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Inuyasha/Death note

In a very late evening within the dark greenery is a young girl body hanging over the bushes. She had lost all her color and now she was pale as the moon. Her blood is everywhere her once clean school uniform is no more, but rags. The poor girl looks no older then fourteen

The one to find her was no other than the police chief son. Fourteen-year-old Light Yagmai. Who had just help solved a case a few weeks ago. He was just asked to help the police once more. About two missing sibling and their murder mother and grandfather.

But at this time Light did not know was that he was being watched by person who had harm the very girl that will change his point of view of life and she will be the one to change Light to kira.

When he had first saw her, he was in a shock to see

Kagome the missing girl that was his age, but he was not glad to see what shape she was in, then he wonder about her young brother and if he is in that type of shape as his sister. Light then call for help for the girl on his cell phone that was not older than he was, and then he calls his father to let him know that he had found Kagome, but she needs medical help.

Within the darkest part of the park, the man who is covered in blood and on the ground with a half awoke six-year-old boy who is still breathing. However, Sota is having a hard time doing so. The man then start to laugh he had done all this to try to get the attain of his rival by tying to make L notice him once more.

All B can think of now is to drop the brat off at someone's home because what he have done to the kid he will not be speaking for a while. (Use your minds what BB had done to Sota) In addition, it will give him some more time to mess with the girl. He had never once met someone who lifespan did not show him when they are going to die before and he decides to make her his new toy also for someone so young she not that bad looking. Just then B lick his lips just thinking of all the pain he will give the girl. B then looks down at the half-dead brother of Kagome picks him, then he begins to cackle with thoughts of all he had done to the six year old, but he will not kill him oh no he just what to play games with them so they will bring L to him. Therefore, for that to happen they have to stay alive and he had already had plains to keep the girl once she gets older. He then left the park area where he had sit back and watch the 14-year-old boy name light came and call for help. B then starts to laugh because he had seen how long the boy is going to live and he planning to be there when he dies.

"Light I need to ask did you see anything when you first found the girl." Ask Soichiro with a worry tone to his voice. He is worried for the girl. For what he had found so far on her, she has no other family, but a lost cousin. And he had disappear one day when he was little when his family took a trap to England and the boy would be about nineteen now and his name is L Lawliet, but that all he could find on him, but he will send out to every orphanage in England.

"No Father I did not see anything, I wish I could help out more by saying I saw something but I did not. However, dad when the EMT took her in the Ambulance I had found this note with all it say on it was To my dear rival here the girl but can you found the boy now great detectives.

Soichiro was in a state of shock then he knows the boy was still alive he then looks his son in his eyes and said in a kind voice." Light I need this note so can you please give it to me and son why don't you go home it's late."

Light look at his father reach in his pocket poll out the note and hand it to him then he turn to live but not before he look back at his dad and then he said. "Um Dad once Kagome is better and if she has no other family can she come and stay with us I mean until she gets better and she can take care of herself." Then he stops talking to wait for his dad reply.