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It wasn't supposed to happen.

No one was meant to get hurt.

No one.

But someone did.

The hosts gathered in the hospital room.

The doctor stepped in and informed them of their friend's condition. It wasn't reassuring.

Time passed. Time froze. A million things happened in a second, but the host on the hospital bed did nothing at all.

He never left.

The others began to worry.

He wasn't at school; he wasn't attending club.

Other students worried, too.

He never left.

How could he leave him?

Exactly. He couldn't.

It was his fault he was in that bed in the first place.

If only he, if only he...

The boy sighed.

If only.

The boy was everywhere and yet he was nowhere.

Glimpses of his life flashed before him.

He didn't know where he was, but he knew he wasn't meant to be there.

'I have to go back.'

Back to where?

Days passed.

Time passed.

Things changed, but the situation in one hospital room remained unaltered.

The boy didn't wake up.

The other boy never left.

The nurses worried.

The waiting boy had always been fit, but now he was thinner than the boy in the bed. He also had dark circles under his eyes from restless nights in one of the room's three chairs.

The nurses tried to help. They suggested for him to head home. They offered to bring him food from the cafeteria. They tried, but nothing helped.

He would always decline.

Two weeks passed.

On the fifteenth day the waiting boy collapsed, just as the other hosts entered the hospital.

'What's going on?'

The boy blinked his eyes.

They felt heavy and it was hard at first, but he was able to keep his eyes open after blinking for the fifth or sixth time.

The ceiling was white. The room smelt of cleaning products.

The smell of a hospital.

'I'm in a hospital?'

Something squeezed his right hand. It was another hand.

A familiar hand.

The boy moved his head to his right. Sitting beside him was his reflection. Sitting by him was his one and only constant in life.


Hikaru grinned at his brother. His right arm was in a sling and his cuts were nearly healed.

Kaoru was relieved to see his older brother and twin finally awake. "When did you...?"

"I woke up yesterday. They said I can leave tomorrow." Hikaru informed him.

"That's great news." Kaoru smiled at his brother.

Hikaru's face suddenly grew serious. "Kaoru, do you know how frightening it was for me when the nurse said you passed out?"

Kaoru slowly shook his head, surprised by his brother's quick shift in mood.

"Kaoru, do not scare me like that again. You hear?"

"But you were in a coma!" he exclaimed, defending his decision to stay by his brother's side. "We didn't know when you'd wake up! I couldn't leave you alone. I would never leave you alone."

"Hika, I was scared too." Kaoru's hand slightly trembled in his brother's grasp.

Hikaru shook his head. "That still gives you no right to starve yourself. Looking out for me doesn't mean you have to almost die in the process."

Kaoru turned away from his brother.

"I'm sorry." He whispered.

Silence followed the quiet apology.

Finally Hikaru spoke; his smile and forgiveness evident in his reply.

"Kaoru, you're such an idiot."