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Bulma and her father are the best scientist in Japan- No, the world probably. Already they've developed a transport device, and have taken a crew to the only unexplored area of earth left; A place long ago dubbed "The Void" because anyone who ever entered disappeared, never to be seen again. The Briefs want to take samples of animals and plants, but when they accidentally stumble upon the Prince of a race they didn't know existed, they drop everything and begin a new study. The mysterious man isn't exactly willing however, so slightly…extreme measures are taken. After bringing him back to a chamber to keep him contained, Bulma slowly starts communicating with him. That's when she realized that he is so much more than some experiment, not just as a person, but to her…

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Chapter 1: Void


A blue haired girl opened her eyes to find herself in a foggy mass of woods. Her father and crew appeared behind her, along with all their equipment as well as temporary living quarters. The scientists sat down many boxes, taking out capsules and opening them. In mere minutes, they'd set up a miniature village.

Bulma smirked. She was a genius. The capsules had been her idea.

"Imagine it!" she'd told her father. "Taking mass and contracting it into an infinitely small space, to be able to remove it and put it back whenever you please! Imagine the possibilities!" He'd loved her idea, and the two began working on it immediately.

She was only twenty. She hadn't bothered going to college; what was the point? They could teach her anything she didn't already know; heck, she should be the one teaching them! Besides, she was an heiress. A genius heiress. Capsule Corp. was one of the most established companies on earth. Her future, and probably the future of her great-great-great-great 5x great grandchildren's' futures were set!

The teleportation device had been hers too. A small (very fashionable) belt with buttons on the side, like sequins almost. Each one did something different. One button was the teleporter itself, another was a shield, one was a weapon dispenser, and so on. Capsule technology mixed with that of flying cars.

The crew had told her teleportation was impossible.

"Oh please! Imagine if we had ultra-fast cars that could take us arcross the globe in seconds. Would that accountable speed not be considered teleportation? I am not bending time and space; I am merely decreasing the amount of time it should take us in order to cross that space."

They'd been speechless.

She chuckled, remembering. What a clever, young, beautiful, talented woman she was.

The boy was surprised, to say the least.

He gripped his spear in his hands, glad his unusual need for a weapon had overtaken him that day.


It had been blinding. Instinctively, he closed his eyes, shielding his face with his he opened them, all he saw was a girl.

No, she was a woman.

She was pretty, with strange blue hair and eyes. Her skin was pale, like Kakarot's woman.

He'd never seen blue hair. Actually, he'd never seen anyone without black hair. It was long and straight and…tamed. All the women in his village had crazy hair. Except Kakarot's woman…

Ah, so that was it. This strange blue haired female was a human. That explained things.


Another one? He thought angrily. Who did these people think they were, barging into his home like this?

He watched in awe as they opened the capsules. Huh. Why haven't we thought of that? He wondered.

His people were very technologically advanced, although their everyday lives were primitive. They had guns, but they mostly preferred to hunt with bows, swords and spears, if they used weapons at all.

"I want my lab over there," the blue haired woman said.

"Yes, Miss Briefs," the men said.

What kind of blasphemy is this? Women ordering men around! The boy scoffed.

"Bulma,dear?" A man with purple hair came out of one of the newly placed buildings.

Men with purple hair. It's unnatural. The boy sneered.

"Yes Daddy?"

"Would you like to start examining plants or animals first?" the man asked.

"Plants are boring. Let's go with animals." She said firmly. The boy was slightly impressed by her answer. She must at least have Saiyan traits if she preferred the hunt over herbs.

Still. This was his territory. They were not permitted to hunt here.

He tensed, crouching to spring.

COME HOME. A voice rand in his head. Blasted telepathy.



The boy growled, slinking into the brush.

Bulma jumped, scanning the area. She' d heard something. A growl maybe? Her hand moved to the button on her belt that released the weapon. She saw nothing and shrugged, going back to what she was doing.

The boy wasn't tall, but he wasn't short either. He had flame black hair, and dark obsidian orbs to match. He was handsome, with dark features and tan skin on his sculpted body; he was desired by many of the village women, and he knew it. He didn't like any of them though. He wanted a woman, not a slave. He thought back to the girl with blue hair, how she ordered the men around like she expected them to obey her on command, like she was smarter than they were and she knew it. Now that was a woman.

He was twenty one years old, but he wasn't a man. He wouldn't be a man until he had chosen a woman and gone through the rites of passage, like Kakarot had when he chose his human woman. Why he picked her was beyond the boy, although the harpy did have a few Saiyan traits, stubbornness being one of them.

He was incredibly fast. Without putting much effort into his gait, he had crossed the hundred miles to his palace in minutes. He stood before his father, his face serious and stoical.

"Do not engage with them," his father said. "We will observe them and decide if they can be useful. If they aren't, then you may dispose of them. Understood?"

"Yes Father."


The boy growled as he left the room. All these restrictions!

He felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Calm down will ya? We'll "interact" with them sooner or later," Kakarot said cheerfully.

He just growled again and stalked off into the woods.

Bulma sighed. Not a single animal so far! Geez, you'd think this place would be crawling with them! Not even a measly squirrel. Surely the life here was different and exotic! The animals shouldn't know enough to be afraid of humans!


She jumped. "What was that?" she asked.

No one answered. Bulma turned around to find herself completely alone.

"Oh great." She said. "That's just perfect. Absolutely peachy!"


And NOW something was stalking her. Lovely.

Bulma didn't believe in the "stay put and someone will find you" mess. No way was she standing still for that long, and sitting on who knows what was not an option.

So, she started walking.

For hours.

In circles.

And she couldn't find a soul.

She walked until she saw a clearing up ahead. Overjoyed to see something other than trees, she rushed forward – and fell into a giant hole.

Bulma landed with a thud. "Oww," she whined, rubbing the back of her head. She looked up. The hole was at least ten feet straight up. It looked like it'd been dug. But that was impossible. No people lived here.


That sound again!

Her heart thudded in her chest. Frantically she tried to catch her breath, figuring a predator would be able to smell her sweating. She reached for her belt, cursing herself for not remembering the emergency call button.


Her finger stung. She'd landed on the belt in a puddle of water. Now the stupid thing was short circuiting! Too late, she realized she should have put a tracking device on the belt so she could find her comrades if something like this happened.



Suddenly, a rope was tossed into the pit. Bulma jumped. "Hello?" she called. "Is anyone there?"

No answer.



Well, if whoever it is planned on killing me they could have shot me from above, she reasoned. Might as well.

She tugged on the rope, and finding it taunt, began climbing it. Finally pulling herself over the edge, Bulma looked around.

No one was there.

Okay, now things were getting creepy. "Hello? Is someone there? Hello!" No one answered her.

The rope, dummy, she thought.

She followed the rope, which led to a patch of thick brush…and stopped.

Whoever had pulled her from the pit had just dropped it and took off.

"What a jerk! Now I'm just as lost as I was! He/she could have at least told me where I am," she fumed and started walking back in the direction she figured she had come.

High in the trees, a twenty one year old boy hung from a branch by his tail and one hand, with one bare foot resting on the trunk, watching her.

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