Well, I guess I lied to y'all about my prophecy on this story. As it turns out, it's gonna be shorter than A Lifetime, so what's the point of making you wait about a year to read this? Alas, comes the last story of the Invisoline Trilogy. And a LOT's gonna take place in this story. No, there's not gonna be a horde of new monsters. There's just gonna be...aw, shoot, why am I even telling you this? Just sit back and enjoy the show.

December 24, 2018...

Jenny's POV

Damp and shaking in the mild cold of winter, this was one crazy tough monster mission. I may have been invisible, but one could see warm blasts of air flowing from a hidden source. My mistake; those blasts were put to shame by the thick fog surrounding us.

We were in San Francisco, fighting on the Golden Gate Bridge. And after all the hard work of cleaning up President Hathaway's nuclear crud and repairing the bridge after the Team's debut mission, I'm afraid it all had to go down again. I swear all California's gonna hate us. Never mind, just as long as we don't destroy L.A. or Disney Land.

Christmas was about to be celebrated, but it didn't exactly turn out. It really reminded me of the allies of the good side (I forget who) in World War Two attacking German forces when Hitler went back home to celebrate his wifey's birthday. For us monsters, we refused to succumb to that sucker bet.

Instead of fighting a four-hundred-foot robot probe, we fought these really crazed aquatic aliens. They shot up these tentacle-like strands that would remind one of a grapple, and you would be most likely a gonner if you got caught. In all that fog we, Insecto and Susan especially, had to be on the lookout of standing too close to the edges of the bridge. Doesn't seem so destructive, eh? Well, if they miss, they have the tendencies to pull chunks off the bridge with them.

The weaker wussy monsters such as Doc, Liv, and unfortunately me would work on distracting the aliens. And then the stronger not-so-wussy guys like Link, BOB, Phyllis, and Elijah would take 'em on and knock 'em dead.

After about half an hour, we finally got our last one. Talk about a workout. After Susan strangled the life out of it, I swear I could hear a scream. The alien screams sounded a lot like a crowd of girls screaming at a concert. The fog, thank God, was almost gone now. BOB had gotten into the habit of performing a role call after the completion of each mission. So far, he had everyone but Phyllis.

"Phyllie?" BOB called in a sing-song tone. "Yoo hoo! Where are you? Are you here?" He lifted the back of Doc's labcoat up and took a good peek. Doc turned around and slapped him in the face, glaring daggers. He looked around at us and cocked an eyebrow like he does when he's thinking and gets stuck.

"Speaking of which, where is Phyllis?" He asked. Unexpectedly, we saw Elijah dive off the bridge and heard a distant splash. "Link, go down there!" He commanded. "That water's too strong to him!"

Elijah's POV

Holy Camelot, this water was freezing, and fast, too. I emerged out of the water and began dog paddling around. "Phyllis?" I called out. "Phyllis?" I dove into the liquid, the salt stinging my open eyes. I came out again, got my swig of air, and submerged.

I looked and saw an anthropormophic figure a few feet foward from me. Not seeing any tentacles or anything like that, my adrenaline kicked in as I hastily swam towards Phyllis. A sense of relief let out once I grasped her sinking body. I kicked my legs and was having a hard time fighting against the flow, especially with a dead-weight body at my side. I was beginning to feel light-headed when I finally rose above the surface.

A huge splash rippled against the frigid water, giving me a fighting chance to catch up on what I couldn't get. Quicker than what I expected, Susan emerged out of the water and snatched me up in her grip.

"You okay?" She asked me.

"Yeah." I replied breathlessly.

End of POV

Jenny's POV

About two minutes later, we heard Insecto purr in concern as Susan crawled up her furry torso. In her grip she held an equally soaked Elijah and Phyllis. Speedwalking from the giantess' palm and closer to the middle of the bridge, he carried the unconscious mutant and laid her down.

"Phyllis!" BOB screamed. "Speak to me!" He began shaking her and crying.

"Stop it! Don't!" Elijah lashed out, the fur on his neck raised. I took BOB's hand and comforted him, which made him calm down a bit.

Elijah tilted her head straight and pinched her nose tightly. He began breathing puffs of air into her open mouth repeatedly. After three puffs, she wasn't responding. "Oh, God in heaven," Liv muttered, holding herself as her eyes turned a light grey with fear. Link wrapped his arm around her.

Suffice it to say, the coyote boy kept on trying. Finally, Phyllis' eyes shot open. She lightly sat up and coughed out the salty water and bits of alien slime. Breathing deeply, she stared at her frightened savior, and both held each other in an embrace. The two and Susan stood up shakily and smiled at everybody in assurance.

Liv fluttered over to an alien corpse and landed next to it. She observed it carefully, an apprehensive expression forming on her face. "They've finally come back."

"What? Who?" Link asked.

"The aliens who came for us four years ago." Link looked confused. "Our captors. The ones we fought and destroyed in their scouter ship."

"So, you're saying the real mayhem has finally arrived?" I asked.

No one responded as Monger floated down in a parachute from an army helicopter and landed in front of us.

"A job well-done, monsters!" He exclaimed. "Too bad-we-" He began coughing. "Excuse me, just a bit of a cold bug going around. Too bad we have to see the bridge go down again. But it's worthit to save the world."