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Short Prologue

"So what will it be?"

"I want a new life," Bella said, "I want to forget about them."

Bella looked up and met Aro's brilliant red eyes. Once upon a time those red eyes would have sent chills down her spin. Once upon a time felt like an eternity ago.

Aro nodded, a small smile matching the sparkle in his eye.

It had been decided, Bella Swan was finally moving on.

10 years later

Bella hated being left out from important meetings. She was Aro's fucken shield for fucks sakes! Was he insane? She tried to gauge the thoughts from Jane and Alec. Every so often she wished she had Edwards power of mind reading. Bella quickly snapped out of that train of thought, or train wreck. She was already stressed to a breaking point, no need to add unwanted things to the pile of crap accumulating on Bella's back.

Jane was staring daggers at her, no doubt wishing she could inflict pain upon Bella but alas Jane had learned nothing over the past 10 years. Alec stood still as a statue next to his twin sister. Bella liked Alec, he was kind and smart. Unlike his sister he actually had a sense of humor, one that challenged that of Emmet's. Bella inwardly cringed, she didn't purposely think of them very often but sometimes she could not help it. Especially on days like these.

Neither sibling paid Bella much attention. She paced the room, not a common activity for a vampire as she waited and waited. She kept telling herself the only reason Aro was keeping her away was because he was dealing with a harmless vampire and having her there would be a waste of her time. But then why make Bella stay in this god awful room with Jane and Alec guarding her?

"This is ridiculous I'm going to Aro," Bella stopped her pacing and marched over to the double doors but Alec and Jane stepped in and stopped her progress. "Really?" Bella said simply. She challenged the siblings with her honey colored eyes. There's may have been a sparkling red but the fury and impatience in Bella's made them take a tentative step back. They continued to stop her progress even though Bella insisted on getting through.

"Bella," Alec said firmly, "I know you want to protect him, but trust me when I say he is in no danger."

"He is my maker I must protect him-" Bella started but was interrupted by Jane.

"Exactly! He is your maker, obey." Bella imagined squeezing Jane's head so hard that her eyes would bulged out, instead Bella didn't even look at her. At that exact moment a scream pierced the castle. Their heads shot upwards towards the noise. Whoever it was had been male and that was enough for Bella. She had finally snapped. She took advantage of the distraction and pushed pass Alec and Jane. She ran at vampire speed to the chamber the brothers were in and broke through the doors not bothering with the handles. She instinctively searched for her maker and spotted him in his normal seat in-between Caius and Marcus.

She started walking towards Aro to asses any damage when she saw something that made her stop in her tracks. A few feet ahead of her, on his back and panting was…


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