Lancewing: This is my first fanfiction for Hero Factory and features a lot of OCs I created (hence the name). I hope you like it!

Wolf Pack: Rising


[Blaze's Point of View]

My name's Blaze. I am one of four members of the Wolf Pack hero team (so named because we were designed to look similar to wolves). We might not be the best fliers, our fighting abilities may be just as superior as the others, but when it comes to tracking, they call us. In fact, we are the only group with the ability to track using other beings' scents. Our team leader, Patriot, believes in a world without crime and will do anything to see that it becomes a reality. Subzero, my brother, is calm and his ability to tolerate me is unbelievable. You see, I have the self-control of a rookie even now. I guess it's because of our powers. You see, we were nicknamed the Fire Dragon and Ice Dragon respectively, Subzero has the power to control ice while I'm left with the power to control fire. Don't get me wrong, it's a useful ability, but I find it weird that my personality gives away my powers. I think the personality is a side-effect. Same with Subzero, though he highly doubts it. Last but not least, we have Touchdown. He carries a near-heavy amount of armor, but he is the best gunner of all four of us.

I was interrupted from my thought when I saw Patriot walk into my quarters. He said to me, "I hope that fire's burnin' in ya', because Zib needs us in the command center.

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