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Chapter 20

One Year Later

The bakery was packed. Bella was running herself ragged trying to keep up with the steady stream of regular customers and the tourists that were flooding the town. She was anticipating having extreme exhaustion when she got home that night. It would be just fine, because it was worth it. The ache in her muscles would be a happy indication that her baked goods were appreciated and Forks was thriving.

"Liam! I need more of those drama mask cookies and some that have icing tulips! Seth, I need you to clean some tables!" Bella yelled at the staff. Seth was now her step-brother after her father and Sue had a quickie wedding at the Justice of the Peace. Bella would normally find it suspicious that they married so quickly, and she was not interested in having a new little sister or brother. Seth and Leah were bad enough to be tied to. Luckily, Sue had ancient ovaries. She and Charlie were just in love. It made dealing with Seth and the vile Leah worth it.

Leah had moved in with Jacob who was now a garbage collector. They were miserable. Bella was certain they would last forever in unhappy smelliness.

Bella waved at Michael Newton Sr. and pointed to a chair that had a sign that read, Saved for Mr. Newton. "You're all set, Mr. Newton."

"You are my favorite young lady, Isabella Swan!" He shuffled over to his table. Alice ran over to the bakery's favorite customer with a slice of cherry pie and a mug of steaming coffee. "Miss Alice shouldn't you be over at the theater with that fiancé of yours? That boy can do anything without your guidance."

Alice blushed a bright red and gave Michael Sr. a big hug. "Aren't you the sweetest thing! I'll head over after this rush."

The line was out the door of customers waiting for some of Bella's finest pastries. The town was packed on this beautiful day for several special events planned to celebrate the rebirth of the town. There was to be the first production of a play in the newly renovated theater that Jasper was starring in. The playwright was the celebrated, but pathologically shy Alistair Huntington. It was obvious that he wouldn't be attending, but the theater world was excited to finally get to see this long rumored theatrical melodrama.

There was also to be a garden show that was being run by Carlisle. Bella was momentarily surprised by this fact. Then she remembered that she hardly noticed her father-in-law, so anything was possible. It only made the good doctor even more charming in her eyes.

There were busloads of gardeners coming in and fighting with the theater crowd for rooms. The new mayor had created a camp ground for the added visitors. There was a concern that prickly plant growers and picky acting aficionados would clash in the motor homes that were pulled into a large field outside of town. Instead of turning into the war of the tourists, the field had become a festival of ideas. The gardeners taught the theater crowd about wildflowers versus cultivated plants. The theatergoers had lively discussions with their green thumbed friends about Ibsen and played theater games with them around the campfires.

There was, unlike Woodstock, no drug use. The mayor was also the Chief of Police. Charles Swan was now the head of Forks. There were rumblings about a conflict of interest from his opponent, Jason Jenks, but that was not the opinion of the majority of the town. Charles Swan was a beloved member of Forks, and it was common knowledge he was the man that would put the town's interests first.

"Bella, honey, I think I burnt these scones!" Esme cried, as she brought out a tray of charred raspberry scones. The smoke was still billowing off of the ruined baked goods. "Sweet Liam is making a new batch. You should fire me!"

Peter followed her out of the kitchen with cinnamon rolls that were perfect. He muttered, "Please fire her."

Bella gave Peter a dirty look and addressed Esme, "It is perfectly fine, Esme. You did a terrific job on the ice tea! Could you make another batch? It's really popular today."

She watched Esme happily scurry to the back with the ruined scones. It wasn't difficult to put tea bags into a container and add boiling water. Esme had learned a lot by working for Bella, and the occurrences of food poisoning had gone down considerably. Normally, Bella would give Esme more tasks but this was a prime example of why she was now on beverage duty. Edward's mother couldn't handle pressure, and there was way too many people to serve. There was no time for a kitchen fire.

"You have become way too nice after breeding. Did the kid come out and a nice demon enter?" Peter asked with a grin. "I have no idea how to handle the new Bella."

"Get to work or I'll cut your pay," she answered with a wink. Peter chuckled at his boss. "Ali, we got this. Head to the theater to help Jasper."

Alice quickly shed her apron. "Cool! I'll have seats saved for all of you up front!"

She ran out of the door and almost barreled into Edward who had young Henry squirming in his arms.

"Watch out, Al!" Edward admonished his sister. "Alec, mommy is right there!"

The brightness of Bella's smile radiated off of her. Alec was the best part of both of his parents. The boy had his dad's red hair and his mother's brown eyes. His disposition was stubborn. That was certainly genetic.

His birth was one of those fabled easy ones. The type that most pregnant woman bitterly call a fairy tale. Bella's labor was relatively quick and the baby slid out. Bella was tired, but happy. There was an added joy to her life that added to the happiness that she now admitted that Edward brought to her life.

The only issue during the birthing process was Edward. The poor man was panicked through the whole experience. Badgering the doctors about the health and well-being of his wife and child was only the start. He also would start humming off-key when Bella went through contractions. The noise he created wasn't relaxing, but mimicked the sounds of an ailing goose.

It was no surprise when he fainted during the birth.

The surprise was the rebirth of Edward Cullen when he woke up and took in Bella holding Alec for the first time. It was if everything had clicked for him. His family was what was important in his life. At that moment, a decision was made. Edward Cullen would be a stay-at-home dad.

Edward had been very successful and had more than enough money saved up for his family. Bella loved running her bakery, and Edward was happy to help her business grow and succeed. He was even happier changing diapers, filming Alec's first word and organizing the larger farm house they moved into. This father oriented child raising that Edward started had become a new normal in town. He was now using his business expertise to run father friendly play groups and music schools. It was as if all his training had led to this. It was the ideal life.

"Mama! Me!" Alec reached his arms out to Bella. She took him in her arms and kissed both of the men that made her life complete.

"How was his morning?" She asked snuggled her son.

Edward grabbed a cinnamon bun. "Garrett and I took the kids to see the gardeners having a drum circle at the campground. It was hilarious when Garrett joined in."

Garrett had become a good friend to Edward after the sugar hating hippy found out that Kate had become pregnant. He was the perfect person to help Edward with their stay-at-home father movement. Kate had the maternal instincts of a rock. She was, however, a great city manager.

Bella chuckled. "Are they coming to the play?"

"Maybe. Kate was throwing up again." Edward took a large bite of his bun.

"She's pregnant again too, Woody? We will have to compare notes." Edward began choking. Bella patted him on the back as she laughed. "I'm joking! When Alec's three we can knock me up again. The look on your face was priceless!"

Edward regained his composure. "I wouldn't really mind, you know."

"Soon, husband." She kissed him. "We have all the time in the world."


The playhouse was packed with eager theatergoers. Edward yawned loudly. He was already bored and it hadn't even started yet. Alec was playing with some toy plastic keys and staring intently at their bright primary colors. Bella was reading a book on her phone.

"Darling, shouldn't you be putting away the phone?" He questioned.

Bella didn't even look up. "You're just jealous you didn't bring yours, but since I'm kind, I'll put it away after this paragraph."

Rosalie, Emmett, and their twins sat next to them. The baby girls were huge and took up a lot of room in their car seats. It didn't take long for Rosalie to become pregnant and she was the toughest pregnant woman that Bella ever met. She delivered the twins, with Charlie's help, in a police car during a stakeout. Emmett hadn't changed a bit. He was happy to miss out on the birth. He was too busy enjoying a meatball sub.

"My idiot brother better make sure this thing is child friendly," Rosalie complained. "I will beat him up if it's not."

"Alice says it is," Bella said, as the lights went down. "I would take that with a grain of salt."

A piano started playing softly and a spot light came on in the middle is the stage. Jasper walked out in a sparkly suit reminiscent of Liberace or Elton John. He started spinning slowly. That was it. Jasper spinning in a spotlight while the rhinestones glittered and made beams of shimmering light shoot out into the dark.

"What the hell is all this fuckery?" Emmett boomed. His loud voice filled the auditorium.

Rosalie hit him on the back of the head. "Not in front of the babies, dumb ass!"

Bella rolled her eyes.

Jasper continued spinning, until Alice skipped onto the stage wearing a swan costume. She sang, "Beauty is nothing! Beauty is absent! Beauty is a mirage!"

"This is so weird!" Edward whispered.

Alec looked at his aunt in her feathers and began to cry. That made the twins cry and behind them Garrett's daughter Sunny bawled.

Garrett leaned over with a concerned look. "Should we leave? Would that be rude?"

All of a sudden a wizened, old man shuffled out slowly. He was dressed in wrinkly, cargo pants and a ratty brown sweater. He went to the spotlight and pushed up his thick glasses.

A person from the crowd yelled, "Alistair is here!"

The old man said clearly, "Those babies have got it right. This is ridiculous and all of you are pretentious imbeciles."

There was silence. You could hear a pin drop.

Breaking the silence, Charlie exclaimed, "Well I'll be damned! That was the best ending to a shitty play that I've seen all year!"

"Dad! Language!" Bella hissed.

The crowd broke into applause as they gave Alistair a standing ovation. "Bravo! Bravo!"

Just another example of the unpredictability in a little hamlet called Forks.


The child was in bed. All was dark except the light of the moon and the twinkling of the stars. The streetlight dimmed in comparison. Bella rested her head on Edward's chest as they rocked on the porch swing. The barbershop quartet across the street were practicing songs from the olden days.

Bella used to call it noise pollution, but tonight it was the perfect accompaniment.

"Did you ever see this happening for us?" She asked. "Being this content?"

"Nope, I thought we would still be arguing and mocking each other until well into our eighties." He kissed her head. "I like this better."

"Me too," she agreed. "I was thinking—"

He squeezed her breast. "About my rugged good looks?"

"No, Archie, I had more creative ideas." She bit his ear.

"Are we going to practice baby making?" Edward was positively tingling at the idea.

She arched up and whisper as she pressed her body into his. "Are you up to scandalizing a barbershop quartet?"

"Lover, you had me at up."

Two hours later, Bella and Edward were sitting on opposite sides of the swing. Charlie was pacing in front of them.

"You better be so glad that you have nepotism on your side, Isabella Swan Cullen!" Charlie complained. "Do you want to spend the night in the slammer?"

Edward wiggled his eyebrows at his wife and motioned towards the police car. A new, kinkier plan was made.

Bella just grinned. She didn't know this was her dream life, but she was so very happy that it came true.

The End