Tiny Dancer

Pairing- GilbertxOz

Chapter 1- When We Were Young…

Oz Vessalius stepped out of his blue convertible and carelessly hit the button that locked his car. After the car beeped twice, assuring him that the car was locked, Oz shifted the strap on his blue duffle bag so that it didn't cut into his skin. He looked across street and took a moment to marvel at the black bricked, Victorian styled house that stood out against the normal suburban background. Oz gave a small smile and quickly checked his reflection in his car mirror. His blond hair lightly brushed in front of his emerald green eyes. And as much as Oz was comfortable in his own skin (some would say to the point of almost being cocky and self-centered), he couldn't stand the fact that he had a small cowlick in the front. His hair didn't stick up funny, it just… stuck out. He frowned and gave his hair a little toss then huffed in defeat as it simply returned to its original shape. It's not like my looks matter anyways. Oz reminded himself. It's only Gil. Oz's heart gave a small flutter at the thought of Gilbert Nightray, but he quickly gave himself a mental slap. Oz had always been fond of Gil, but lately his feelings had been getting stronger. Oz simply chose to ignore them, and labelled his growing affection for the older man as teenage hormones going out of control.

Oz Vessalius and Gilbert Nightray's history all started back when Gilbert moved next door to Oz. Gilbert was 8 and Oz had just turned 5. Gilbert was a shy kid, and Oz- well, Oz was not. For weeks, the young Vessalius chased after the Nightray, ordering him to become his playmate and to play silly games. Gilbert, too nice to say no, played with Oz and fulfilled his every wish, no matter how ridiculous (not like he had a choice anyways). And no matter where Oz ended up, whether it was the roof of his house, or across town, Gilbert was always there to bail him out.

They were always there for one another. Gilbert was there to comfort Oz when his dad left, when Alice (Oz's ex-girlfriend) dumped him on their 1st year anniversary and when Oz broke his arm at a basketball game (even though Oz refused to leave the team in the final minute of the game). Oz had been there to watch Gilbert graduate with high honours from Pandora High, and to give Gil a standing ovation in the town's youth play. Long story short- they had grown as close as brothers in the last 13 years. Everyone in town spoke of not Gilbert Nightray or Oz Vessalius, but of Gilbert Nightray and Oz Vessalius. Always together, never apart.

Now Oz, at the ripe age of 17, and Gilbert, just turned 21, were still as thick as thieves. Gilbert had graduated high school, but got his own house in town and was going to the local university and taking day classes. Oz was starting his last year of high school at Pandora High, also trying to get into the University of Pandora. Oz had long ago stolen Gil's house key and made a copy of it ("For emergency purposes!" Oz claimed when Gil found out), so Oz came over and visited nearly every day after school. They practically lived together, which is exactly what they planned to do once Oz had graduated school.

Oz strutted across the abandoned street without looking, humming a nonsensical tune to himself. The fall leaves had just started to litter the sidewalk and road, and, of course, Oz went out of his way to step on a leaf just to hear the satisfying crunch that each leaf made. He opened the steel gate that lead to the walkway of house number 15 and jabbed his key into the rusted lock. Oz gave a slight push with his shoulder and opened the door. A wave of smells hit him- spicy but in a not overpowering way. Oz drooled a little and closed the door behind him, dropping his duffle bag on the floor. Oz took a quick surveillance of the house. Dark mahogany wood, which polished to perfection, lined on the floor and was on the stairs leading up to the second floor. The walls, painted a nice velvety red, caught the reflection of the late afternoon sun. And, veering off from the main hallway, was a room with a small loveseat and matching single seat, a baby grand piano and a bookshelf, filled with encyclopaedias, textbooks, recipe books and a few fluffy romantic novels. He heard the sound of pots falling and soft swearing coming from the kitchen. Oz chuckled and kicked off his beaten up sneakers.

"Honey, I'm home!" Oz jokingly called out as he started walking towards the source of the noise. This practically is my home. Oz thought to himself.

"Oz?" he heard Gil yell from the kitchen. "How was scho-OH MY!" Pots crashed and the sound of plates breaking made Oz walk a little faster.

"Gil?" Oz called out. "Gil, are you okay…?" Oz turned the corner to find Gil lying on the floor, three pots and two broken plates around him. Oz ran to Gil's side, quickly stepping around the broken china.

"Oz!" Gil said in a high pitched voice. "Be careful- stay back! You could cut your feet on the china!"

"I'm fine Gil, geez. You're the clumsy one that fell in the first place!" Oz teased. Gil gave him a look and stood up. Gilbert had surprisingly black hair, black as raven feathers, but it was as soft as cat's fur (not like Gil liked that analogy- he was allergic to the so called 'demon creatures'). His long hair dusted his cheeks, covering his golden eyes. Oz chuckled when he saw Gilbert wearing the apron he has bought Gil for his 20th birthday. It was pink and said "Kiss the cook" on it. It had a pocket with a small heart on it.

Gilbert quickly grabbed Oz by his waist and placed him a nearby counter. Oz, though seventeen years old and nearly a man, was still quite slight and lean, so this proved to be quite easy. Oz pouted at the older man, hating the fact that Gilbert was stronger then him but looked just a lean.

"Stay here- I'm going to clean this up." Gil said sternly as he tip-toed around the broken shards.

"How'd ya fall in the first place?" Oz asked out loud as Gilbert pulled a broom and pan out of the nearby closet. "Are you that stupid to trip over your own feet?"

"Ha ha, very funny." Gilbert said flatly as he swept up the shards. "How was your day at school?"

"Boring, as usual." Oz moaned dramatically. "Ms. Kate made me stay in during lunch and forced me to write lines. Write lines, Gil. What year is she in, 1943?"

"What?" Gil looked up at Oz. "What did you do!"

"Nothing!" Oz said quickly. Gil raised an eyebrow and gave him a look. Oz shifted uncomfortably under his cold stare.

"All I did was show up a few minutes late to third period." Oz said meekly.

"OZ!" Gilbert snapped. "You know you're going to get a suspension if you keep trying to ditch class!" Oz shot Gil the 'innocent puppy dog' look and threw in a whimper for effect. Gil sighed and shook his head, and continued with his sweeping.

"You're not going to get into Pandora U if you keep this up, Oz." he warned softly.

"Well, I don't have to worry about that for another 4 months, when I actually apply to UOP." Oz smiled, happy that Gilbert wasn't actually mad at him.

"Just promise me that you won't skip class again. Ever." Gil stated. Oz sighed dramatically.

"But class is so booorrrinnnng-" Oz started to whine.

"Ah- Oz. Promise me." Gil said seriously, furrowing his brows. Oz pouted and quietly huffed 'fine'. Gil gave a soft smile, tossed the broken plates in the trash and ruffled Oz's golden locks. Oz smiled and hopped down from the counter.

"Ah! Be careful Oz!" Gil squeaked. "I still haven't vacuumed! There still could be pieces lying around-!"

"Gil, you were sweeping for 10 minutes. You most defiantly got it all." Oz said confidently.

"But you're in bare feet. If I missed a piece, you can cut your foot right open!" Gil whined.

"You're in bare feet too!" Oz accusingly pointed to Gilbert's tiny feet. "And you're feet are far more important then mine!" Oz reminded Gil.

After another ten minutes of arguing over whose feet were more important, Gilbert finally managed to get both himself and Oz to wear their sneakers, at least while in the kitchen. Oz happily did his homework at the kitchen table (or, at least, pretended to do his homework when really was doodling in the margins) and Gil finished his cooking and cleaning. A staticy radio was on in the corner of the room, playing some song by the pop band called 'Cobra Starship'. Oz hummed along to the song, tapping out the beat with his foot under the table.

"Here," Gil said placing a bowl in front of Oz. "Your favourite- chilli." Oz smiled and pushed his half –done homework aside. Oz started shovelling it into his mouth, ignoring the fact that it was burning his throat.

"Careful! It's just off the stove!" Gil warned as he sat down next to the young Vessalius. Oz grabbed Gilbert's glass of milk and chugged it.

"I can't help it!" Oz managed to say while gasping for air. "You're cooking is the best Gil~" Gil blushed and quietly smiled into his own bowl of chilli.

The two boys chatted on pointlessly, discussing whatever happened to cross their minds at the moment. They finished their dinner and washed the dishes, stopping the conversation momentarily to listen to the radio still going on in the background. Oz swished his hips back and forth to the beat of the music and Gil quietly sang along. Somewhere in the house, a grandfather clock started to chime.

"Oh crap!" Gil yelped. "It's nearly 6 o'clock! We should really get started on your lesson! Your uncle will kill me if you're home late again on a school night!"

"Psht," Oz rolled his eyes. "Uncle Oscar? Kill you? You're practically family Gil. He wouldn't kill you."

"Still, Oz, we need to get you home in time so that you can get your sleep. You need it to keep up your grades and school work." Gil lectured.

"Meh," Oz shrugged, but still wandered into the hallway to grab his blue duffle bag. Gil swiftly went upstairs and came back down a few minutes later, wearing loose black sweat pants and white tank top. His long black hair tied back with a blue ribbon. Oz, in his absence, had changed into emerald green shorts and loose white t-shirt.

"Meet you in the studio," Gil said as Oz tied up his shoes.

"'Kay," Oz said. Oz watched as Gil opened the door to the basement and flicked on the light. Gil quickly walked down the stairs and out of Oz's eyesight. Oz finished tying his shoes and did a couple of quick stretches.

"Alright," he said quietly to himself. "Let's do this."

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