Yush! Finals are over! Other than helping around the house with ma daddy with cleaning, getting ready for Christmas, and shopping, I'm free for a roll! And after battle, grief, sorrow and downright pessimistic writing, I promise up and down this chapter will be better. Okay, roll film!

Elijah's POV

I woke up after what felt like a goodnight's sleep. Then I realized an oxygen mask had been placed over the lower half of my face. I felt gauze wrap around my head where my hair was. A bald patch with stitches covered with gauze replaced my right eyebrow for the moment. I wasn't the bloody wreck I remembered myself being; I was pretty cleaned up actually. Suddenly, my eyes shot open wide.

"Holy smokes!" I said out-loud. "Doc! Jenny!" I reached for the bed railings to help myself up.

"Take it easy, buster!" A set of bandaged arms laid me back down. "You're lucky you didn't need surgery, and you certainly don't need any operations in the future."

"But what about Jenny and Doc?" I whimpered at the pain of the IV needle sinking into my arm when I bent it.

"They're fine." I looked up to see Phyllis, smiling tiredly with arms crossed.

"Hey, sis." I muttered. She sat down on my bed.

"You really believe it now?" She asked me, anticipating the truth.

I nodded. "And you know what? I'm not losing you again either." The next thing I knew we were wrapping our arms around each other. A full minute that passed seemed like an hour.

"Love you, bud." She hugged me tighter. In return, I playfully grabbed a strand of her blond-blue here in my teeth and growled as if in a game of tug-of-war. "Try to kick back."

End of POV

Phyllis' POV

I quickly walked down the corridor of the facility hospital where my little brother was staying. My lord, I was more than happy to see that he would live. Yet my heart sunk when I thought of Liv. I screamed in reaction of a pair of hands pinching the skin under my arms and so I swerved around, swinging a leg and sending a fist into the abdomen of my potential attacker.

"Ouch! Sheesh, Phyl!" A girl's voice groaned. I saw nothing but a floating hospital gown bent over in pain…Jenny; one would know it anywhere.

"Sorry I had to do that." I mumbled. "But nonetheless, it's good to have you back. Put 'er there!" We high-fived each other as we were not exactly in the mood for a hug. "How's recovery?"

"Great. I should be out soon; maybe tonight even. C'mon and look!" She ran to her hospital room and pulled out a huge bouquet of lilies with an equally huge "get well soon" balloon. I looked at the little card it possessed.

"'With all my love, BOB'" I read aloud the sloppy handwriting covered in dried blue drips. "So you two made up, huh?"

"Yup, yup; he went back to normal once he saw me as Invisoline and learned from Doc that the bug guy and I were never in love. See you later."

I nodded and winked as she trotted to her room near the entrance, to my surprise. While walking to the end of the corridor to Liv's room, I frowned and crossed my arms; since when did I go soft?

"Anything wrong, my dear?" An annoying British-accented question sounded.

"Not a thing, garbage gut." The Doc, now Dr. Cockroach again, had his handsomely ugly roach head back as of last night when he implanted the retrieved cockroach DNA in himself with a recreation of his telepod-whatever he used all those years ago. "How is she?"

"Err…" He paused, looking at me with unsure green-gold eyes. "Come with me, my dear."

I followed him into a darker room, the above lights dim like an X-ray room. In the center of the room was a hospital bed holding up the unconscious former monster. With all those tubes, hoses, wires, monitors, and a whole bunch of other whatchamacallits, she looked even worse than Li when we brought him back.

"We're putting the serum containing her abilities little by little. If it weren't in her body now, she'd be dead by last night." He showed a tall wide tube holding three separate blue, orange, and yellow—the colors of her past wings. "Yellow seems to represent the fairy part of her, orange representing hobbit, and blue representing elf."

The yellow and blue were nearly gone, and the blue had just begun its course into Liv's body.

End of POV

Phyllis and Dr. Cockroach could only stare lady. Soon, the early stages of a metamorphosis began as the serum flowed through her veins. It was as if the magic of the fantasy stories possessing hobbits, fairies, and elves were coming out of fiction and into life. The white hair turned back into the lovely shade of reddish brown with a few faint streaks of grey. The wrinkled frail graying skin softened to the skin of a much younger being, the blotchy spots and protruding veins fading. Clear delicate wings gracefully unfolded from the spine and through the back. Faytale was now restored, only lacking her short height and wing color.

Dr. Cockroach crawled to a phone outside the door of the hospital room, feeling and enjoying the freedom of the return of his cockroach abilities. He picked up the small microphone and punched in the four-digit code to Amanda's office.

"Senator Hathaway. I'm calling for Senator Hathaway." He announced. "This is Doctor Cockroach, PhD."

"Dr. Cockroach, this is Senator Hathaway." Amanda replied. "You're in the hospital ward, right?"

"Yes, Senator. Please come to room #43 where Faytale is, quickly."

"Right away, Doctor. See you both there." Dr. Cockroach hung up.

Slow but steady footsteps and the sound of small squeaky rubber wheels grew louder as Elijah and a walker made their way towards the cockroach man and mutant.

"What are you doing here?!" Phyllis gawked.

"Sshh!" Dr. Cockroach shushed, nodding his head towards Liv.

"Get that furry coyote butt of yours back in bed!" She whispered loudly.

"Hey, Doc." Elijah greeted tiredly, ignoring his sister.

"Hello, my dear boy." Dr. Cockroach smiled. "Feeling better?"

"Better than I was yesterday." Elijah replied.

"I think you mean the day before that."


"You were out starting from the time the ship blew up two days ago until this morning." Phyllis explained.

"The ship blew up?" The coyote boy gawked.

"Hey; don't look at me. Garbage gut here taught me a lot over the past four years." She smirked smugly.

"Wow, the ship blew up…wowie." Jenny said, putting on the brakes after sliding up and down the corridor in her socks. "Thanks a bunch, Bennett," She looked at Dr. Cockroach. "Could you teach me sometime?"

"Phyllis only did it because of her electrical powers." Dr. Cockroach replied, rolling his eyes. "And don't call me Bennett, Jennifer; those days are over."

Jenny shrugged. "Well, well, look who's here." She announced the arrival of the senator.

"You rang?" She greeted, her legs moving as quickly as they could in the not-so-full grey pencil skirt.

"Come here." Dr. Cockroach led his friends to the hospital room. Their eyes widened at the recently transformed Liv, marveling as if the mad scientist replayed the role of Dr. Frankenstein with his phenomenal creation.

"Can she hear us?" Elijah asked, staring at his hospitalized surrogate mother.

"No; not since she fell into her coma." Dr. Cockroach responded sadly.

"Liv?" Elijah softly called. "Can you hear me? It's me, Elijah."

Liv's eyelids gradually tightened, her head slightly turning left and right. Her green eyes squinted open to the world she hadn't seen in days' time. Everything was spinning and blurry, and the sound of her name being called seemed to be distant and echo like a shout in a canyon.

"Give her some time-time-time…" Amanda's voice instructed. "…Faytale-tale-tale…can you hear me-hear me-hear me-me?..."

Liv barely nodded. She shut her eyes again like her next action would require what little energy she had. "Where's…Warren?" She asked through the muffled oxygen mask.

Everyone was started by the two slow but steady words just thrown at them. Must be the longevity of the fairies and elves in her, they all theorized.

"Where's Monger?" She asked again.

"Liv…" Elijah began. The female monster smiled at her adopted pride and joy but was too weak to reach for his face. "Monger's not here."

"Mmm…" She nodded her head again. "He died…" She grimaced as miniscule tears fell down her face. "I remember…"

At least she remembers what happened. They all thought.

"We're having a memorial service for him tomorrow afternoon at two." Amanda told everyone. "A private one reserved for you monsters and everyone here." She turned to Phyllis. "I have kept my word; he won't be buried until tomorrow night."

"Will she able to make it to the funeral?" Phyllis asked Dr. Cockroach.

"With the statistics of the timing of the serum, half of it should be in her body by midnight." Dr. Cockroach theorized. "We'll just have to wait and see."