune looked in shock. From within the darkness was a bright form, almost the color of the moon itself.

The form finally took form as Sailor Moon transformed in the Savior.

It was a pure white phoenix. Or at least, appeared to be one. The colors that were in the light were so overpowering that they blended into one.

"It can't be... A Star Phoenix?" said Uranus in shock.

"I thought they were all killed by the Negaverse?" said Neptune. Her eyes were wide.

The phoenix trilled, and they felt their energy returning. A Star phoenix had been the symbol of the Royal family for generations.

The phoenix form flew around Super Sailor Moon, giving her the power to enter the darkness.

The black orb, which had been fighting the bright flashes of light, vanished.

Sailor Moon reappeared with a baby Hotaru in her arms. Uranus and Neptune looked in shock, because Hotaru was glowing with the same color as the phoenix.

Elsewhere, in England...

Dumbledore looked up in surprise. His devices which monitored the girl had started going off like mad. They had been silent ever since he left her at her aunt's.

Much to his anger, someone or something had removed her from the doorstep long before Petunia Dursley had found her niece. And that same power had hid her for eleven long years.

Now he had her. His smile widened cruelly. His pawn would return to his grasp very soon. And just in time to face the creature which had lain dormant in the Chamber.

Setsuna took little Hotaru into her arms. The glow which had worried the others was gone now. But it was still present.

Hotaru had magic. There was no other explanation. The only reason Michiru and Haruka weren't freaking out about that is that Hotaru seemed to possess pure light magic. The only hint of darkness was leftovers from Mistress 9.

Or so they thought.

Hotaru grew like a normal child. She did have accelerated growth spurts, but they assumed it had something to do with the power of the phoenix inside her.

Then one day someone came to their house. Someone who Setsuna refused to allow in.

A man wearing clashing colors and a long beard stood at the door. Michiru sensed something cruel about him. Haruka adjusted her grip on an increasingly fidgety Hotaru. The little girl wanted to get away from the man.

So Haruka hid just outside the kitchen. She caught a word in three, most of it in English of all things.

Hotaru made it very clear she wanted to get as far away from the strange man as possible. When she couldn't, she looked like she was about to start bawling.

Haruka became nervous. The only ones who could calm her down when she started crying her eyes out for no apparent reason were Setsuna and Michiru. Even then, Michiru could only calm her down by playing the violin, and Setsuna had to read to her. She tried to rock Hotaru a bit, hoping to put the girl to sleep.

What happened next came as a surprise.

'Are you sure it's safe, leaving her with THEM? I've watched them all day, they are the worst sort of people imaginable!'

Haruka blinked. Was this a memory of Hotaru?

The old man's eyes twinkled. They seemed colder than Saturn's eyes, and much more cruel. A larger man was bawling his eyes out. A stern looking woman who could match Setsuna when she was disciplining Hotaru looked worried about something.

The small bundle shifted slightly, and Haruka could see it was a baby Hotaru. Only she was different from before. Her eyes were an emerald green, her hair went all over the place, and there was a scar of lightning on her forehead.

The old man placed Hotaru on the doorstep with only a thin blanket and a note.

Haruka walked up, noticing that none of the three noted her. Which meant this was a memory of the past.

Her blood ran cold when she read the note.

'Petunia, your niece is now your problem. She is not to be adopted, or told of our world. We will come for her in ten years. Under no circumstances is she to be told of anything.

You are to keep her in the family until she comes of age. I will accept no excuses.


This man would willingly risk a child with a family who might not want her? And the way he wrote the seemed like he intended to use Hotaru as a pawn in a game of sorts.

Haruka gasped. Hotaru was now sound asleep in her arms. It seemed showing her the vision had wore her out.

The old man was louder now. It seemed he felt the surge. Haruka held Hotaru closer. There was no way in hell she was going to let that man take Hotaru!

Apparently Setsuna had the same idea, because she stood firmly in his way. Her power as the Guardian of Time was bubbling under the surface. One wrong move from the man, and he would be sent back to the stone ages or worse.

Finally, he went away. But not before a large ball of fire attacked him.

He seemed very surprised to see it there. Setsuna realized it had to be his familiar.

Haruka made sure to keep Hotaru in sight. With a wizard involved, there was no telling what he would pull to retrieve her.

"Haruka, what's wrong?" asked Michiru. Out of the three of them, she had shown the least concern over Hotaru. To show this much worry, something must have happened.

"Hotaru...showed me a vision of her past. That man is trying to use her."

"Was that the temporal flare I felt earlier?" asked Setsuna.

Haruka nodded.

"What did she show you?" asked Michiru.

"That man... he was going to abandon her to someone he didn't know and then pick her up ten years later. The woman told him that they couldn't be trusted, and he refused to listen. And there was this note..."

Haruka told them the contents of the note, and everyone scowled. If the plan had worked, it was possible that the Messiah of Silence would have destroyed everything, and that man would have control of Saturn.

A disastrous thought.

Setsuna came up with a timetable that insured Hotaru wouldn't be left alone for more than a minute. It was all they could do with their powers gone for the moment.