Greetings to anyone who opened this expecting to find a new chapter but I hate to disappoint. I wanted to explain the reason I have been M.I.A these past 8+ months. I also wanted to tell anyone still reading any of my stories that I'm not done writing.

Life throws you curve balls and even the most experienced players can miss a few. Last December I planned to continue writing but I left to visit my sister and when I came back the words just wouldn't flow. Some did but I didn't want to post half assed work on here. Not that my work is fantastic or anything it just didn't feel right. I took the liberty to be lazy and I decided to take a few weeks to myself. Turns out my family went through a rough patch financially and I wouldn't have internet for who knew how long.

Anyway that's the short version of events. I figured we were going to get internet back fast so I didn't bother writing. When we didn't get it back I figured I wouldn't write until we did. Then my friend called and told me they were hiring at her job and if I wanted her to set me up with an interview. I said yes, I got the job and moved out with her. I'm worse than broke right now but my family is thankfully in a better place.

I'm only here (my old house) until tomorrow and writing this on my mothers laptop. I have important things to save up for. Like a place of my own. I plan to go to school next year and many of you know that in this day and age it's almost impossible to go without owning a laptop. After getting my own place, a laptop is on my list of things to save up for. Only then will I be able to recommit to fanfiction.

These stories are my babies. They've seen me grow up. I've written when I couldn't speak to anyone and some of you have read when you couldn't do anything else. I'm finishing them I just can't give you guys a date that I can say this is when I'm coming back. Thank you for the recent reviews and reads my stories have gotten. I think of you guys often. I hope you don't give up on me.