Chapter 5- I kissed a boy… and I liked it?

Oz and Gil turned onto Sharron's street and were both surprised. True to her word, there were only three other cars parked near Sharron's house. A low steady beat was eliminating from the house and the porch lights were on. Gil parked the car across the street and they both strolled over. The door was open, inviting the two young men inside. The house itself was pretty dark, the only lights coming from the kitchen and the basement. They slowly removed their shoes and tiptoed downstairs. About a dozen people were in the well furnished basement. An L-shaped leather couch was the center, with the basic TV and stereo system on one side of the room. A pool table was set up on the other part of the basement and a beaten looking fridge claimed one dark corner of the room. Fairy lights were strung across the room and on the support poles, giving the room enough light to see, but still kept it relatively dark.

"Gil, Oz!" Sharron said from behind them. They looked up at the top of the stairs and saw a smiling Sharron from behind them. She had changed out of her dance clothes into purple cardigan with white tank and black leggings. She was carrying about six bottles of beer, three in each hand. "Glad you guys made it!"

"Not like we had a choice," Gil mumbled.

"What was that Gilbert?" Sharron said, shooting him a look.

"Nothing!" he squeaked. Oz covered a laugh with his hand. Sharron was one of the few people that could scare the pants off Gil.

"I thought so." She said with a nod. "Now here, take a beer." She thrusted a beer into Gil's hand and continued her way down the stairs, handing drinks as she went along.

"I don't want to drink." Gil said, trying to give it back. "I drove Oz here and I have to get both of us home-"

"Oh, Gil," Oz rolled his eyes. "Stop being such a fuddy-duddy. Have a drink."

"You want one Oz?" Sharron asked, pointing the last bottle at the young boy.

"No!" "Sure!" were the responses. Gil looked like he was ready to murder Sharron, while Oz looked quite content.

"Oz, you are far too young to drink." Gil pouted.

"Gil, I'm seventeen." Oz said flatly, taking the drink from Sharron. "Uncle has already gotten me completely wasted before."

"Really?" Gil said slowly, raising his eyebrow.

"Sure, last summer, when you were on your weekend dance retreat." Oz said coolly. Okay, that wasn't exactly true- his uncle had offered Oz a drink. And Oz did drink it- but to say he got 'completely wasted' was a bit of an exaggeration. He had about half a can of beer on the hot summer day which had more of an affect on the boy's body, but to say he was 'smashed' was an overstatement. But Oz wasn't going to let Gil ruin his evening. They both were there to have a good time and Oz wanted to be treated like all the other people at the party.

"Are you sure Oz?" Gil said as he watched someone open Oz's beer.

"Totally, drink up!" Oz smiled, chugging it down. The weird taste was slightly familiar to Oz, but it still was gross. Oz gave a small cough but disguised his disgust with a smile. Gil quietly took a sip of his own beer and took a seat over by the couch.

For the next two hours, the dancers indulged themselves in the party. Oz danced along to whatever was blasting on the speakers and Gil talked to who ever was sitting on the couch. Everyone had a great time, laughing and smiling. Soon, people started to leave, claiming they had homework to do or essays to write. Soon, the party of twelve turned into ten, then eight, then seven. At around 9:30, Sharron turned down the music and they all (they all being Oz, Gil, Sharron, Maddie Lou, Yukkio Brown, Misaki Flandeers, and Adam Crystal) sat down, exhausted from dancing. Oz curled up next to Gil, Oz on his third beer and Gil on his fourth. Sharron and Maddie were sitting on the floor, while Adam and Misaki sat on opposite ends of the couch. Yukkio had some how ended up on the floor behind the couch. Everyone sat in buzzed state, the party's energy still high even though their bodies had tired.

"Anyone want another drink?" Sharron asked, completely sober even though she herself was on her seventh beer. They all shook there heads.

"What now? I'm too tired- and too drunk- to keep dancing!" Maddie asked.

"Yurr sucha' leigh-t waght Maaaaaadddie," Yukkio snickered from behind the couch. Misaki rolled his eyes and peered to where she was laying down.

"Yeah, she's the lightweight."

"Why don't we play a game?" Adam said.

"Like what? Beer pong? I don't think that 'some people' can handle that right now until she sobers up." Misaki said, pointing over his shoulder at Yukkio.

"How about 'truth, dare, chicken'? Sharron said.

"Sure, but I've only played truth or dare. What's the chicken?" Oz asked from beside Gil.

"Well, obviously if it's truth, you answer a question truthfully. If it's dare, you have to do something. But if you pick dare and you just can't do it- you have to pick chicken. And the chicken is another set dare before the game starts that everyone has to do if they fail to do the dare." Adam said to Oz.

"So everyone in?" Sharron asked, a Cheshire cat like grin spreading across her face.

"Let's play." Oz said in a definite tone. "It will be fun." He said shooting Gil a look. Gil sighed and nodded with a small smile.

"Why not?" And so the game began.

"Whose first… Sharron, how about you?" Misaki asked.

"Alright, dare." Sharron grinned.

"I dare you to…eat this caramel off Yukkio's toe!" Misaki said, whipping a caramel out of his pocket.

"Ew, how long has that been in your pocket?" Sharron squealed.

"Long enough. Now come on. Oi, Yukkio, get your butt on this side of the couch!" After a moment of struggle on Yukkio's part, it was all set up- Yukkio had her foot up on the coffee table, the unwrapped caramel perched on her big toe.

"Eat up!" Yukkio laughed. Sharron wrinkled her nose, held her breath and quickly ate up the caramel. Everyone laughed as Sharron choked down the caramel. Sharron grabbed a beer and gave it a swig.

"It tasted like FEET!" she squirmed.

"It's probably because it was from Misaki's pocket!" Adam laughed.

"Alright… Maddie!" Sharron said. "Truth or dare!"

"Truth," she smiled.

"Alright… what's the farthest you have gotten- with a girl!" Maddie raised her eyebrows. She thought it over for a minute before answering.

"Boob grab while kissing. It was unintentional- I was going for her shoulder." Everyone chuckled at her honesty. And so the game went on- the young adults were forced to do an abundance of crazy things and to admit their most embarrassing moments. Adam had to lick Misaki's belly button, and Yukkio (drunkenly) told the group about the time she went #2 in the public drinking fountain (when she was drunk). Oz had always chosen dare- so he ended up throwing his underpants on the roof (unable to retrieve them in his drunken state), stood on his head for three minutes and licking one ear on each person. Gil always chose truth, confessing his greatest fears (cats) and embarrassingly told the story of how his brother (who was eleven at the time) walked in on the 16 year old Gil in the shower, thus causing a face-plant into the side of the toilet. The game continued for another hour or so before it was Gil's turn again.

"Gil~" Sharron said with a huff. "You always pick truth!"

"What's wrong with that?" Gil asked defensively.

"It's boring. He chooses dare!" Oz declared quite loudly (as a side affect of his drunken state).

"Alright then… Gil… I didn't see you dancing a lot at the beginning of the party did I?"

"I was busy talking to-"

"Well now you're not talking. You are going to not only dance Gilbert Nightray," Sharron said, standing up and walking over to the stereo "but you are going pole dance, with a sexy face, to a full song that I am choosing."

"NO!" Gilbert shouted his face a bright red colour. "I will not!"

"It's either dance now, or face the CHICKEN DARE!" Yukkio said, slightly more sober then she had been an hour ago. Gil's blush deepened. The dreaded chicken dare was a doosy- said person would have to strip down to practically nothing during dance class (for Oz, after the party) and do the Macarena while belting out the lyrics.

"Do I have a say?" Gil squeaked.

"Yes, you have a say on which of the three poles you want to dance on." Sharron said. "Now go pick." Gilbert sighed and walked over to the nearest pole. Everyone squeezed together on one side of the couch, Oz in the middle (with a perfect view of Gil's 'dancing pole').

"Ready Gi~lbert?" Sharron grinned.

"Oh wait!" Oz said, jumping up from the couch. He walked up to Gilbert and undid the rest of his shirt, so his chest was visible.

"Oz!" Gil yelled. Everyone laughed as Oz triumphantly strolled back to his place on the couch.

"Ready!" Oz said, the smirk on his face a mile wide. This was a good excuse as any to get Gilbert to show a little skin on Oz's behalf- Oz was slightly drunk as was Gilbert and they were at a party. Britney's Spears' 'Circus' started through the speakers and off he went.

At first, Gil was really stiff, but with the aid of everyone hooting and howling and catcalling (and the remainder of beer in his system), Gil loosened up. He really threw himself into it- wrapping his legs around the pole, using his dancer strength and flexibility to replicate pole dancing moves. Gil managed to keep a poker face throughout the entire dance but Oz- Oz on the inside was having a field day. Watching Gil's body sprawl out before him in such a seductive manner- his porcelain skin reflecting the fairy lights- it made Oz shiver. His heart beat louder and louder in his chest. That was it- Oz knew for sure- he defiantly, without a doubt, 100% … had some figuring out to do concerning his feelings for the older dancer. As the long three minutes came to an end, Gilbert slowed his dancing and timed his dance to end perfectly with the song. The crowd of dancers jumped off the couch and broke out into a buzzed applause.

"Well done Gil!"

"Very sexy Gil!"


Gil blushed and offered a small smile. Sharron gave Gil a firm pat on the butt which made both Gil and Oz turn red (but for different reasons).

"What a pro Gilly," Sharron winked. "You should do that for actual money. Do you know how much a guy can make in a night?"

"I'm never doing that again!" Gil said, sitting down, his shirt flapped around (Gil was too lazy or drunk to redo the buttons).

"Never say never Gil~" Oz said, climbing onto Gil's lap.

"Well then Mr. Never-Say-Never, truth or dare?" Gil said to Oz.

"Dare, of course," Oz said confidently.

"Um… guys? I need a little help. What do we dare him?" Gil asked, looking around at the other's faces.

"Well, he's done everything!" Maddie yelled. "Licked ears, run around in circles, thrown his underpants on the roof-"

"Which, by the way Sharron, I'd like back sometime," Oz interrupted.

"The only thing he hasn't done yet is- ohhhhhhhh." Sharron grinned. "I know~" Everyone stared at her, waiting for the answer.

"Oz, we dare you to make out with Gil! For a whole minute." Everyone gave a little scream of laugher and both Gil and Oz's faces turned cherry red.

"W-what?" Oz stuttered.

"Sharron that's so- so childish!" Gil protested.

"You heard me. Pucker up." Sharron said, reaching into her pocket. Oz turned to face Gil, his position switching so that he straddled the older.

"Oz, you don't have to," Gil said, a blush evident on his cheeks.

"Shut up Gil," Oz said, pretending to be confident. Oz's insides were close to exploding. This is it- Oz thought to himself. This will prove once and for all what's going on. Or at least, give me something to go off of. Now Oz, though a cute funny guy, had never seriously kissed anyone. His old girlfriend- Alice- had been his first kiss. But they only kissed once. Everything else was cheek kisses- she wasn't big on PDA or and DA for that matter. So, for Oz to be giving his second kiss away- to Gil for Christ's sake- was scary. Come on, just do it! Oz thought to himself, feeling the heat rise in his neck. Gil just stared at Oz, watching his actions with careful eyes. Gold met emerald in a stare down. Oz could feel Gil's warm breath on his face, it smelled vaguely of beer and mint.

"For God's sake, just kiss him!" Maddie yelled. Oz took a breath and forced his lips unto Gil's.

Gil's lips were surprisingly soft and warm. Despite the aroma of beer on Gil's breath, his mouth tasted richer. It had a flavor that Oz could only place as Gil. Although Oz was aware of everyone squealing from excitement, the noise was muffled. It didn't seem as loud as his own heartbeat. Through Oz's closed eyes, he could sense a flash of light, like a firework. Do I open my eyes? Oz wondered. Oz let his eyes flutter open to find that Gil's eyes were closed. Black eyelashes dusted against his cheeks, tickling him. A blush was evident on Gil's face, but Oz was the one trembling. Gil placed a hand on Oz' hip, steady him, letting him know that it was okay. Oz placed a hand on Gil's bare chest to steady himself. Then, all too quickly, it was over. Gil pulled away, leaving Oz's lips oddly cold. The noise poured into Oz's ears, bringing him back to reality. Everyone was laughing and smiling, hooting and cat calling.

"That was so beautiful," Sharron smiled, wiping away a fake tear.

"Blagh," Oz smiled, quickly disguising his stunned expression. "Gil, you taste like beer."

"Sorry," Gil offered a weak smile of forgiveness. Oz blushed a little and crawled back to Gil's side, tucking himself neatly under Gil's arm.

"That defiantly topped everything else that happened tonight!" Sharron sighed. "And I have the video and pictures to prove it!"

"VIDEO!" Gil screamed.

"PICTURES?" Oz yelled.

And thus ended there first romantic moment- and their first kiss.


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