Lancewing: After this update, I'll start on all of the promised Christmas specials. While I'm at it, I'll try to lead TF Wolfspirit up to its holiday episode which will be written as a separate fiction until the rest of the series can catch up. Once that's done, I'll start updating on the rest.

Wolf Pack: Rising


[Blaze's Point of View]

Patriot and I walked into the command center where we met up with Subzero, Touchdown and Zib. I asked, "So what do you have for us?"

Zib pulled up some video footage before saying, "We detected a break-in in the detention center and released a few of the villains there."

"Such as…"

"Aldous Witch, XPlode, and Meltdown."

"Were you able to identify who commited the crime," Patriot asked.

"Yes, our scanners show that the mastermind behind this was invisible. Even the heat sensors couldn't trace him."

"And how does that help?" I replied.

Touchdown answered, "There's only one villain who has been fitted with the technology."

"Correct. Once, there was a hero named Jack Midnight. He was one of the best heroes around. If there was a villain out there, he would be the first one at the scene. One day, he nearly killed a villain after a near-death rescue. He believed that that villain was too dangerous to be kept alive and that he wanted to eradicate all villains once and for all. As a result, Jack was sentenced to prison, but escaped before anyone could catch him. From that day on, he became known as Blade. He never appeared again."

"Until now," Subzero finished.

"Your mission is to return XPlode, Meltdown, and the Witch Doctor to prison and stop Blade by any means necessary."

"Then what are we standing around here for? Let's go," I said.

"Blade knows how we work," Patriot replied, "We need a new battle plan."

"Or an upgrade," Zib suggested, "Mr. Makuro wanted a new technology that would allow two heroes to combine. With that, your statistical and mental data will be shared."

"How much mental data," I asked.

"Only your personalities. Why?"

"Um… No reason. So is it safe?"

"It survived all of the simulated tests, but as for field missions, you're the first ones to use it."


"Don't worry, you'll be fine. It'll only affect your armor… and your programming."

"Well," Patriot said, "it will be something no one will expect. I'm in.

"So am I," Touchdown added.

"Count me in," I joined.

"Whatever it takes," Subzero finished.