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"The concept is to stay absolutely Vampire still no matter what. Wait. Watch. Listen. Observe. Then when the moment's right, strike hard, strike fast." Jasper explained as he circled Rose in the clearing at precisely 7AM that morning. "Remember, Vampire still, no matter what." He warned her one last time before finding her emotional center and sending her a tidal wave of conflicting emotions. Anger. Fear. Despair. The effect was immediate as Rosalie dropped to her knees with a half-growl, half cry of anguish. Jasper tapered the emotions of and steadily replaced them with a stream of pure calm. "Better?" he asked simply.

"Yeah. What was that?" Rose said wishing he would let her be angry with him for blindsiding her like that.

"That was an attack." Jasper said simply. "By the end of the week, I expect you to be able to stand absolutely Vampire still for at least thirty seconds of that."

"Oh, there's no way." Rose whined.

Jasper tilted his head to the side, but didn't say anything or try to manipulate Rose's emotions. Just the same, he started to feel her doubt fading and a trying spirit take over her emotions.

"Fine. I'll give it a shot. Do it again." Rose finally conceded and stood up, firmly planting her feet and growing absolutely still.

Jasper did as she said and shot the full blast of emotions at her and again she went to her knees within a millisecond of feeling the wave. Again Jasper tapered it off slowly and replaced it with calm. "Do you feel that?" He asked her slowly. "The draining away of everything but calm. Memorize that feeling. That's what you want to try to accomplish. I may be manipulating you now, but I know you can do this yourself. Just concentrate on whatever I make you feel, then imagine it draining away, leaving only calm in its wake. Try it. Stand up. Close your eyes if it helps, and just feel."

Rose did what she was told without argument, and this time she felt only one emotion coming from Jasper. Unfortunately, it was also the hardest for her. Despair. But she did as Jasper had instructed her and just allowed herself to feel it. She could still sense her body curling in on itself, but at least she wasn't falling to her knees this time. She imagined it draining away and forced her limbs to unwind from around herself. She still felt it very strongly, but somehow she was able to keep herself still regardless. A split second later, she felt anger and fear added to the mix and just like before it over powered her and she was on her knees before Jasper.

"That was good," Jasper encouraged his sister. "You ready to go again, or do you need a break?"

Rose opened her now black eyes to Jasper and let him feel her determination. "I almost had it. Let's go again." She rose to her feet never breaking eye contact with Jasper.

After several more tries, Rosalie was finally able to stand on her feet for a full five seconds when Jasper threw all the negative emotions he could at her emotional center.

"Alright, that was great. But remember this is a process, internal focus gives you five seconds, and that'll get better. This time let's try an external focus. Instead of thinking about the emotions draining away, don't think about them at all. Think about something else." He held onto her shoulders for a few seconds as he rotated her body so that it was facing one specific tree on the opposite side of the clearing. "Like that tree. This time, think only about that tree. Start at the bottom, the root structure, and work your way up to the tips of the ant chewed leaves. How does a tree grow from a sapling? How does photosynthesis work? How many leaves are on each individual branch? Whatever it takes to keep your focus on that tree and off of your emotions."

Rosalie nodded half to herself and half to Jasper as she contemplated what he was asking her to do. The process was much the same as it was when he had asked her to focus internally. He started with despair alone, and she managed to cope, but only for a precious few moments until he added anger and fear, and then she was on her knees. But they continued, and eventually, she was able to stand Vampire still for five seconds with an external focus under the onslaught of emotions Jasper was torturing her with.

Finally, the siblings could take no more and mutually decided to end training that day with a hunt. It was on the way back to the house, that Rosalie finally asked the question that had been burning in her mind all day. "So, what does all of this have to do with the Texas technique, anyway?"

"Everything. It is the Texas technique. The longer you're able to stay unresponsive under a variety of attacks, both physical, and mental, the longer you'll have to observe your opponent's weaknesses and the more energy stores you'll have when it comes time to attack back. It's nearly impossible for our kind to achieve. Your instinct is to fight back sooner rather than later using whatever methods you can. But the Texas technique is all about passivity. Which is why you have to know yourself before you can do it, otherwise, you wouldn't be able to control your instincts."

The rest of the week continued in much the same way, and by the end of it Rosalie could remain completely Vampire still for a good 20 seconds as Jasper fed her the full force of negative emotions in his arsenal. They were both so exhausted that neither one had the energy to tell Emmett no when he insisted on showing up for Rosalie's training earlier than they had originally agreed to. Jasper wanted to protest more than anything, but one look at Alice was all it took to melt his resolve. She wouldn't let him do this if there was any way that it could end badly for any of them.

Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Bella, and Nessie had been back in the Forks home for a full week while Jacob was trying to negotiate with Sam and the few members of the pack who had not yet stopped phasing. Time was passing slowly, much too slowly for any of their liking.

"Alright, Carlisle, what are you hiding?" Edward demanded as he entered the attic lab in the Forks home that he and his adopted father had shared off and on for the better part of three decades.

"I don't know what you mean," Carlisle told his son innocently.

"I know you're trying to block me. You've been reciting the periodic table of elements to yourself ever since you got back from talking to Sam today. Now what are you trying to hide?"

"I'm not trying to hide anything." Carlisle denied once more, shaking his head at Edward as he shuffled a couple of beakers around on the lab table in front of him.

"You're trying so hard to hide whatever it is from me that you're using the old periodic table. You just thought Berkelium before Californium. They switched them 10 years ago when they discovered an ionization process for Californium to account for the extra electron Berkelium generated."

"Well, it is rather hard to remember all the changes the table had to undergo with the introduction of Xyzelgium." Carlisle admitted with a small smile. He sighed and gave Edward a serious look. "I'll tell you what's going on only if you promise not to mention it to the rest of the family until I know something more certain."

"I promise. But what about Alice?"

"She won't see anything. Take a deep breath."

Edward did as he was told and was immediately assaulted with the burning wet dog smell. "Nessie said she and Jake might come by this evening. Leave it to my daughter to have the perfect timing. I guess I can't complain, at least it got them off the reservation. I really hate having her spend all her time there with him, instead of here with us."

Carlisle laughed richly before speaking again. "You know, Jake's going to stop phasing soon rather he wants to or not. All of our tests this past week have confirmed that. And his latest blood sample is even more conclusive than the last. According to Sam, it's almost unavoidable. Jacob's reached his time. I'm going to have to start monitoring him even closer. Perhaps move him from 12 hour blood samples, to 8 hour samples."

"I know all this, already." Edward said with a sigh.

"Are you going to be ready when it happens?" Carlisle asked seriously, knowing that the simple words were all Edward needed to hear to know what he was really asking.

"I'll be ready. I just hope that he will be because if he breaks Nessie's heart after coming so far…" Edward forced himself to stop before saying something he would regret.

"He approached us, Edward. He wouldn't have done that if he wasn't serious. I think he'll be ready. None of us expected it this quickly, but we will adjust."

"Are you sure that it's even going to work?"

"I don't know, but all the tests we've done seem to indicate that it will. As soon as the wolf gene is inactivated, he'll be able to be turned. It may even be easier for him than it was for the rest of us."

"Or it could be worse." Edward almost wished that it would be worse on Jacob than the change was for anyone else. It would serve as even more vengeance for taking Nessie from him.

In the beginning of their relationship, everyone expect Emmett had thought they would end up as just friends, but in the end, Emmett was the only one who was right. When Nessie reached maturity, she agreed to one date with the wolf, and that one date was enough for her to fall in love. And now they were talking about marriage and Jacob was promising to stay with her forever. At first only Bella had fully understood what Jake had meant. But then they had made that announcement last week at the family meeting and now everyone understood. Jacob had even gone so far as to meet with Carlisle alone recently and had asked him if Carlisle would be willing to do the honors of changing him, since he was sure Edward would never agree to such a thing. It was just dumb luck that Edward himself had been walking past Carlisle's office at a key moment in the conversation. He still didn't know what had possessed him to push open the office door and interrupt the conversation with a promise to Jacob that would forever change their relationship.

"No. I'll be the one to change you if and when the time comes. Anything less would be dishonorable to my daughter. Nessie is part of me, and if my venom is part of you, then it's almost like she's part of you. It's the closest thing she can hope for." In his mind, it was all that needed to be said at the time.

But Jacob couldn't just leave it at that. "Won't I taste terrible to you?" He had asked astonished.

"Yeah, probably, but I can't ask Carlisle to bite a dog for my daughter's eternal happiness."

"Why would you want to then?"

"The same reason I intend to give Nessie away when you marry her. You're as in love with my daughter as I am with her mother."

Jacob was speechless for a minute, but he did manage to utter one more question before Edward could backtrack through the door. "Did you just give me your blessing? I mean…I was going to ask, but…I wasn't sure you'd say yes."

"Yeah, I think, that's exactly what I did. Now don't make me take it back."

"Thank you, Edward. Really, thank you."

Since then, Carlisle and Edward had poured themselves into researching in earnest if it was even possible to turn a shape-shifter like Jacob into one of them. It had been established awhile back that if bitten in their wolf form, Jacob's kind wouldn't be effected by the venom more than just feeling a strong, short lasting sting. They had found that out when Jasper got into a fight with Paul and ended up biting him. The two at least talked to each other now, but Paul still had a little white scar on his shoulder in the shape of Jasper's teeth. That was the same fight in which Jasper had lost his arm, literally, when Jake and Embry had joined the battle, much to Alice's dismay. Thankfully, the wolves didn't have time to burn his arm and Jasper was able to push it back into place. But the incident had left Alice in a frenzy for months afterward, and she had refused to let Jasper use that arm until Carlisle was certain that the torn muscle had regenerated and healed properly. Jasper had made Edward promise to never tell Alice how much getting his arm ripped off by a pack of wolves had hurt.

Edward had been the closest to vampire to Jasper when it had happened and thus had been the one to receive the full blast of the pain Jasper couldn't keep from broadcasting. Jasper's only thought at the time his eyes had met Edward's had been, 'Oh, crud, don't you dare tell Alice how much that hurt.' The same thought had been repeated when Jasper forced his arm back into his torso. The best part of the day, however, had been Bella's look of utter fascination as Jasper repaired his broken body.

Jasper had actually laughed at her and shrugged off her mixed emotions by saying, "Don't worry, Bella, I've had a lot of practice doing this." And only Edward had known how true that statement was as he heard Jasper calmly counting off the muscle connections in his head.

Edward was brought quickly back to the present when Carlisle turned on the speakers of his MP3 player. "Earth to Edward. Do you want to hear this or not?" Carlisle teased him.

"Sure I want to hear it. And you sound hilarious when you try to use cool phrases like that."

"Cool, dude." Carlisle commented causing Edward to first narrow his eyes and then laugh at the thought behind the words. "All joking aside, I do have something very important to tell you." Edward nodded, encouraging him to continue. "I have an important meeting on Thursday afternoon, so I'm afraid that you'll be on your own to run Jacob's tests that day." He paused for dramatic effect. "I'm meeting with Carl Jones and Bill Porter."

A huge grin spread across Edward's face as Carlisle's words registered with him. "The Carl Jones and Bill Porter? As in the two leading scientists in the field of chemical medicine today?" He finally managed to speak.

"Those are the ones. They want to talk to me about the new line of D double V medicines I introduced at the hospital. Apparently they saw the article you saw me reading when you first arrived in Maine, and are very interested in getting in on the project. The trials with the few patients I've been working with have all shown great promise. Jones and Porter are impressed enough that they are willing to help expedite the process for getting approved to conduct clinical trials at other hospitals as well. This is the first step to gaining permanent FDA approval to market D double V medicines. As you know from the article, no one has been able to break element Vampinium down into simpler components, and thus it will be added to the table, and that only adds to Jones and Porter's excitement. There's actually a team of scientists already trying to replicate my results for D double V using the facts sheet I provided them. I told them that it could only be produced in limited quantities and that I personally had to oversee its usage, and so far they are respecting that. In fact, they've gone so far as to say that even after FDA approval is granted for D double V, I'll be the only licensed user for it until I can train others on its proper usage."

"That's great! Finally! Ever since we tried it on Cassandra, I knew it would happen! Nothing can stop us now!"

"Woah, woah, slow down, not so fast, son. We can't get ahead of ourselves here. This is only a first meeting. And there is still one more hitch. The only thing that really can stop us. We still haven't perfected the synthetic double V we'll need to use in the marketable product. That's going to be the key to the real miracle medicine."

"Ok, I get it."

"Good, now get busy. I'm going to need several liters of double V solution ready for my meeting Thursday, so we need to start now." He said as he passed Edward an empty beaker.

"Ah, no fair. Rose and Emmett should be helping with this too." Edward complained, but knowing that his siblings were still in Maine, he took the beaker.

"Oh, they'll get their chance to help. Once I have FDA approval, I'll need everyone's help to manufacture D double V medicines. I suspect the front company that you and Jasper created will receive hundreds of requests every week. The front company is ready to go isn't it?"

"Yep. J&E Chemical Exports is open for business. We have licenses, a bank account, employees, we're all set. We just need some customers. And no, there's no way it can be traced back to us, Jasper took care of that end. Talking him in to going to business school was one of the best things Alice ever did. Between that, and his AC Jasper novels and modeling for JAC Fashion, I don't see how that man ever gets anything done."

Carlisle chuckled lightly, before turning serious again. "And the profits?"

"Not a problem. Jasper arranged it so that everything gets re-distributed back to the appropriate hospitals in the form of grants and large donations from magnanimous philanthropists."

"Great. That will leave the Volturi with no excuse to interfere."

"And Jasper and I can prove it to them if we have to."

"It won't come to that. They'll find out on their own where all the money's going and that we aren't making a profit, thus they won't interfere even to ask questions. And since no one will know what double V solution really is, there's no chance of exposure."

"Perfect. I'd say we're covered."

"Not quite. You still have to fill that beaker for me."

Edward growled causing venom to start filling his mouth. He obligingly spit it into the beaker and growled again, repeating the process until the beaker was full. He handed it to Carlisle with a smirk. "Satisfied?"

"No. You look like you need to hunt. Why don't you go do that now, and when you come back, you should be ready to fill another two beakers. Meanwhile, I'll return to the Jacob project. Oh, and by the way, I'll expect your assistance with creating synthetic double V. If we can have it ready to go by next month, then under the substitution and modification laws, a few simple chemical tests will be all that's needed to start using it, and in the long run that will save everyone more time and money and maybe even more lives because we'll be able to get it to more people."

"Good luck. Last time I checked, trial number 56 was still a long way off and Alice is still insisting that that will be the magic one for us."

Carlisle didn't react to Edward's comment aloud, but his thoughts told the other man everything he needed to know. "And Edward, don't make any plans for tonight. I don't know how long Jake is planning to delay voluntarily stopping phasing, and we still don't know what effect that will have on Alice's ability to see him and those of us around him. And I wouldn't want her to see anything that would cause her to interfere with the Jones and Porter meeting or D double V medicines. I love her for trying to help, I really do, but this is one of those things that needs to happen naturally. At least for now."

Edward nodded his understanding quickly before disappearing out of the attic lab.

"Daddy!" Nessie jumped up from her place on the couch as Edward passed through the living room.

"Hello, sweetheart." He replied, lightly kissing the top of her head. "Would you like to join me on a quick hunt?" He asked, looking over her head to where Jacob and Bella sat talking to each other.

"Sure!" Nessie said excitedly and ran back over to Jacob to kiss him goodbye. "We'll be back soon." She gave her mom a hug and returned to Edward's side. "So, where are we going?"

"Oh, not far. I just haven't been in a couple days and thought now would be a good time." He saw Bella give him a look over Jacob's shoulder, and he smiled in return to let her know that everything was ok.

Less than an hour later, Edward had taken down two does and a stag, and Nessie had managed to drain two does as well. Now the father and daughter duo sat talking under a tree not far from the Cullen home. "Oh, I've missed having you around." Edward told his little girl. "You and Jacob are spending way too much time on the reservation for my liking."

"I've missed you too." Nessie admitted. "But Jake needs to be close to his people right now. They all say they understand why he's considering what he is, but at the same time, he's afraid, they're all just going to hate him after he's changed. After all, it wasn't that long ago that he was convinced he would hate Mom once she was changed. Who knows, if it wasn't for me, he may have hated her. Besides, Jake and I also have a wedding to plan."

"He proposed? When were you going to tell your mother and me?"

Nessie blushed. "I just did."

"Well, congratulations."

Nessie's eyes started to water with the unexpected emotion. "Really, you mean it? You're happy for us?"

"You're in love, and that makes you happy, so yes, that makes me happy too. I only gave him my blessing a week ago, that kid moves fast."

Nessie laughed musically. "He actually asked your permission?"

"Sort of. But that's between me and him. You know, your Aunt Alice is going to have a field day helping you plan everything, you and Jake don't need to be worrying over it without her. It would be cruel to leave her out of such an important event."

"I know, but it's a good distraction. And Alice can change anything about it she would like within reason. Jake just doesn't like to think about…you know…being changed. Becoming one of us." Nessie brought her hand up to show her dad pictures of Jacob's frustration and fear and worry. Last she showed him a conversation the two had just the previous evening.

"Nessie, I haven't been able to phase once since we got back to Forks. I think it's time for me to talk to Carlisle more about the procedure. We told your family it could happen at any time, and it's happening now. I can see it on his face with each blood draw he does." Jacob had been saying to her.

"Let me talk to my dad first. To make sure that he's ready." She had told him in response.

Now in the present, she was saying, "I know you'll be ready at a moment's notice. You were for Mom. But what I really wanted to ask you was, is there any way I can be the one to do it? I want Jake to wear my scar like Mom wears yours."

"It's impossible, Renesmee, you know that you don't produce the necessary venom."

"But what if I had some of yours or Carlisle's, or even Mom's venom in my mouth when I bit him? That would work, wouldn't it?"

"No. It wouldn't. You wouldn't be able to get the venom deep enough. He would still change, but it would take longer, and be harder on him."

"Then, what can I do? I love him, Dad. I just want this to be as easy as possible for him, and I thought that if I could be the one to bite him…" her voice trailed off as Edward pulled her into a tight embrace.

"I know, and the best thing you can do for Jacob is just to be there for him during the change. You might not want to actually be there when I bite him, but afterward, he'll need you."

"No, I can handle it." Nessie said as she showed Edward pictures of her at school.

"This is a little different."

"How so?" She showed him a picture of one student getting a paper cut and another being injured during gym and getting a bloody nose. "I can handle it."

"Yes, I suppose you can handle the blood, but that's not what I meant. The first bite hurts the most. You might feel so protective of him or so empathic toward him, that it'll make things worse. We'll need to be very careful, and we can talk about some of the other details later, but know that it won't be easy. At all. Your instincts take over and it's very hard to control the desire to stop this other vampire from hurting your mate."

"But it's like Uncle Jasper always says. There's too much human in me for my instincts to be a real problem. Remember when the two of you were first teaching me to hunt." She showed him a flashback of the memory.

"And this is another time when I hope he's right about that. But we'll just take it one step at a time for now." Edward stood and brushed himself off before running back to the Cullen home.

On the day Emmett showed up to Rosalie's training, Jasper could only glare at him for the first few seconds. "Don't interfere with this training, Emmett. In fact, for the first couple of rounds, I just want you to watch and observe how far Rose has come in her training. Then, I'm going to take it up a notch, and that's where you'll come in. And just so that you'll get the full effect, I'm going to let you feel everything that I'm making Rose feel. Can you handle that without that without attacking me?"

Emmett shrugged. "I guess. How bad can it be if you expect her to be able to fight you through it?"

"Fighting me isn't exactly the point, it's more about…well, you'll see for yourself. Just know that Rosalie is exceptional when it comes to this technique."

Emmett shrugged again and leaned back against a tree to watch his mate in action.

Rose cast one meaningful look at Emmett before turning her full attention to Jasper. "Ok." She whispered letting him know that she was ready. Normally he wouldn't have even waited for the utterance, but Emmett's presence changed the rules of the game. At least for now it would.

Jasper sent Rose and Emmett equal amounts of negative emotions, but his focus was solely on Rose's reaction. It made him a little proud to watch as she remained stoic for a full 23 seconds, a new record, before finally dropping to her knees with a defeated sigh. As usual, Jasper slowly backed the emotions off of both her and Emmett and replaced them with pure calm. Rosalie recovered quickly and was back on her feet, fully ready for the next challenge, but out of the corner of his eye, he could still see Emmett on his knees in front of the tree line. "That is what you've been doing to my wife every day out here? I should destroy you for torturing her like that!"

It was the only warning Jasper had before he felt Emmett's body crash into his. Jasper quickly subdued Emmett and had his arms pinned to his sides. "You're kind of missing the point here. The point isn't what I'm making Rose feel, it's how she's reacting to it. Did it look to you like she was being tortured?"

Emmett looked over at his wife who had run to their end of the field to help control her husband if necessary. "I guess not," Emmett finally mumbled after seeing for himself that Rose was ok.

"No? Well maybe that's because she's doing exactly what I'm training her to do. The Texas technique is about standing down instead of standing up. Do you understand the difference?" Emmett nodded, so Jasper continued. "I've been teaching Rose not to react to anything that could and does happen in a real life battle situation. I've started with attacks from other vampire's abilities because that's usually the first thing to happen in a battle. Those with abilities start using them, even before they can physically attack, they are attacking with abilities. I want you to go back to your post over by that tree and watch again. I'm not going to let you feel anything this time, but know Rose is getting exactly what she got before, and this time, I want you to just watch her. Ok?" Emmett nodded again so Jasper released him.

"You sure you're ok, baby?" Emmett asked Rosalie, now embracing her and kissing her. "That was awful."

"I'm fine. Really," Rosalie promised as she pulled away from Emmett and everyone returned to their original posts.

Again Jasper sent waves of intensely negative emotions to Rosalie and again 23 seconds passed before she could no longer stay vampire still and dropped to her knees. But unlike last time, this time, Emmett was really watching his wife and as Jasper helped Rosalie to emotionally recover, he could only stare at her in shock, his mouth hanging open. "Trying to catch flies?" Jasper teased him lightly as he helped Rosalie to her feet.

"That was incredible, beautiful," Emmett finally breathed out.

"That's what I was trying to tell you." He looked at Rosalie and tilted his head to one side as he made the decision to go ahead and take things to the next level. "Ok, Rose, I think you're ready to move on. In a real battle, you're going to be attacked from multiple angles with multiple methods. This next exercise is going model that. It's going to start the same way, but hopefully, Emmett is still willing to help me, and there will be surprise twist to it. Emmett?" Jasper looked up at his brother and nodded with his head to the opposite end of the field where they could talk in whispers and hopefully not be overheard by Rose.

Emmett looked between his mate and his brother for only a split second before following Jasper to the other end of the field. "What do you need me to do?"

"I need you to physically attack Rose."

"What? No way. I can't do that."

"You won't hurt her. Not permanently. We both know that. I can get Alice to do it if you aren't ready, but trust me. For Rose to really master this, she needs to be attacked both mentally with my emotional manipulation and physically. You'll keep it simple. I'll feed her negative emotions for about five to seven seconds, and then you approach her from behind, quickly, and pull one of her arms back behind her. Pull it almost to the breaking point. If she responds like I imagine, the first few times we try it, she'll turn and attack you, maybe even bite you or dislocate something. But eventually, she'll learn not to react to that as well she doesn't react to my emotional manipulation. In fact, I imagine that the physical attack will give her just enough extra to focus on that she can last longer under my manipulations. You can still say no if you really don't think you can handle it, but I can really use your help. Remember, all the way to the breaking point. Don't go easy on her. Eventually, I'll be the one to physically attack her, and she can't have gotten use to a soft touch from you. Understand?"

"Yeah," Emmett mumbled with a nod. "But…uh…could you show me once? Just so I know for sure what she's going to be going through. I promise it won't make me go soft, I'll still use the right force and everything, I just need to know."

Jasper studied Emmett for a moment. "Fine. Let's go behind the trees so Rose doesn't attack me for hurting you." Emmett followed, and as soon as they were behind the trees, he released a growl at the emotions Jasper started sending him. He could feel himself falling to his knees, but there was no respite from the crippling emotions, then without warning, one of his arms was twisted roughly behind his back, almost feeling like it would break. He tried to instinctively fight off the attacker, but the emotions prevented him from doing so.

Jasper released Emmett's arm and slowly replaced the negative emotions with pure calm. "Satisfied?" he asked simply. Emmett nodded as he struggled to regain control.

"You really want me to be that rough with her?"


"Where are you going to take this next? Where are you going to draw the line?"

"That depends on her. I would like to see it get all the way to the point where I'm holding you hostage and feeding both of you negative emotions. Alice is attacking Rosalie by actually breaking her fingers and almost breaking her arms and biting her, then at the right moment Rose breaks from Alice and rescues you from my clutches." Emmett shook his head in a combination of awe and shock.

"I…I…don't know…"

"She can get there, Em. I know she can, but not if we don't take things further than we are now. So, are you in?"

"Yeah, I'd love to see my Rosie beat you and Alice to a couple of pulps to rescue me."

"Ugh…not what I had in mind," Jasper groaned as he felt Emmett's emotions.

"I don't care, if it's what's going to get me through attacking my wife, then so be it."

Rosalie snapped to attention when she saw Jasper taking up position at the opposite end of the field from her, but she didn't bother to check where Emmett was. A mistake that would cost her this time, but one that she would learn from. She could feel the beginnings of the negative emotions now, and closed her eyes to help focus on staying absolutely vampire still. The emotions couldn't have lasted for more than a few seconds when she felt her arm being ripped behind her and pulled almost to the breaking point. It was unexpected and instead of taking time to process what was happening, she simply reacted, and spun around to face her attacker and retaliate. Before she knew it, she was on the ground with Emmett pinned beneath her. "What in the world was that?" She screamed in her mate's face.

Emmett held up his hands cautiously, shocked at Rose's violent reaction. "Multiple kinds and points of attack." He helped Rose to her feet and glared daggers at Jasper. "So much for a positive reaction."

"Hey, relax, Em. It was to be expected. It was your first attack."

Rosalie smiled apologetically at Emmett and kissed him gently on the lips. "I'm sorry I yelled at you, baby, I just wasn't expecting that. Let's go again. I'll be ready this time."

"You should have been ready that time. Always be ready for anything in a battle situation." Jasper warned her before returning to his position half-way across the field.

The scenario played out much the same way the second time and the third time. But on the fourth time, Rose didn't turn around and attack, instead she simply flinched and fell to the ground in surrender. "Sorry. I'm really trying. Can we run it again? I think I've got it this time." Rose begged the two men.

Jasper nodded to Rose. "Ok, one more time. But I want to change it up again. Emmett." He looked at his brother and nodded across the field.

Emmett followed Jasper without question until they were out of ear shot. "What now, Jas?"

"I want to see if she's learned anything yet. About not reacting and expecting the unexpected. Go for her neck this time. Twist it almost to the breaking point. If she attacks, we'll know this isn't working and we can try something else. If she manages to ignore it, or to simply fall like she did that last time, we'll keep going. And if that happens, keep changing it up between one arm, both arms, and her neck until she's gone as far as she can with this stage. Oh, and just so you know, all I'm expecting from her today is three seconds of non-reaction. She'll get better as we keep working. That scenario I told you earlier is still months away. I don't even plan on involving Alice for at least another two weeks. I want to get Rose to the point where she can remain unresponsive, then break free from a captor, and attack a second captor before I introduce another factor. Oh, and just so we don't have to keep side baring like this, if by chance she gets to the point where she doesn't react to your attack at all, hold steady with your pressure, increase it incrementally, just enough to let her know you're still there. We'll add in another element next week, like you biting her, while you twist her arm to the breaking point. Or maybe even go as far as actually breaking her finger."

"No. I'm not doing that. And I won't let you do that either. I'll break your fingers before I'll break hers."

Jasper thought for a minute as a slow smile spread across his face. "Actually, that's not a bad idea. I'm going to file that away for later."

"What me breaking your fingers?"

"No. Me breaking yours."

Emmett paled if that was even possible, and swallowed hard. "Why?"

"Another way of torturing her. If I'm hurting you, it's going to be even harder for Rose to stay still and not react, but that's what she's going to have to do. Because if she reacts too soon, Alice attacks her, and that doesn't help either of you. It'll be a lesson on waiting for the right moment. I should only have to break three or four fingers. Not even a whole hand's worth."

Emmett shifted uncomfortably. "Can we just get through today, please?"

"Of course. And remember don't go easy." Jasper offered him a smile and they returned to their positions.

Like each of the times before, Jasper started by manipulating Rose's emotions, and after about 7 seconds, Emmett came up behind her and this time grabbed her by the neck twisting it almost to the breaking point, but unlike the previous scenarios, this time Rose didn't even flinch at the contact. Emmett panicked for a split second thinking that he had really hurt Rose, so badly and to the point that she couldn't even react to it. His grip loosened, but Jasper's words echoed in his head and he retightened the grip, this time earning a small moan from Rosalie. He watched as she fell to her knees.

Jasper beamed in excitement as he watched the scenario play out. "That was great, Rose! You held it for almost two full seconds that time! That was amazing!"

Rosalie rose back to her feet and offered Jasper a weak smile and pulled Emmett into a tight embrace. "Yeah. It's not good enough. I need to go longer, and still be able to focus enough that I can observe and wait for the right moment to strike."

"We'll build up to that point, Rose. You're doing great, I promise. You've already come further with the Texas technique than I ever could. I think we're done for today, but tomorrow, we'll pick up from here, and you'll do even better, I know it."

"I know it too, Rosie," Emmett said as he leaned in for a kiss. "Let's go for a hunt. I know you need it after all that."

Rose nodded her head in agreement and followed Emmett into the woods, leaving Jasper standing alone in the clearing that was the Whitlock Academy of Warfare, reflecting on that day's training and looking forward to tomorrow.