Chapter 13: Fantasy

"Wha-?!" Before peter could react the symbiot grabbed his wrists again and webbed them together to the showerhead.

Peter stared up in open-mouthed shock at the neat strands of black webbing that suddenly were binding his hands in place above him head. He had been captured so easily and now he was trapped. Trapped! So easily...

A deep rumble from the alien snapped the boy out of his stupor as it's slick, wet chest rubbed against his own in it's excitement. Peter saw the creature look at him and lick it's lips, making the bottom of his stomach drop away in dismay. He knew what was coming now. And there was nothing he could do to stop it. Suddenly his depression flared into something hot and angry and his eyes hardened with resolve. Yes, he knew what was coming. That didn't mean he had to accept it.

Flying into motion, Peter yanked at his bound arms, ignoring the twinges of pain lighting up his injured shoulder. "No. NO!" he yelled, twisting and pulling even harder, but no matter what he did he couldn't get free. He had no leverage, no position and nowhere to go.

"Hussh mate," the symbiot said, leaning in to lick and nuzzled Peter's neck, it's left hand pressing itself flush against his belly, stroking the soft skin there as it tried to calm the boy's struggles.

The teen flinched away from the tongue in disgust. "Venom untie me," he demanded with little hope, but he had to try.

"No," it rumbled, it's slimy tongue tracing the hollow of his neck in a slow, loving lick.

"Ven-nom," Peter whined, stamping his foot as he tried to bare with the disgusting feeling of being licked once again. Luckily, with the water of the shower rushing over him, it wasn't so slimy this time around and it certainly was not his most urgent problem. Somehow, in a very short period of time, he had to convince the alien not to rape him. Somehow. "Venom, please," he whined again, jerking against the restraints.

The creature huffed into his neck, it's breath hot and yet oddly cold against his wet skin, but it did not pull away. "You won't ssstay sssstill if we untie you," it said then started lapping at his left ear.

Peter almost squealed at that feeling. Then his hands balled into fists above him as the alien stuck the tip of it's tongue inside his ear and wiggled it around, but somehow the boy managed to snarl instead, struggling to keep himself on track and in the conversation. "And there's a reason for that," he said, tugging weakly at his arms in exasperation, more in show then an actual escape attempt. "I. Don't. Want. This," he growled, punctuating every word with a tug.

Thank god, the alien finally pulled back, taking its' tongue out of his ear as it went. Peter saw it smile at him as it gently cupped his cheek in one hand. "It will be okay love. We'll make it good."

The boy could have screamed in frustration. "That doesn't matter!" he said, his bravado flagging until he was begging again. "Please Venom. Just listen to me. Just let me go."

The infuriating symbiot just shook it's head again and repeated what it had said before. "We can't."

Fine. Just fine. If it didn't want to play fair then I won't either. Peter closed his eyes and took a deep breath, stealing himself for the performance.

A long silence followed, punctuated by only the rush of water, then Peter heard the cautious question. "Ssspider?"

He smiled inwardly, hearing the worry in the creature's voice, and opened his eyes, giving the alien the best tearful puppy-dog eyes he could muster. "Venom please..." he whimpered, making sure that his chin was quivering and his voice shook ever so slightly. This was his last ditch effort and it had to look good. "My shoulder..." He made the words into a moan and let his head drop as if he were exhausted. All this acting made him feel dirty, but being raped would make him feel dirtier and he was desperate. So desperate. He begged the gods, any god that might be listening, that Venom would take the bait, That it would just let him go.

"Oh ssssssspider."

Peter flinched as he felt the alien's touch ghost over his wound. In truth it was still a tender area and the position it was in made the joint ache all the more. He looked up at the alien through his eyelashes, tears shining in his eyes. "Please."

"Sssssshh." The symbiot was caressing his cheek again, but Peter found he couldn't bare to look at it's face any longer and glanced away. Then the words came. Those horrible, horrible words. "Just don't ssstruggle little love. We'll take care of you."

It had not worked. The breath went out of Peter and he let himself go limp, his head hanging in defeat as the alien's hands continued traveling over his body. A soft sob escaped him and the tears that had been in his eyes fell, but Venom was too attent on his body to noticed. It's touch drifted down like the water streaming over his skin and it crouched before him to bury it's face in the warm flesh of his belly. Peter jerked with a gasp, startled, but didn't try to pull away. The was nothing he could do anyway so he just hung there and let the tears fall.

Oblivious, Venom stroked Peter's belly, marveling how the water shown like liquid diamonds upon the boy's soft skin. It knew there were differences between females and males of the human species, but it couldn't really wrap it's mind around the thought of sexes, coming from a species that had no gender divide or even a cohesive body divide between them as it did. Instead the symbiots all shared everything from emotions to even the same skin at times and that made being alone all the more horrible for Venom. It also made the alien think there was nothing strange about impregnating a boy. It never could truly comprehended how much damage the rape and breeding was doing to Peter and so it never understood his protests either. It thought the problem was all about it doing the sex badly, not about the mating in its totality so it made up it's mind give it's mate pleasure, no matter what that might entail.

Even so Venom couldn't help, but think it felt a bit... strange as it nuzzled against the teen's tender belly. This close it could almost still feel a connection to the little egglets that had been growing in the boy's bowels not so long ago. It's sweet little babies were... there and yet not. It was almost like... like they were still alive... just far away... Calling- No!

Venom shielded away from that hope, knowing it was futile and that thinking of it would just cause more anger and dispair. Instead the alien turned it's attention back to it's mate. The sweet spider who was it's love and lover. The symbiot cooed, rubbing its cheek against the boys flat belly. How badly the alien wanted to make the boy swell with it's young again. It had never wanted something so much before in it's life. It wanted so much it hurt. Venom knew the human had his misgivings, but it wanted young so bad. Young from it's love. Just the thought made the alien's chest swell with love and it rumbled, stroking the boy's sides with it's hands as it fantasized about their emanate breeding. Such dreams Venom once thought of as silly little human things until this particular fantasy had come upon it. The only thing it had ever fantasized about more than it's human love was returning back to it's people and home- the planet it adored with all it's heart... but it had given up that dream long ago, knowing it would never come true. Now there was only the spider. It's lovely spider. Venom had day-dreamed for weeks about breeding the boy until it finally got up the courage to put it's plan in motion. It's kind didn't normally make eggs, but they did have the capacity to and Venom had puzzled out how on it's own, without the help of the symbiotic collective. Then all the eggs needed was a donor and a host. The perfect host. The one Venom loved with everything it was... or at least everything that was left to it, alone and abandoned by the rest of itself as it was. Now that the alien was together with it's lover and everything would be perfect. It just knew it had to be. If only the spider could learn to accept it's children like a good mate.

Maybe... Maybe the next time we should only give love a couple of eggs at a time, Venom thought, lost in the daydream. Maybe then the breeding would not effect his constitution so terribly much.

Imagination wasn't one of Venom's strong suits either, but when it came to the spider it imagined. Oh how it imagined. It thought of how wonderful it would be if the boy loved it like it did him. Sometimes, when fancy came over the alien, it just laid down and stared up at the sky, towards were it thought home might be and imagined what it would be like if the boy liked it again. It remembered how the spider had liked it in the beginning - the very beginning when the human had thought it was just a cool new suit. It was only after the fear came much like it did now. But the symbiot didn't want his fear. Wanted it's spider to feel good. To give it babies. So many babies. Then neither of them would ever have to be alone ever again.

But Venom dared not voice such thoughts out loud, knowing it would make it's love struggle and fight. It didn't understand why. New life was a precious thing. It couldn't comprehend why the boy seemed to hate it so. Venom almost found itself fearing what the human would do to the new eggs it planned to implant into him, but then the alien rid itself of such horrible thoughts with the shake of its head. It would show the boy how precious the little egglets were then it's love would never harm another of its spawn again. Just as the alien would show him how mating was fun and pleasures would be abound. The boy just needed to know, then he would understand and give in. Venom knew he would. He'd have to. There would be no more reason to struggle. That was the problem wasn't it? Our love does not believe we really love him. We just have to show him how much we adored his every bit and everything will be alright... Right? What we are doing is the right thing, no matter what the spider's confusing words say. Mates mate. Nothing we are doing is wrong, is it? No! The spider is wrong. The spider must be shown then he will love too. He will!

Shoving the disquieting and confusing thoughts aside the alien focused its attention back on the human's body. It's hands shook slightly as it touched his skin again, so desperate it was for the boy to understand. A whine escaped the symbiots' lips and it found itself silently begging as it looked up at the boy's face; Please let us pleasure you. Please. Then you will know.

"Our love," Venom sighed, letting it's hand rub over the teen's belly again in a gentle circle. The alien longed to impregnate the teen again, but it knew it must wait. It had not yet had time to generate more eggs and the boy needed to be properly prepared to take them. Venom desperately didn't want the mating process to hurt it's lover like it had the first time. It nuzzled his abs with a soft regretful whimper remembering the screams and pain. It never wanted it's love to feel like that ever again, so it had to stop daydreaming and go to work. "We will make you ready," the alien whispered, its goal fresh in it's mind and it kissed the boy's bellybutton and stood.

Peter blinked blearily at the alien, caught off-guard by the sudden moment, but didn't say a word until the alien suddenly grabbed him behind the right knee and lifted the leg, baring his ass and groin.

"Venom wait!"

The startled shout was ripped from the boy as, unprepared for the change in position, he hopped on his left foot, desperatly trying to keep his balance. The symbiot's free hand shot out to steady the teen by his unwounded shoulder. It was only then that Peter realized the alien's grab hadn't been a snap decision. The creature had been planning this! It had even taken the time to choose the leg that would instinctively make him hold most of his weight on his uninjured side. In all honesty, the alien was holding much of his weight itself, effortlessly of course. Peter grumbled to himself, cursing how damned strong the symbiot was.

"Don't fear little one," Venom said gently, easing it's grip from Peter's shoulder when it was sure the boy was steady again. "We won't let you fall," it said, nuzzling the crook of his neck then it started licking him again.

Peter shuddered with a revolted groan that suddenly turned into a gasp, his eyes widening as Venom cupped his dick in it's hand.

The boy jerked, tensing as he felt the alien's fingers close around his length and squeeze. "Careful," he gasped, breathless with dread.

Venom cocked it's head and looked a question at him.

Peter blushed and looked down, embarrassed. "I'm...delicate there."

The alien ginned, looking smug. "We know," it smirked, stroking the boys cock, making him harden ever so slightly at the stimulation. "We alssso know what to do with thissssssss now," it said, pumping the flesh a little harder.

"Ah!" Peter gasped, his belly tightening with pleasure as the alien continued to stroke him. Wordlessly the boy shook his head, trying to deny his arousal. He didn't want to acknowledge it. Please no. This can't be happening. Why is it feeling good? This can't feel good. It's not possible. Not like this. And yet it was. He was burning with pleasure. His length hardening at the alien's touch. No. Please. Stop. This can't... this can't happen like this. Not with Venom. But despite his desperate thoughts, blood continued to flow from his brain to his dick, stiffening it even more. A hungry moan escaped his lips. His mind felt fuzzy and his skin so flushed with heat, his length throbbing with need down below. No. Stop. "Ah!" his voice escaped him yet again as he squirmed helplessly against the creature's touch.

The symbiot laughed, joyously watching the boy writher in it's grasp. "We told you we learned," it teased, then it's eyes suddenly seemed to soften. "You are ssssssso beautiful little ssssssspider," it whispered, flicking a thumb over his tip, spreading the precum that beaded there over his length. "Ssssssssssssso beautiful," it whispered again then it knelt before him...

... And started licking him down there.

Peter convulsed.

"Oh god."

The words fell from him unbidden then he cried out as the creature's wet tongue encircled his member and squeezed. It only took the symbiot a few more moments to get the boy fully hard and whimpering in desperation. It had been a long time since the teenager had taken the time to rub out an orgasm. With the rape and eggs and everything he hadn't even thought of it, but now... Now he was paying for that negligence with a raging hard-on right in front of the alien's face. Shame bloomed like a horrible flower within him, but even that was not enough to cull his throbbing arousal. He heard the alien chuckling again and started, looking down at the creature kneeling between his legs.

Venom grinned up at him, it's tongue still wrapped around his length. "Don't forget to breathe our cute one," it said cheerfully, so pleased with itself.

Peter moaned making the creature purr and nuzzle his hip. "Feelssssss good doesssssn't it ssssspider?"

"No," Peter gasped with what little breath he had left, but the symbiot didn't believe him.

It rumbled and shifted on it's haunches, frowning slightly. "Your wordsssss lie again, trying to confusssse us, but we know. We can feel your body sssaying yesssssssssss," it said, rubbing it's hands against the boy's soft, wet inner thigh. "Ssssssssssso hot."

"No. Please," Peter sobbed, his fists clenching above his head. He desperately wanted to cum - needed to cum. It was eating him up inside. His belly was so tight- His dick ached - His thighs quivering, but, but he couldn't. Not like this. Please not like this. Not in front of Venom.

A moan escaped him and his head lolled back as a despairing tear fell from his eyes. He was shuddering. So close. Then, amazingly, the creature stopped.

"Wha?" Groggily Peter looked down and saw the symbiot was still crouched between his legs, one hand holding up his right leg as his hard, straining dick bobbed right in it's face, making the boy blush in mortification, but somehow the creature seemed to be looking at something else... Something else between his legs...

Peter gasped, his eyes flying wide as he felt the alien's finger stroke over his entrance. His breath caught in his throat at the touch and horror flooded through him, wilting his errection slightly and wiping out his need to cum. It was happening again. Again and there was nothing he could do to stop it. The touch was back, pushing at his hole.

"No!" The boy tried to struggle, to force his leg down, but the synbiot held him firm, not even bothering to look up as it licked it's finger, lubing it then pushing at his entrance again until, finally, it popped in.

Peter cried out as the alien invaded his body yet again. His healing, when it finally got around to working, was so damned thorough he was again as tight as an unused virgin. And first penetration hurt. He would admit it didn't hurt nearly as much as it had the first time when Venom had taken him without lube, but the act of being physically violated was damaging enough. The alien had eased it's finger into him this time instead of just shoving something deep in one great trust as it had done before with it's tentacles, but it was still too much for the boy. It went in so easy. So easy. It wasn't fair. Tears filled his eyes as the alien pushed it's finger deeper into his bowels until it was as far as it would go.

"Ah… nnnngh," the teen groaned, biting his lip as Venom wiggled it's finger inside him then pulled it back out.

The alien licked it's fingers again and tried to push two into him, but Peter jerked, rocking his hips away from the violation. "Stop," he breath, but with little hope.

"Relax love," the symbiot purred, nuzzling his thigh, trying to calm him. It was doing it's best to open him slowly and carefully, but it was so hard. It wanted to be inside it's mate. Breeding and pleasuring, but it knew it couldn't. Not yet. Too fast would only hurt it's love. It knew it had to stretch the boy's sphincter first. That was the problem area. The rest of the boy's insides were soft and flexible, but that part was so tight. It needed to be flexible too to take a breeding, but oh how Venom loved the feel of the boy's insides. They were like silk and so much more precious. Everything about it's love was precious, so it forced itself to slow down and tried pushing in only one finger again, but still the boy fought it.

"No," Peter moaned, weakly shaking his hips, trying to get away, but the creature didn't listen.

Venom instead slid it's grip down from the brunet's knee to his thigh, forcing the teen's legs open and his hips still, then, without another pause, it slipped a finger past his rosebud and into him again.

Peter bit his lip, a small whimper escaping him as the alien thrust it's finger in and out of his tight hole a couple of times. He knew he should be grateful the creature wasn't going deeper, extending it's finger into him like he knew it could. He was surprised it hadn't brought it's tentacles out yet either, but be it a finger or something more, he was still being violated. Then Venom added a second. And then a third.

Peter flinched, already feeling the burning stretch with just two fingers. Now three- "No-rgh," he clenched his teeth, eyes squeezing shut as he tried to pant through the pain, but... he just couldn't. He couldn't just stand here and be rape. Not again.

"Venom it hurts."

Peter felt the alien pause at his words and he opened his eyes, silently pleading that that alien would listen. He found the symbiot silently staring up at him and so he continued.

"Please it hurt. It doesn't feel good at all," he said repeating himself in a different way in some small hope that it would make the creature understand. "Please."

Venom patted his leg in what it must have thought would be a comforting way, it's three fingers still jammed up his ass. "It will. We open you ssslowly and it will feel good." Then it pressed in again, pushing it's hand as deep as it would go.


Peter cried out as the alien ignored him, pressing in so deep. The base of the creatures fingers were wider, stretching him even more. Peter flinch as the aching burn became a twinge of true pain then it became even worse. "HAH!" His hip jerked uncontrollably as his body tried to get away from the cause of his pain.

A snarl ripped itself from the boy's lips and he huffed panting breaths through bared teeth, his nose crinkled up and eyes squeezed shut against the literal pain in his ass. The primal reaction got Venom's attention like his words never did. The human's expression was not a happy one. Even the creature knew that.

"Ssssssshh." The symbiot pulled it's hand back a bit, letting the boy breath. It was only then the creature noticed the boy's errection had wilted with the penetration. Venom whined mournfully and nuzzled the limp length of flesh. It wanted to bring the teen's lust back, but it only had two hands...

Peter gasped as he felt a grasp encircle his cock again and gently squeeze, causing a fresh trill to race through his body, but something was wrong. He groaned, trying to think, but it was so hard. Then he realized; if the alien was pinning his leg with one hand, and had the fingers of it's other hand shoved up his ass, what was holding his dick? It wasn't slimy enough to be the symbiot's tongue, so what...?

The boy's eyes flicked open in confusion then he blanched at the sight he found. One of Venom's tentacles had made it's appearance. A thick one at that. Peter dreaded the thought of having it inside him again.

Venom frowned as it focused on stroking Peter's cock with it's tentacle, letting him get used to the feel of it's fingers within him. The alien couldn't help, but noticed the human wasn't hardening as fast this time though it had no idea why. It considered the situation and had to admit the boy seemed to respond the better when it was licking his length. Then it began to wondered if he would respond better if it licked him there too. It grinned at the wicked thought and pulled it's fingers from the teen's hole.

Peter gasped at the feel of being empty once more and groggily looked down, relieved, but confused as to why the alien had stopped. Then the first tentative lick flicked over his hole.

The boy yipped, eyes flying wide as he automatically clenched up, his body raising up on his tip toes as it tried to get away from the slick touch.

The symbiot chuckled and moved it's tongue between his wet cheeks again, taking its time to lap from his balls all the way to his spine in one long, slow lick.

Peter jerked again with a strangled cry, unable to keep himself still , even if he wanted to, under such an alien assault. No. You can't. It's dirty, he tried to say, but the words just came out as a choked groan.

"Ssss it will feel good," Venom cooed as it continued to stroked the boy's newly aroused penis with it's tentacle.

A drip of precum oozed from the boy's straining dick at the continued attention and he moaned, making the symbiot smile and flick it's tongue over his tip, licking the bead of pre off. All the while, it gently teasing his hole, putting pressure against his entrance with a finger, but never... quiet ...pushing in.

"Be patient. Be jussst a little patient and we will make you feel great," it keened in barely suppressed excitement. It was so happy to have the teen squirming under it's hands again, it could barely stand it. It wanted him. It wanted him now, to be inside. Filling him. Preparing him. Mating with him. Making babies. A strange little elated sigh escaped the creature, bliss setting over its features at it's thoughts. Such wonderful thoughts. It had never acted on a fantasy like this before and was finding it was quite... exhilarating.

"V-venom," Peter moaned as the creature continued to touch him, purring all the while now. Peter groaned again, his head lolling back as his mind filled with a hot, lusty fog. His whole body burned with pleasure now. Each touch raising tingles that raced within him, through him. He was too exhausted to keep his voice in anymore so he let it out, crying out at the stimulation... God the stimulation. Every stroke of the alien's tentacle squelched as pre continued to dribble from his tip. He was close. So close. All the feelings from his hard throbbing cock were drowning out the discomfort from his back hole even when the creature set it tongue against his entrance and pushed in.

Peter cried out, his back arching as the squishy, wet appendage wormed it's way into his passage. It felt so weird and... and so impossibly, horribly good. A lusty moan fell from his lips, his eyes fluttering as the alien stroked his dick and wiggled it's tongue further inside him. Then it cupped his balls in it's spare hand, stroking and massaging them gently in it's palm and he screamed, jerking, his head swimming with arousal. Close...

Venom purred at the sight of the boy squirming in it's grasp. "Oh sssssspider," it whispered in hushed adoration, it's free hand reaching up to lovingly stroking the boy's side. "We love this body. Your ssssoundssssssss. Every part. We want to make you quiver for ussssss."

The alien's voice startled Peter back from the edge. He blinked and shook his head, trying to free his heat-clouded mind. To his horror he found he was getting used to the penetration at some level. It felt... god it actually felt good. So good. His mind was screaming that it was wrong, but the body didn't seem to be listening. His thoughts seemed so far away. He couldn't pull them back. Now that the alien's actions weren't causing pain, his body was reacting to the foreign stimuli in the most embracing way. God, he was so close. So...

No, no, no! Peter turned, hiding his face in his arm, mortified. This was wrong. He couldn't. Not... not in front of Venom. Not by it's hands. He jerked, weakly trying to struggle as tears of shame clouded his eyes. Stop. Please stop. "P-please," his voice stammered out in desperation, but the alien didn't seem to notice.

It murmured to itself instead, it's eyes half hooded with lust, infected by the boy's own heat as it continued to caress his body. "You taste ssssssso good," it whispered, pleasure rumbling deep in it's chest as it nuzzled the crook of his thigh, breathing in his musk and the scent of pre as it continued to lick the inside of his ass. A shivering sigh of satisfaction escaped it. "We want to lick you all over," it cooed, looking up at the boy with a dopey grin sliding across its lips, then it froze.

Tears were dripping down the teen's face, mixing with the shower water in shining wet lines on his cheeks as he sobbed in his degradation. The symbiot immediately retracted it's tongue and jerked to it's feet to cradle the boy's head in it's hand as it gently nuzzled his cheeks, murmuring softly to him. "No no ssspider," it said, letting it's hand stroke down his neck and massage his unwounded shoulder. "Ssshh. Don't be ssscared," it begged, never wanting to ever elicit a reaction like this from it's love again. "Don't cry. Pleassssse. We do not want your fear. We want your pleasssuresssssssss," it whined the last words, sounding absurdly like a little child as it said them.

Peter licked his lips and tried to speak, but his mouth was suddenly dry and his voice broke. He swallowed hard and tried again, desperate to be heard. "You have to stop," he gasped, his voice rasping. "Please... stop..."

The alien shook it's head at his words, looking hurt, it's eyes glued to the boy's tear streaked face. "But we mussssst. Underssstand, you mussssst be opened ssssssssso when the time comesssss real breeding will not hurt… You need to be able to take usssssssssssss."

Peter swallowed again, his head swimming, aching with heat and arousal, but he still tried to speak. "I don't..."

The alien cut him off. "You mussssssssssst," it insisted, stroking a thumb over his cheek, wiping away the tears. "We will make you feel good too. We promisssse."

Attention focused on the symbiot cooing before him, Peter didn't notice the sneaky tentacle's touch had left his cock until it was worming it's way between his cheeks and pushing at his entrance before suddenly, startlingly popped in...


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