Yes, it's another Robin story. But hey; it also focuses on M'gann!

Co-written with my friend Gracie. And yes I say co-written because she wrote the lovely beginning.

He didn't feel the arms try to shake him from the darkness as the rubble on top of him was cleared. He didn't hear the cries of plead for his safe return to consciousness. He didn't see the anguish of their faces or smell his own burnt flesh. He couldn't.

The final things he did remember sensing were nothing but pain.

An explosion. Crunching bones. Blood trailing from his limp body. It hurt. Burning flesh. Cries of anguish. Oh god the pain. Punctured lung. Silence. Rubble everywhere. Lack of oxygen. Internal bleeding? Pleads and pleads of familiar voices.


There was no light at the end of the tunnel. There was nothing in the world of the living that could even rival what was experienced here. It was an overflow of the senses yet a complete underwhelming of them. It was the feeling that one was part of something much greater of themselves yet nothing of all. A warm ocean of an oxymoronic world that made one feel at ease. There was no pain or even a body to feel it with. There is only serenity as well as a complete absence of feeling. Why would anyone here even imagine leaving?

Then a sharp shock shook him from this world and into the world of the living but not quite. Once more he could feel he had a body. However with this body came the feeling of darkness and nothing at all.


There was nothing but silence.

It was killing him. It was more painful than the burn on his shoulder, or his crushed foot. Wally wanted to scream at someone to say something. But he didn't. He lay quietly in his bed, looking around the Cave's infirmary. It hadn't been put to use in a long time. When they got injured on missions, it was usually nothing that a first aid kit couldn't handle. Even when Wally had broken his arm, his uncle had simply taken him to the doctor in Central City and told him that Wally fell off his skateboard. But that wouldn't work this time. It was easy to explain away a broken arm. It was much harder to explain a crushed foot, a second degree burn on his shoulder, and multiple minor cuts and scrapes across his body.

The infirmary was a spacious place with cream-colored walls and tiled floors. Most of the beds were empty. The ones on either side of him, however, weren't. Artemis lay to his right. She had burns on her arms and hands, but they weren't as bad as the one on his shoulder. He was happy for that. Artemis was a pain, but she didn't deserve to have her arms burned off. There was a long cut just above one of her eyes. And one of her ribs was probably broken, too. She wasn't able to breathe deeply when Conner had helped pull her from underneath the rubble.

On the other bed was Kaldur. Apparently they'd had to put him in a tank full of water for a brief period of time. But now he was allowed to rest in bed. Kaldur had also gotten a concussion and three broken ribs in addition to burns on his legs, but he appeared to be comfortable enough. They were all expected to make full recoveries. M'gann and Conner were barely even injured. If at all. Yes. They would all be fine.

Except one.

Wally couldn't remember much. He remembered the explosion. And then suddenly he was on the ground. His ears were ringing and his vision was swimming. There wasn't a lot of pain at first. Perhaps there was just too much shock to register everything at once. But within seconds M'gann was beside him and beating on his arm with her cape, trying to put the fire out. He didn't realize his arm had been on fire until later. But he realized his foot was hurt pretty quickly. When Conner moved the rubble, M'gann had tried pulling him to his feet. That hadn't worked out well.

He remembered looking around once he was finally on his feet. (Or really, balancing on his uninjured foot.) Conner was helping Artemis up, and M'gann was looking over the burns on Kaldur's legs with a concerned expression.

"…where's Robin?" Wally remembered asking dully. He couldn't remember where Robin had been when the blast had happened. The question was distant in his own ears; he could barely hear his voice. All he could hear was that ringing sound.

The team paused. They looked at each other. Where was Robin?

Kaldur shot to his feet and ran over to where the blast had originated. It was nothing but a mass of rubble now. Concrete and dust. Then it dawned on him; Robin had been right there. He'd been tinkering with the weapon they'd found, trying to hack and disarm it so it could be safely transported by the League and then studied. Wally tried to dash over to help Kaldur. But in his horror he'd forgotten about his foot. He'd ended up splayed across the ground again.

After getting back up and noticing he had a terrible burn on his arm, he joined the others at the rubble pile. They were yelling for Robin. Conner was lifting the largest chunks of concrete and metal and throwing them aside. Eventually they found him. Kaldur pulled him out carefully. He was bleeding badly, his clothes were partly burned off, and he was not breathing. Wally thought Kaldur swore in Atlantian before starting CPR. After a few minutes of that, Robin began breathing again. They contacted the League. Wally fell asleep on the way back to the Cave, and when he woke up he was in the infirmary. No one had said much since he'd woken up. Though Artemis and Kaldur were both wide awake.

M'gann floated in, with Conner not far behind her.

"How is Robin?" Wally asked quickly. Artemis and Kaldur had no answers for him when he'd woken up. They'd hurried Robin off to be given urgent care. No one knew what was going on with him.

M'gann replied, "We don't know. We asked, but they wouldn't tell us anything." Artemis, Wally, and Kaldur said nothing. They only sat back, disappointed with the lack of news. The Martian girl tried to lift their spirits. "I'm sure he's fine."

He wasn't breathing when Kaldur dragged him out. Wally thought. But he was happy to have someone fill the silence.

They talked with Conner and M'gann a little. Then the doors opened and Black Canary walked in. All of them fell silent and looked at her expectantly.

"He's alive." She told them. The young heroes breathed sighs of relief. "His injuries are bad, but they aren't anything he can't recover from." More relief. But Kaldur simply stared at her with hard silver eyes. She was holding something back from them.

"So he'll be able to get back to training in a few weeks?" Kaldur asked. Everyone but M'gann and Conner would be out of commission for at least a week or two. Robin would most likely be even longer than that. He was only human, after all. Black Canary hesitated. Everyone was back on alert again when they realized she didn't want to give them an answer. What didn't she want to tell them?

Black Canary crossed her arms over her chest and sighed. "He may. But…we don't know when exactly he'll wake up."

"What do you mean?" Artemis frowned. "I mean, if he's sleeping-"

"He's in a coma." Black Canary told them. A stunned silence fell over the team. "We don't know when…or if…he'll wake up."

The silence resounded in between them. Wally felt like he was suffocating under it. No. It couldn't be right…it had just been a simple mission…find that weapon, disarm it, bring it back for research…this wasn't supposed to happen. They couldn't lose Robin to a mission as simple as that. Wally opened his mouth to speak. Once, twice…but the silence seemed to have taken his voice.

Surprisingly, it was M'gann who found the strength to break the silence. "Can we see him?"

Black Canary hesitated. Her blue eyes looked them over. They all looked so beaten, by the accident and by the news. "Not right now. In a few days, ok? Who knows; by then he might be awake." Something in her tone told them he probably wouldn't be. But they allowed themselves to hope anyhow. Hope and wait.